Review: Captain America cufflinks – can cufflinks this cheap be any good?


After moving to my new apartment, I found myself in the greatest pickle – I didn’t come across any of my cufflinks when I was unpacking!

It would be three months before I could get my cufflinks back. I favor French cuff shirts. I just think they look smarter. So having my shirts, but no cufflinks was a pain. Knowing it wasn’t a permanent issue, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on them.

I had a bit of a superhero theme running with the cufflinks I already owned, so I was keen to keep that theme going. When you’re at something that requires you to be dressed up a bit, it can feel a bit uptight. I like to use my cufflinks to bring a subtle nod of my own personality to things.

The solution

Review: Captain America cufflinks - can cufflinks this cheap be any good? 2

I did some searching on the usual websites: Google Shopping, eBay, Etsy and all that, to see what available. There certainly were plenty of options available, some pretty cheap, and some going as expensive as you like. For my purposes, I didn’t want to spend $75 on an official Marvel set.

I didn’t immediately go to my cufflinks actually, but I had a nosey, and found this set. They were the cheapest set on the site, so that was great. However, I’m a firm believer that you get what you pay for.

With that in mind, I was naturally a little bit apprehensive and unsure about making the actual purchase. Sure, I didn’t want to go megabucks, but at the same time, I didn’t want cufflinks that would break as soon as I put them on either.

As us internet shoppers do in such circumstances, I headed to the reviews section, and they were predominantly positive.

I felt increasingly sold on it.

The one snag that concerned me was the delivery time: up to about six weeks! It seemed excessive, but they were coming all the way from China, and I was broke, so every cent I saved was worth it. And any review that referenced the wait length said that it was worth it.

Review: Captain America cufflinks - can cufflinks this cheap be any good? 3

First impressions

Review: Captain America cufflinks - can cufflinks this cheap be any good? 4

Let’s be realistic: when you’re broke, you don’t really go places that require cufflinks. Anywhere I went that required a button-down shirt, I slummed it in a single cuff.

Because I so rarely needed to wear a button-down shirt, with the length of the delivery time, I’d actually pretty much forgotten about them. They arrived the day before the final estimated delivery date. That was approximately six weeks after I ordered them.

So if you want them urgently, you’ll need to pay a few dollars extra with a different seller.

There was nothing too elaborate about the packaging – a jiffy bag with the cufflinks themselves in a tiny zip-lock bag. You’re not getting a fancy presentation box at this price!

I had a good play with them when I removed the packaging. Despite the good reviews about the quality, with the price I paid, I was still a bit skeptical!

Then, despite the reviews and my own skepticism, I was still surprised by how good the quality was on these. I was looking forward to having an excuse to wear them out!

Use and conclusion

I’ve been wearing these cufflinks at any opportunity, and they’re still going strong. I really have been very impressed with them. I’ve been wearing them for everything from dates to interviews.

If you’re a Marvel fan, or if you’re looking for a gift for one, I don’t know any of such people who would not be delighted with these.

I’d absolutely recommend them.

Captain America cufflinks

Value for money

Ideal for Marvel fans on a budget

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