Review: Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (#1 Gadget For Kids?)

Nowadays, kids have become accustomed to the idea of technology. Whether it is a family dinner or just an outing with friends, they are likely to be holding onto a tablet or mobile phone, listening to their favorite tunes or watching some exciting videos. One such common tablet is the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. It has been designed while keeping kids in mind and aims to be the ideal tablet for a child.

With a larger, clearer, and higher resolution display, the Fire HD tablet is back with its 8th edition, offering a more inclusive and brighter experience to its users. It comes with an improved Dolby sound system as well as a childproof case that is well-designed and aesthetically pleasing.

Moreover, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition has a dramatically improved battery life. With twelve hours of lasting battery, the tablet is able to provide users with a longer experience.

Review: Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (#1 Gadget For Kids?) 1

Review: Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition has been designed to be a kid’s best friend. It comes with all the right kinds of content that a kid will crave. Within the tablet is Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, which holds a diverse collection of books, movies, shows, games, educational applications, and so much more. The best part is that there is no additional cost for this service!

The tablet also contains strong parental control features that allow you to customize your children’s experience and manage up to four profiles. The controls include setting up bedtime curfews, limiting screen time access, and limiting content. You also have the option to block access to certain media unless and until a certain educational application need is met. You also have the option to limit social media or internet access, restricting kids to only a certain number of apps that they can play around with.

The tablet also comes with a safe browser that filters out inappropriate content on all websites and social media platforms. As a parent, you also have the option to add a website to a list which blocks them for the time period that the child has access to the tablet.

The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition comes with a well-designed childproof case that protects it from damage and harm in the hands of a child. Children can drop it on the floor, spill food over it, or even spill color on it. It guarantees the protection of the actual tablet and can be cleaned up easily.

In addition to that, there is a 2-year worry-free guarantee attached with the tablet that allows children to spend time with the device while their parents are relaxed and at peace. Amazon understands that this product is likely to be broken and offer customers a free replacement option if their tablet is under warranty. 

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition
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Fire HD 8 Kids Edition: Customer Reviews

The majority of the reviews of the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition were positive. Parents shared their experience with buying the tablet for their children and how it stood out as opposed to any other option they were considering. They talked about how they could buy two or three of the Fire HD 8 tablets for the price of one tablet from a different brand.

They stated that the number of shows, games, movies, and apps available on the tablet are remarkable and it always leaves their children stunned with the number of choices they have. Moreover, parents have been impressed with the number of controls and options they have in order to restrict content and choose the information their children get to view.

Some of the reviews stated that while the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet is a great pick for children, there is still room for improvement. They talked about how some of the content needs Wi-Fi for accessibility and how it should be available for download so that children do not always need to be connected to the internet.

Furthermore, people shared concern with the user interface and how it can be improved. They talked about the navigation and the user-friendliness of the device, comparing it to other tablets in the market. Tech for kids is a competitive landscape and this product offers unique factors of differentiation. 

People have complained about the operating system od the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition and how it can be improved if Amazon chooses to use a better third-party system. They talked about how there are good hardware specs, decent applications, and other factors, but what is missing is good software to back it all up.

They also talked about how Amazon should allow more than two adult profiles as it is not necessary that a family only has two adults overlooking a child. Other reviews stated that the device should also have music as that is something children find interesting as well.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition 3

Review: Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (#1 Gadget For Kids?) 1

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition: Worth It?

After reviewing all the specifications of the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, it is not too difficult to make a decision in terms of investing in the product. Children tend to break a tablet easily or even damage it to some extent. Given the amount of information available on the internet nowadays, not every family member is comfortable with their children browsing freely on the internet. For this very reason, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet stands out.

With great hardware specifications, diverse options in software picks, and a protective case, the tablet tends to be the best pick for children. Not only will they be able to enjoy it as there are tons of games and entertainment options available, but you will also be able to restrict content through the well-developed parental control options. The tablet is affordable and is only a fraction of the price of any other such device in the market.

Thus, if you have a child and are looking to buy them a tablet for entertainment purposes, we highly recommend the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition.


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