Review: Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell (Alexa Compatible!)

Looking for home security solution and a way to communicate with your own doorbell visitors? More importantly, looking to “always appear to be home,” without actually being at home? Still receive packages you can simply approve from your mobile phone? Sounds pretty futuristic. You might be a big fan of this Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell with Alexa compatibility. The device streams video content in real-time right to your mobile device, meaning you can leave for work or daily activities and still monitor the outside of the home for any unwanted intruders (daily and infrared nightly security options), to screen and approve delivery packages, and with Ring’s cloud-recording feature, video content can be rewinded, replayed and recorded. The product can be controlled with your voice with Alexa compatibility. You are sent an alert via mobile device immediately when motion is detected within range or anyone presses your doorbell. You can also stream video in real-time with live view on-demand video, to check on your property at any time. Average installation time is 5 minutes or less.

Ring’s Video Doorbell has received quite the dedicated following and remains a hugely popular product for home surveillance, security, and increased communication while away from the home. It enables its users to feel more in control of activities going on in and around the home. Scoring a high position on bestselling tech products, this gadget comes with a “cool factor” as well as a practical application. Plus, can you really put a price on home security? With that mentioned, for a home security high-tech gadget, this product is actually quite affordable and accessible to most. It’s ease-of-use makes it a great addition to a home free of typical tech-product junkies with complicated product setup. Overall, this product seems to solve several problems at once, is user-friendly, and practical but fun (again perhaps even futuristic), making it a very “worth-it” investment and product winner.

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The Main Features

Ring’s Wifi enabled Video Doorbell is compatible with any Alexa device, and provides a way for users to address several problems with one affordable (for tech value) product. There are different options that range in price dependent on individual needs and use, with the most common model being Ring Model 1, for $99.99. The main applications of the gadget are voice communication via smartphone to those outside the home (when outside), receiving important letters or packages (when outside), protecting against intruders (you can claim be outside or “home,” dependent on your safety and preference), and communicate from your smartphone even if you are at home without even getting up. It’s ease of use is a great feature of the product, with simple, easy to use set-up and ease in connection. The cloud-service feature can help users record, rewind, and share video footage. Battery powered or hardwired.

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Doorbell


There are 4 different models ranging from $99.99-$499.00, the latter being for mostly professional use, so specs vary widely. While specs for every model can be found online, we included those of Model 2 (priced at $199.99)

Video Resolution: 1080p HD

Power Source: Battery or Hardwired

Field of View: 160° horizontal, 90° vertical

Dimensions: 5.0″ x 2.5″ x 1.0″

Wi-Fi Connectivity: 2.4 GHz

Includes: On-Demand Video, Two-Way Talk, Motion-Activated Alert, Interchangeable Faceplates, Quick-Release Rechargeable Batter Pack (first three of these features also available in model 1 for $99.99)

Positives and Negatives

This product has certainly created some polarizing views, and with the vast majority of user feedback at 5/5 stars, there are also customers who were fairly dissatisfied with their product and its efficacy or video quality. Here are a look at some of the main positives and negatives:


  • Users can speak to visitors remotely, and decide if they would like to appear to be home or not, depending on reason for use
  • Users can expect to communicate with any delivery or incoming package, saving a trip to the post office when not at home (motion detector will activate if anyone attempts package theft during the day)
  • Acts as a home security system, delivering instant notification when someone is outside of the home or rings the doorbell to your phone
  • Setup is incredibly simple, user-friendly product
  • Product is battery-powered and comes with a charger, which must be fully charged prior to use- but is also quite simple to set up
  • Using the cloud-service feature, users can record, rewind and retroactively monitor any video content (which is shareable via email/text)
  • Excellent customer service with full, immediate refunds and concerns met with understanding and empathy
  • Connected app is very easy to use and works well with multiple product functions
  • Most users agree the video is very good quality, this may be dependent upon the structure and location of your front door and its surroundings (i.e. content can be perfect for some and miss the mark for others, so it’s important to consider doorbell location)


  • Very strong wifi signal required for most effective use
  • Some feel an extra home security camera is needed in addition to the product
  • Some have experienced brief recording delays
  • Motion detector may be sensitive to cars passing by on street, creating false alerts (the motion detector is picking up heat, in this case)
  • $3 fee to see video playback on cloud-service (or $30 annually)
  • Video quality could use improvement, it’s certainly not as clear as advertised, however this is still very new technology

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell (Alexa Compatible) Colors

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are in any way dissatisfied with the product or its performance, Ring offers a full money-back guarantee for the entire purchase price. The same policy exists if there is any defect or product malfunction. First-time users of the product may have concerns alleviated by this policy, especially as it can be difficult to gauge product efficacy online. If one of the components of the product becomes defective or requires replacement, Ring will replace the entire product with a new one.

Review: Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell (Alexa Compatible!) 1

Our Final Verdict

Overall the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Doorbell with Alexa connection is highly recommended, with multiple points of use and a high degree of functionality in a competitive tech market. Users can enjoy increased levels of home security, as well as remote access and communication with any visitors. Security is great, remote features are excellent, and product junkies’ minds will probably jump at the chance to receive their goods as promised with no hassle. Who doesn’t, at the very least, want to avoid that trip to the post office and work on the go at the same time?

Ring Doorbell

Ease of Use


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