Review Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation (Reset Your Circadian Rhythm)

Working a grinding corporate job in the Financial District, I often struggled waking up at all times in the morning when the sun had not yet come out, before finding Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock.

The struggle was also real when it came to needing a soft night light for late night projects that wasn’t too harsh or unsettling, and rather offered all of the same benefits we hear discussed about traditional therapeutic lighting (often used in the treatment of depression, seasonal depression, or to simply alleviate stress).

I did copious research prior to investing in a product that promised to de-stress, offered a soft night lamp component and offered full return of balance to thoroughly¬†compromised circadian rhythm. The latter other professionals, night workers and medical-field workers may agree is a common and serious problem. One we’d happily shell out for if the product worked. The first time I turned on the light to use for a work project, it was like sipping a good glass of red wine (I kid you not). The relaxation set in immediately and I exhaled a sigh of relief. Productivity even increased.

Philips’ Wakeup Light Alarm Clock offers both sunlight/sunrise simulation (colored, if desired) and sunset fading night light, ideally to both de-stress and regain a normal circadian flow. The product lived up to its claims of improving quality of sleep, workflow/performance, energy and well-being. Most of us would take that any day and avoid a trip to the doctor for a sleeping medication, or simply over-caffeinating daily to pick up slack.

Review Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation (Reset Your Circadian Rhythm) 1

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock: My Review

The product offers a variety of benefits to use and is backed by a strong breadth of research and clinical studies that support its claims. It offers a safe and effective way to get up, go to sleep, and decompress. Moreover, there are added benefits in product customization and multiple settings that offer an individualized and unique experience geared towards user-preferences. The manufacturer makes claims to safety by providing a gentle UV-free lamp and supporting all claims with appropriate studies (the only manufacturer of this product category that can accurately claim so).

We recommend the product highly. I found it extremely beneficial in restoring an overall balance and providing stress relief. Personally, I opted for soft bird sounds and regular lighting rather than the color options. There were also times I’d like to tweak the settings if the light was too bright. Finally, I found myself using the product even during day hours for at-home work and take home projects, proving there was an added component of natural stress management and increased productivity. It’s quite soothing.

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Here are some product highlights:

  • Product acts as a stress reducing product, helping those with depression, anxiety or work burnout cope using a natural method and home gadget product
  • Philips claims this product as its best-selling wake-up light alarm clock, it’s by far the most popular choice of its category online and on Amazon, with very high reviews and strong recommendations to purchase¬†
  • Philips-brand wake-up and nightly lights are the only manufacturers with clinical trial studies and research to support the product helps its customers feel more refreshed waking up and sleep easier at night, other products on the market have not undergone similar testing or research¬†
  • Relaxing sounds, music and dimming sunsets help you wind down and sleep, and these are all customizable, several options are intended to suit a wide variety of tastes, and some may prefer the radio function
  • Accurate and reliable
  • The (colored-if desired) sunrise simulation alarm clock wakes you gradually using natural light
  • 20 different brightness settings, including color options that can be customized based on user preference
  • Light gradually increases over a 20-40 minute time period, allowing a relaxing and gentle wakeup
  • Snooze-button options for those days when the snooze button is needed
  • UV-free lamp, safe and gentle for daily use
  • During the sunrise simulation, you may elect to play music, the product comes equipped with speakers to play a variety of calming/soothing sounds as well as an AM/FM radio feature (all settings and preferences are customized by the individual user)
  • Power backup features are set up to ensure product use for an 8 hour period in the event of battery failure, providing an alarm the user can trust for early morning wakeup
  • Ease of use: following the directions the product is quite simple to set up and should be hassle-free to use, barring any product malfunction
  • If they can agree on time and customizable setting together, this is a great option (or gift) for working couples
  • Transparent and trustworthy manufacturer that follows all guidelines per directives and is well-vetted
Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock 1
Credit: Philips

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock: Pros & Cons

Any product or brand comes with pros and cons, in looking over some of the user reviews and reporting on personal experience, we delve in further to some of the positives and negatives one should consider prior to point of sale.


  • Resets and restores circadian rhythm, this is an excellent job for professionals or workers with unusual schedules
  • Can be used to supplement a lack of natural light source in a bedroom or limited windows
  • Is highly customizable: comes with settings and preferences for every use, making the experience tailored and individualized
  • Helps decrease stress and increase productivity
  • Naturally wakes you up without any harsh noise or artificial bright lights
  • Safe, tested, UV free lamp
  • Multiple uses and versatility: the product can even be used for daytime at-home projects, as a stable night lamp, to go to sleep easily with, and of course to wake up in the morning


  • Is a bit pricier than other products with similar functions on the market, yet still remains the most popular product
  • As with any gadget or tech product, there may be malfunction or confusion in set-up

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock Money-Back Guarantee

Customers can truly “rest easy” in the manufacturer’s open return policy. Philips offers a full refund of purchase product price if any concerns, dissatisfaction or malfunction arise. Customers purchasing for the first time with any lingering questions may have concerns assuaged by the commitment to a full refund in the event of any product malfunction.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock 2
Credit: Philips

Review Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation (Reset Your Circadian Rhythm) 1

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock: Worth It?

Ultimately this is great product that comes highly recommended with good reason. It’s highly customizable, safe, effective and has multiple points for use. This would benefit anyone, particularly those with high-stress or professions that call for unusual schedules/hours. It absolutely restores a certain sense of peace and normalcy if one feels “off balance.”

While the price is a bit steep compared to others in the same product category, the popularity of the product is also due to ease of use and set-up, as well as a body of evidence that supports a manufacturers claim. Consumers see the offering as transparent, effective, reliable, and trustworthy. Consequently, I have no qualms about recommending this product to all!


Phillips Sunrise Alarm

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