Review: Paladone Pac-Man ice cube tray – are these the coolest ice cube trays for your money?

I’m not especially interested in making brash, noisy pop culture references, but I do find them fun, and I prefer to find subtle ways to allude to that sentimental side of my personality.

I’m not somebody who’s massively into iced drinks anyway, so I decided that when I’m at home and I need a glass of water or soda, I could at least try and have some fun with the little bit of ice that I use.

I was browsing Amazon for fun ice cube trays, stumbled upon these, and got incredibly excited.

Who doesn’t (a) know, and (b) love Pac-Man? So much nostalgia, right there in a glass of cool lemonade!

Obviously, if you’re having a party, just going and getting a big bag of ice is the most convenient solution, but if you’re detail-oriented, something like these Pac-Man themed ice cube trays will definitely impress your guests.

First impressions

Review: Paladone Pac-Man ice cube tray - are these the coolest ice cube trays for your money? 2

Taking them out of their plastic packaging, I have to say that I felt like maybe I had gotten a bit carried away with my excitement at such cool ice cube trays. It wasn;t really until I help them in my hand that I realised “I’ve just paid $10 for small, silicone ice cube trays.”

It was just so light and floppy.

That sounds really negative, but I guess that was the whole point of them. And in saying that, it still felt pretty durable, like it wouldn’t be disintegrating any time soon from regular use.

Anyway, I started by giving them a good wash, as you should do when you get new household items. Then I loaded it up with water, and shoved it in the freezer. Pretty standard stuff.

Review: Paladone Pac-Man ice cube tray - are these the coolest ice cube trays for your money? 3


Review: Paladone Pac-Man ice cube tray - are these the coolest ice cube trays for your money? 4

After a couple of hours, I had my Pac-Man ice cubes, and they were every bit as cool as I had envisioned. I was starting to forget about my initial guilt and foolishness for having spent $10 on them. These were the absolute business!

Since that initial run, I’ve used them for all kinds of things. They’re good for jello cubes, with or without vodka. I’ve even made some with just a little fruit juice, just to add a bit of flavor to my drinks as I drink them – a tiny splash of lime juice is particularly great with water or lemonade!

I haven’t tried them with chocolate, or anything milky at all, but I expect they’d be good for them. I’ve also heard of them being used for cake pops.

For a small party of maybe 10-12 people, it is feasible to make enough to go around, but anything bigger, and well, I feel like you’d have to start weeks in advance. Personally, that’s just not something I have time for. It would definitely be a bag from the 7-Eleven. Great and all as the reaction was to them at a smaller party, it’s important to be realistic!

Now, it’s not a concern for me, because I don’t use a dishwasher, but I have read a couple of things online saying that these are actually not dishwasher safe, contrary to what it says on the packaging. As I say, I haven’t tried it, so it doesn’t affect me, but if you’re entirely averse to handwashing things that need to be handwashed, these may not be ideal.


I definitely recommend these Pac-Man ice cube trays for anybody trying to inject a little bit of fun into a room that’s largely associated with whiteness.

They may not be feasible for all your parties, but they’re nice to enjoy personally, and will delight any guests who get to avail of them.

Paladone Pac-Man ice cube tray

Value for money

Perfect for pop culture affectionados

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