Review: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (Dry Shampoo & Gorgeous Texture?)

Oribe’s Dry Texturing Dry Shampoo is one of those holy grail products that has developed a loyal cult-following amongst a regular consumer base for decades as well as those who have worked in the cosmetics industry for years, and even a loyal celebrity clientele.

It tends to be a favorite amongst elite hairstylists and those behind the scenes at fashion week, although, perhaps us “normal folks” can use it and reap some of the same amazing hair rewards as well.

This product is not your average dry shampoo by any means (a category I am not traditionally too keen on, with certain exceptions), but rather acts as a texturizing and body-building spray that employs patented polymers to absorb any excess oil at the roots of the hair, with fresh looking styled hair that lasts for days with a long hold.

As the ultimate multi-use product, it can also be used on clean hair to add volume and texture to the roots, and leaves behind no white residue. Additionally, it never feels greasy, sticky, or tacky in the hair upon or following application.

It is suitable and safe for all hair types, including color treated hair, keratin treated hair and straight, wavy, curly, and coiled.

This review will cover some main product features on Oribe’s Dry Texturing Spray, some key pros and cons to bear in mind prior to purchase, as well as a final verdict, to help you make a more informed purchasing choice prior to any point of sale.

Review: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (Dry Shampoo & Gorgeous Texture?) 1

Review Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray is an 8.5 ounce residue-free invisible spray for texture and volume that also acts as a finishing mist, setting spray, polishing product, and dry shampoo that leaves the hair with a soft and lovely scent that lingers throughout the day.

In terms of both dry shampoos and multi-use hair products, this is definitely one of the single best products in the category I have found to date, that delivers sexy volume and texture and sets in styles with hold that lasts for the entire day.

It works for literally every hair type, and helps control and polish unruly and dry hair, helps to define and volumize even baby fine hair, and is safe for color treated and keratin treated hair types.

You simply shake the product and apply as desired. You may wish to apply it underneath the hair and from afar allover after styling, or simply as a root treatment as a refreshing dry shampoo, or use it on any part of the hair before or after styling for heat and general UV protection.

For those who use heat styling tools or are regularly exposed to sunlight that can damage the color or quality of the hair, it’s important to realize that an added benefit to this product is the advanced UV protection shield within the formulation. Color treated hair remains stable for a longer period of time and the hair is less likely to become prone to damage via heat styling, and at the same time, the finishing aesthetic benefits are polished and radiant.

In addition to a lovely fresh scent devoid of any harsh chemical odor, or the “Oribe” signature scent, reminiscent of the Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditioning products, it not only lingers in the hair and leaves it smelling fresh and clean throughout the day, the multilayered UV protection shield contained in the product protects the hair against environmental and sun damage, as well as serving as a heat protecting spray for those who use heat styling tools such as flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons.

As a personal preference, after styling the hair I tend to use this product (even on very long hair that is prone to dryness and frizz, and undergoes regular heat styling damage) underneath the hair (upside down), and lightly all over from a distance.

Hair stays in place, looks polished and residue-free, and style has a strong hold that lasts throughout the day following use. The additional benefit is smelling clean and fresh with a lovely crisp odor that lingers throughout the day.

What’s not to love about this product?

Oribe Texturizing Dry Spray Models
Image Credit: Oribe

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray Positives and Negatives

While the vast majority of users, myself included, feel the price point is justified in comparison to the multi-use benefits, general product longevity, and the way this product seems to outweigh and exceed those in its category in comparison to every other brand or formulation, irrespective of price point, some users did still have some qualms about the product.

In terms of price point, this is an item that will last month and definitely provide multi-use benefits that eliminate the need for other products. And it must be used by following the directives as per the label for maximum and ideal results.

With that in mind, here are some key pros and cons to bear in mind prior to purchase:

Oribe Texturizing Dry Spray Limited Edition Prods
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  • Incredible multi-use benefits that add value: can be used as a finishing and texturizing spray following styling, a dry shampoo (sans any residue), general volumizing product, and finishing spray
  • Lovely fresh scent devoid of any harsh chemical odors or perfumes that lingers throughout the day and smells fresh
  • Can be applied to the bottom or base of the hair and allover the hair from a distance for a perfect and polished finishing aesthetic
  • Cruelty-free company: company does not test any of its products on any animals, use any animal product during any of its manufacturing processes, or use any product in any formulation
  • All ingredients contained in the product formulation are clean and devoid of any harmful additives, harsh chemicals, parabens, and sulfates
  • Safe and suitable for all hair types (color treated, keratin treated, professionally straightened, wavy, curly, straight, and coiled)
  • Product is incredibly lightweight and never feels greasy, sticky, or tacky following application (even with dry hair it does not dry out the hair or leave up any built up residue)
  • Hair feels held in place and polished following use but still feels soft and has a silky, shiny aesthetic
  • Helps hold in curls or waves and eliminates the need for a traditional hair spray in those who use finishing sprays (while adding a natural texture)
  • For very fine hair: makes the hair look thicker and fuller, especially if used in conjunction with volumizing shampoos and conditioners
  • Out of all the products in this category (dry shampoos) I have tried to date, even those with expensive price points, this one definitely exceeded benefits to use and proved to be the best I have tried to date, in addition to offering multi-use benefits
  • Even with a sensitive scalp and dry hair, the product was not at all drying and did not prove irritating at all
  • Product longevity: a very little amount of product goes a very long way, irrespective of hair type, so this product proves a great shelf-life and multi-use benefits add further value
  • Works well for thick or unruly hair, and never leaves the hair with any feeling of “crunch” following use
  • For those who travel often, the product comes in a portable and compact size that is TSA friendly and safe for flight
  • Leaves the hair with a very radiant finishing aesthetic that is still quite natural
  • Makes a wonderful gifting option for a recipient in your life who enjoys haircare products, or for the self (we all deserve a much needed splurge once and a while)
  • Gluten-free product for those with any allergies or sensitivities to the ingredient


  • If you spray the product too close to the hair you may notice white residue left behind, so it is important to follow the directives carefully
  • It is best not try to try use this product at the same time as you are styling or blow drying your hair (some users have reported trying this, but this is not the way the product is designed to be used and will likely not result well)
  • Price point: perhaps the greatest objection even in users who adore the product is the steep price point. At $46, this item is quite a splurge and a self-care luxury type item, however it does last months, eliminates the need for other hair spray products, volumizing products, and truly exceeds benefits in comparison to any other product in the category I have tried to date- so if you can afford to indulge once and a while, this is a worthy product to pick up that will stand the test of time (with a strong return policy upon any dissatisfaction)
Oribe Texturizing Dry Spray Travel
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Money-Back Guarantee

Especially considering the price point for the category and manufacturer in general, the return policy in this case may be a highly important factor for you.

The manufacturer, Oribe, has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction or allergy, and this policy favors the consumer, both new and returning. If you are dissatisfied with the use of the dry texturizing spray, or if it does not work for your hair to provide suitable texturizing or cleansing benefits, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the formulation, you may elect to return it at any time.

In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the item. If the item was received as a gift (without receipt), the policy applies for an even exchange, and this policy is applicable to online purchase, as individual store policy may vary depending on location and distributer.

If you feel the policy if not taken into consideration, you may contact customer service, and you can remain ensured you will receive a full refund.

I was happy to discover that the formulation was gentle enough to use even with very sensitive skin around the scalp (as well as dry hair) and did not cause any irritation or dryness, but due to price barriers or sensitivity concerns this policy may help assuage fears, as individual allergies are highly variable.

While I felt compared to the longevity and multi-use benefits this was a worthy splurge, this is a highly individual choice, and only one you as a consumer can decide on.

Oribe Texturizing Dry Spray Model
Image Credit: Oribe

Review: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (Dry Shampoo & Gorgeous Texture?) 1

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: Does It Work?

While it does come at a fairly steep price point, it is important to note the benefits with use of this product actually exceed initial benefits and claims of use of behalf of the manufacturer.

With that in mind, even with continual daily use the product also provides suitable longevity and has an excellent shelf-life.

In conjunction with advanced UV and heat styling protection, you may use this product as a finishing spray after any styling treatment, as a root treatment refresher, as a dry shampoo to refresh the hair with a lovely scent that lingers throughout the day, and as a volumizing and texturizing setting mist.

Out of all of the products in the hair category I have tried to date, I have yet to see one provide such incredible multi-use benefits with use, and offer both protection and prevention in conjunction with style and a radiant finishing aesthetic.

On top of all of this, it has become a cult-favorite because it is suitable for those of all hair types, ranging from the most baby fine hair in need of more volume, to those with unruly hair seeking additional polish, to those simply seeking to keep waves and curls in place throughout the day with a vibrant finishing aesthetic.

The best way to summate the finishing aesthetic after using this product is a perfect mix of radiant polish and bohemian carefree texture, if such a concept exists.

Despite the splurge, considering the other products that can be eliminated via the use of Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray and the vast benefits with use, along with the general longevity in comparison to most spray products on the market, this is a product I would recommend free of any hesitation.

For those with any trepidation regarding the price, while it is certainly a worthy splurge for the self, there is also a tester size to get started with if that offers a higher degree of comfortability.

Highly recommended, this product certainly deserves its hype and after using it, I can definitely identify with the legions of fans who sing the product praises, as it is well deserved.

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Oribe Texturizing Dry Spray


Highly Recommended!

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