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Review: DESTEK V4 VR Headset (Best Virtual Reality?)

DESTEK V4 VR Virtuality Reality Headset Photo

I’ve tried to get into meditation apps for quite some time, but it’s typically difficult to maintain a certain sense of patience and use the features consistently, at least over time. So when a friend recommended a New York Time’s featured guided meditation app, only compatible with VR goggles and …

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Anker SoundCore Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Portable computers are an essential convenience of the modern world. Many of us can’t imagine lives without our laptops, tablets, or smartphones. However, as fast and compact as these devices are, they tend to be quite frustrating in the audio department. The speakers on portable computers usually seem to be …

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HP Pavilion LED Monitor Review

With constantly improvements in modern day technology, we have come to the point where LED screens are beginning to be used as monitors. For this very reason, HP has invested a large amount of its research and development to produce high quality and efficient LED monitors. The HP Pavilion 21.5-inch …

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