Stitch Fix Launches New Clothing Line and Box For Kids

In July, leading online subscription personal shopping/styling service Stitch Fix, renowned for their customized approach to styling for adults, launched a new kid’s box and brand. Stitch Fix Kids offers the same individualized style box delivery as the adults service, tailored to meet the style preferences, budget and schedules of busy parents and their kids (boys and girls). The offering will include pieces unique to Stitch Fix as well as traditional retail partners (i.e. TOMS), and the company has introduced it’s own kids line, Rumi + Ryder, everyday essentials and playwear for boys and girls. Styles and ranges vary, and sizes are available in 2T to 14.

Included in each kids fix is 8-12 customized pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories, as well as a hand written note from a stylist to the kid, and a prepaid return envelope to send back anything unwanted. Prices are affordable, ranging from about $10-$12 for items like leggings and tees, to about $24-$35 for outerwear pieces like jackets or coats. Denim starts at about $18. The same $20 styling fee applies for use of the subscription service (month to month), but items can be easily returned with free shipping/handling fees offered both ways to send back any items that don’t suit the child or parents tastes. If the entire box is kept, a 25% off discount can be applied to the entire order. Parents can start by filling out their child’s personal style profile online, a customized quiz designed to ensure satisfaction and individual styling specifications.

Stitch Fix Kids Clothing Box Boys
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Stitch Fix Kids: How It Works

The online style profile for kids collects information about leisure and activity habits (i.e. biking, outside play, arts and crafts), the child’s personality (i.e. serious, artistic, daredevil), and signup desires. You may want a treat for your child, help with filling in wardrobe gaps, to try new styles, help saving time, clothes for special occasions, or help refreshing a child’s wardrobe, particularly for back-to-school season. Then you can specify size and fit preferences, including height, weight, typical sizes for different items, body type, and any typical fit issues (i.e. pant waist, leg inseam length or fit). Parents can specify how often they’d like to receive different items for their children, like blouses, skirts, jeans, leggings, pajamas, and shoes, as well as preferences for avoiding different embellishments or fabrics (glitter, sequins) and clothing items. So if you’d never like, leggings, for example, Stitch Fix Kids will never include it in your kids box. There’s even an option for different style options around the use of a school uniform. Does your son or daughter prefer a fully matched style? Stitch Fix Kids will also work around that preference for stronger styling match options. Based on the answers to the profile you’ve started filling out, the company will then provide you with different potential outfits for the child, you then specify if you like the aesthetic or think your child would. If your child does not wear or like a certain color or pattern, you can also request to not be sent clothes featuring that color or pattern. For graphic tees, you may select from multiple different prints your child would enjoy (i.e. rainbows, animals, cartoons). Finally, you select different price points you typically shop at per category and stores you enjoy shopping for your child at.

Stitch Fix Kids Clothing Box Options
Select from different options based on personal preferences. Image Credit: Stitch Fix.

At this point, Stitch Fix Kids will have compiled a suitable algorithm tailored to meet the styling needs, budget, preferences, and size options of your boy or girl. From here, you can select a plan option, including a monthly option, bi-monthly option, and option for boxes every 3 months. All of these plans include additional options for updating sizing and body type information upon growth spurts. Curated and individualized fixes give the child a unique ability to express individuality and style, while saving parents much valued and required free time, to be parents! By trying options at home, you can not only save time, but subsequently avoid any hassles, tiring, or potential tantrums the child may express trying on clothes in department stores. Additionally, the clothes are suitable for a variety of activity styles and personalities. If your child is extremely active or invested in sports, his or her fix will certainly take into account an increased need for activewear and durability of clothing. The box will also include outwear and pajama options, if desired. If used as a main source of shopping, entire wardrobe needs can be met. Alternatively, clients may desire options to fill in gaps or build upon preexisting wardrobes.

Unlike adult clients, children are constantly changing in sizes and experiencing growth spurts, sometimes at rapid rates depending on age. So in this case, Stitch Fix Kids also provides a way to fill the demand of an ever-present and continual need for new clothes, bearing in mind saving time, and of course, individual preference and self-expression. Of course it can also be difficult to find suitable sizing options for kids, of all different heights and body types, but with so many different options, both customized style and size options become an easy way to remedy the issue, with the added benefit of doing so using no additional time or energy. With the style service, you will receive (free of shipping/handling fees) new boxes of clothes delivered right to your doorstep and suitable to budget constraints, scheduling demands, and customized preferences. There’s the additional benefit of completely unique clothing from the company’s new exclusive children’s brand, Rumi and Ryder, whose factories are monitored closely for ethical conditions and standards.

Stitch Fix Kids Clothing Box Fix Box
A typical kids fix. Image Credit: Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix has revolutionized the personal shopping and styling experience for millions of happy adult clients, and plans on providing the same benefits to kids and their parents, with room for plenty of customizable options and the ability to save time and increase expression of individuality. This provides an excellent solution to a child’s typical desire to express style, uniquely suited to individual preference and personality. Stitch Fix kids offers an exciting and customized approach to style and shopping by offering this unique service to kids and their parents, complete with hand written notes from stylists and affordable pricing options. Kids are happy and excited for clothing, putting the fun back into shopping for kids!

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