Is Stitch Fix Worth it? Read Our 2023 Stitch Fix Review!

In this Stitch Fix review, we’ll discuss how Stitch Fix works, how much Stitch Fix costs, whether Stitch Fix is worth it, and most importantly, showcase some of the clothing!

Shopping – a necessary evil in life. We all love to put on our new shirts, jeans or dresses but we all can agree that our experience inside a store has much to be desired.

There has always been very obvious pros/cons to shopping for clothes in person or online. When you shop in person, you’re able to try out the clothing, and actually, place your hand on what you’re trying to purchase. On the other hand, when shopping online, you can do it right from your home, you have a larger selection, and most importantly, it’s easier to shop around for the best price on a given item. Even though in-store purchases offer the great benefit of trying out the clothes first, consumers are aggressively moving online as indicated by this article, where companies such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy’s, JC Penny, Guess have been closing stores by the hundreds!

My wife and I, we have little time to shop, but when we do, we are overwhelmed by all the options inside clothing stores, and absolutely loathe the crowded floors and lines. Personally, I simply dislike having to spend so much time in the dressing room trying out different items to make sure they fit.

FTC Disclosure: We were not compensated for our review. We enjoyed our experience and have decided to become an affiliate for StitchFix. This review contains affiliate links for which we are compensated for, and thank you for your support.

Is Stitch Fix worth it?

Overall, my wife and I were pleased with our experience with Stitch Fix. It is a fairly inexpensive and innovative way to receive new outfits right to your front door with minimal legwork. The fact that you have a personal stylist that cares about your needs, and is willing to listen to your feedback is a great plus. The entire process, from start to finish is also quite simple and doesn’t require much explanation. At the end of the day, my wife and I were able to expand our wardrobe with new, and affordable pieces that match our styles. If there was one thing that we would complain about is the short time frame you have to try out all the pieces in your fix. You are given only three days to try everything and to “check out”, and if you fail to do so, you would automatically be charged for the whole fix, so please keep this in mind!

So yes, in our opinion, Stitch Fix is worth it! If you’re considering Stitch Fix, it would be worth reading about our experience with NomNomNow, which is a food delivery service for your pet. While it does cost $100 per month to feed our dog, the quality of the meals easily justified the price.

Now scroll below to see the whole process for Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix Coupon Code

Make sure to click the button below to apply a coupon code to your order:

$20 off Stitch Fix Coupon Code

With that coupon code, you’ll receive $20 off your stylist fee, and if you decide to take all the items you receive in your Stitch, you’ll get an additional 25% off!

To be frank, as a new customer, there is zero downside to giving Stitch Fix try. With the coupon code above, you will pay $0.00 out of pocket for your first delivery. If you decide that the clothes don’t fit you, or that you dislike the style, you can simply ship it back (for free), and end your subscription with them. In this review, we’ll cover our experience with Stitch Fix, but ultimately, trying out the service yourself would best answer your concerns.

How does Stitch Fix work?

  1. Go to (and get $20 off your initial style fee)
  2. You first begin by filling out your Style Quiz, in this questionnaire, you will be informing your personal stylist of your sizes and style. If you’re a lady, you fill out the Women’s Style Profile, and the guys fill out the Men’s Style Profile.
  3. Once you’re done with your Style Profile, you will then select a delivery date for your clothes. You will also be prompted with the option of having recurring shipments.
  4. Wait for your delivery date, and open up that Stitch Fix box! Here’s the fun part, try on all the clothes.
  5. You have three days from receiving your Stitch Fix box to try out all the clothes and inform Stich Fix on which pieces you will keep, and the pieces you plan to send back. Keep in mind that you will always receive a pre-paid shipping bag that you will use to send back the pieces you didn’t care for.

Now that we better understand how the whole process works, let’s go through the process together! My wife and I decided to try out Stich Fix together, so this review will actually cover both sexes!

Our Stitch Fix Review

My wife signing up to Stich Fix:

stich fix women

Simply the homepage for women. By the way, you can click on these images to enlarge them!


basic information

Enter your basic information!

sizes stitch fixOn the same screen, we have to enter all our sizes. It’s obviously important to be as accurate as possible!

 stitch fix proportions

What are your proportions?

clothes fit
How do you like your clothes to fit?

body flaunt
What part of your body do you like to show off?

styles stitch fix
Tell them what sort of styles you prefer!

what do you dress for
What do you typically dress for?

style questions
More style questions!

don't like wear
Tell them what you don’t like!

budget clothes
This is where you tell them how much you’re willing to spend per piece.

actual stylistIt’s recommended that you provide your personal stylist with as much information about you as possible. The more they know about how you dress, the more likely you are to receive pieces that you like!

    Style profile is complete! Time to set up our delivery date!


    You have complete freedom when it comes to scheduling how often you would like to receive a “Fix”. If you would rather receive a “Fix” when you’re ready, then simply untick that “Save me time by sending Fixes on a schedule.” box.

    On the following page, you’ll be asked to enter your billing information and to also confirm the date for which you would like to receive your first fix:


    Don’t like the date they give you? Simply click on “Pick a different date” and then select another date from the calendar. Once you’re satisfied with the delivery date, submit your order, and be greeted with the following:


    We are ready to rock and roll! Before we get into the Fix that was delivered, let’s quickly cover the questionaires that the men have to take for their Fix. 

    Time for me to sign up:

    men stitch fix












      I’m going to forgo showing you the initial checkout page or the scheduling since it’s exactly the same for women or men. Now it’s time for the good stuff, let’s take a look at the boxes that came in! 

      women stitch fix


      men stitch fix

      The only difference between the Women’s and Men’s box is the color of the tape going down the middle and the logo on the side. 

      opened stitch fix


      men's box opened

      Once both boxes were opened, there was a noticeable difference between how the Men’s and the Women’s boxes were packaged. The design and wording on the panels differ, as well as the material that the clothes themselves are wrapped in. For Women, the clothes are packed with the thin paper that we typically see department stores use. For men, the clothes are packed in a thin paper sheet. 

      women's stitch


      Is Stitch Fix Worth it? Read Our 2023 Stitch Fix Review! 1

      Here are the clothes that came for each “Fix”. In both boxes, the clothes are neatly folded with name tags clipped to each piece. 

      Before we dive into the clothes themselves, I want to take a look at the contents of the envelope that you receive with each fix:

      Is Stitch Fix Worth it? Read Our 2023 Stitch Fix Review! 2


      stylist note

      With every Fix, you will find a note from your stylist. I honestly find this pretty thoughtful from Stick Fix, since it gives the impression that there is someone at the company that actually cares about your experience. In the note, the stylist explains what they picked out for you, why they picked it out for you, and how you should wear it. Now, this note is actually found on a paper that displays all your outfits:

      all outfits


      men outfits

      As someone who doesn’t have the best taste in fashion, having these outfit examples generated by Stitch Fix is incredibly helpful! With each piece that you receive from them, they will also provide you with two outfit examples on how you can wear that piece. The last thing you would find in your envelope is the price of the pieces, but before we get into that, let’s try the clothes on!

      Women Outfit Examples



      Altoona Crew Neck Top


      Corela Knit Dress


      Walfrid Henley Blous

      My wife absolutely loved the Jarred and Walfrid Blouse. Unfortunately, I lost the photo of her wearing the Clement Cold Shoulder Top, but that was also a winner for her! She wasn’t the biggest fan of the Altoona top due to the patterns and while the Corela Knit Dress was quite beautiful, it was slightly too large! Time for my fix!


      Marathon Hooded Pullover


      Hubbard Half Zip Sweater


      Essential Wash Long Sleeve Shirt and Essential Wash Slim Fit Chino


      I know that they typically say that it’s typically easier to please men when it comes to clothes, and I suppose that’s the truth….because I kept the whole fix! Every piece in my “Fix” fit me perfectly and matched the type of style I was looking for. Take note that I didn’t take a picture of the socks that came with my “Fix” because, well, socks are socks – can’t go wrong with them! Course I kept them!

      How much does Stitch Fix cost?

      When you decide to order your “Fix”, you will have to pay a flat fee of $20.00 each time – this fee is referred to as the styling fee. As a reminder, if you use our promotion code, your first Fix will be free of charge. (no styling fee)

      If you receive a Fix, and you do not like any of the items in your box and decide to return everything, then you are still responsible for the $20.00 fee. On the other hand, if you decide to keep any items in your fix, then that fee would be credited back to you. For example, in this receipt, the Long Sleeve Shirt is $58.00. If I decide to only keep that piece, then my total cost is $58.00 – $20.00 = $38.00. Keep in mind that you are credited back the styling fee once for your order, so even if you keep three pieces, you will only be credited $20.00 back.

      We got our fix, tried the clothes on, what’s next?

      The very first thing we do is take a look at our receipt and see whether or not we can afford to buy what we want! Remember that envelope from before? Well, the receipt is found in that same envelope.

      stitch fix receipt

      On average, the clothes that you receive from StitchFix will be between $40-$60. For jeans or bottoms, the range gets pushed a bit higher to $40-$80. With that being said, don’t expect to be receiving top brands in your Fix. Stitch Fix isn’t about receiving top brand clothing at a fraction of the price, but receiving stylish clothing for a reasonable price.  Notice that for the Men’s Fix, the total price of all the items come out to $240.00. If I decide to keep ALL the items in my Fix, then I receive a 25% discount, which takes $60 off the price. In addition to that, if I keep just ONE of the items from my “Fix”, then the Stylist Fee of $20 is deducted from the cost of the item.

      Stylist fee? Yes, that is what Stitch Fix charges you to use their service.

      What do you do when you want to keep or send back some pieces?

      It’s important that you try on all the pieces you receive in your “fix” and checkout within 3 days. If you do not check out within 3 days, then Stitch Fix will assume that you want to keep all your pieces.

      To begin the checkout process, you simply log back into your account, and you should find the following page for your fix:

      Is Stitch Fix Worth it? Read Our 2023 Stitch Fix Review! 3
      During the checkout process, you will be asked for feedback when it comes to every piece that you received. Most importantly, you will also be asked as to whether or not you want to return, exchange or keep a specific piece. If you loved a piece that you received but felt that the sizing wasn’t perfect, then you may opt for an “exchange”. If you intend to keep using Stich Fix, please make sure that you fill out the feedback questionnaire as this will help your stylist for your future deliveries. 

      Since I decided to keep all the items in my fix, let’s take a look at how the final checkout page looks like for me:


      I was able to grab four pieces of clothing and 1 pair of socks for a grand total of $135.00. That’s a pretty darn good deal! Notice that since I took the whole fix, I received the 25% off discount, and the stylist fee was also deducted since I took at least (1) item.

      If you’re ready to order your own Fix today, then simply click on the banner below! If you’ve tried out Stitch Fix yourself, then we would love to see more Stitch Fix reviews in the comments!

      $20 off Stitch Fix Coupon Code

      Stitch Fix For Kids

      Last December (2018), we put out a brief post announcing the addition of “Stitch Fix Kids”. Well, I’ve also decided to update this review with more information on their kid options.

      Banner for Stitch Fix Kids
      You can enable “Stitch Fix For Kids” from your profile by clicking on “Get Started”

      If you’re already a customer of Stitch Fix, you’ll see the above banner on the homepage of your account screen, otherwise, you can click here to go Stitch Fix’s Kids section.

      stitch fix kids
      An example of the clothes offered for kids, as well as the pricing for them.

      In the above banner, you can get a better idea as to what clothes to expect for your kids, as well as where the prices start from. At face value, the styles are nice, and the prices definitely seem reasonable. If you’re still interested, then when you proceed forward, you’ll be asked the following questions:

      Profile for Stitch Fix Kids
      You will need to fill out this profile for your child to receive their Stitch Fix.

      Lastly, the price per fix is the same as for adults, $20. Do make sure to use our coupon code at the beginning of the post to get your first Stitch Fix for free.

      How does Stitch Fix work?

      Stitch Fix is a subscription-based service where stylish clothes are delivered to your home. You do not pay for any of the clothes until you decide which ones to keep. To begin, you must first create your stylist profile by clicking here, once you do so, your own personal stylist will review your profile and begin putting together a “Fix” for you. You have complete freedom when it comes to when you want a fix to be delivered. Once you receive your fix, you have three days to decide which pieces you want to keep. If there are pieces that you want to return or send back, then you simply place them in the prelabeled package that comes with your Fix and send them back. Any items that you keep, you simply “check out” online, and pay for them.

      How much does Stitch Fix cost?

      Whenever you receive a fix, you pay $20.00 If you decide to keep at least one item out of your fix, then that $20 stylish fee will be credited back towards you. For example, if you loved a sweater that you received and it’s price tag places it at $48.00, then when you check out, you will actually pay $28.00 for that sweater ($48.00-$20.00).

      How much do the clothes from Stitch Fix typically cost?

      The vast majority of the pieces sent to you from them range between $40-$80. Do keep in mind that if you decide to keep ALL the pieces in your fix, then you will receive a 25% discount on all the items.

      How much time do I have from when I receive my fix?

      You only have three days to try on all the clothes you’ve received in your fix before you must log into your account online and inform Stich Fix on which items you intend to keep, and which ones you intend to send back. Once you “check out” online, you’ll simply head to the post office to return the items you didn’t like.

      If I like something in my fix, but find it for a cheaper price at a different store, what happens?

      Simply contact Stitch Fix, and they will price match the other merchant! That way, you’re always getting the best deal!

      How many brands does Stitch Fix work with?

      When it comes to the women fix, they work with 250 brands. For the men’s fix, they work with 30 brands.

      For what sizes can Stitch Fix style for?

      For women, they can style from 0-24W and XS-3X, and for men, they have sizes XS-XXL 

      Are there gift cards available?

      Yes! If you want to buy someone a gift card to Stich Fix, then please click here.

      Is there any coupon code or promo code I can use as a first-time buyer?

      We have personally asked Stitch Fix if they have any coupons to offer, and unfortunately there are none available!

      for more information on Stitch Fix, click here!

      Stitch Fix - Your Online Personal Stylist

      User Experience
      Accuracy of clothing size
      Accuracy of clothing style

      Affordable and convenient; gets a thumbs up!

      25% off
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      1. 1: You are given three days but you can extend to nearly 2 weeks to pay for things. You do not ONLY have 3 days.
        2: If something is too big or two small you have the option to exchange for free, if they have it in stock, in your size.

      2. If I don’t want anything in the box is the $20 applied to the next shipment or do I have to pay an additional $20 for a new stylist?

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