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Sun Basket, you’ve earned yourself a customer for life.

Let me explain before I get into my sun basket review.

I would typically spend my Sunday at the supermarket where I would purchase any ingredients I felt suitable to put together a good meal. After that, for the following week, I would use different cooking recipes online to come up with an appropriate meal. This has always seemed to be the norm for me but I had become tired of not having the right ingredients for the meals that I wanted to cook, or having food that would spoil simply because I couldn’t fit it into a meal. What was my breaking point? Well, two months ago I was cleaning out my kitchen drawers, and I noticed a sack of potatoes that had completely spoiled. I must have spent the next 2 hours cleaning out that drawer because of how badly the potatoes had spoiled.

How did I find out about Sun Basket? Well, I saw an advertisement that was offering a $35.00 off coupon on first orders, so I took the plunge. You can click here if you want to receive $35 off with your first order or click on the button below:

$35 off w/ First Order!

I want to point out that there is a considerable difference in the price you pay if you decide to use the promotional URL. Here is the price difference:


You’ll save $34.47 on your first order by making sure to order via the promotion URL. So make sure to add the promotion code to your order by clicking here


Just received an email from Sun Basket that there is a Cyber Week coupon code that will actually take $40.00 off your first order instead of $35.00!


So a little bit about Sun Basket. This is a company that originated in California and was started by a reward winning chef – Justine Kelly. Chef Kelly is responsible for preparing every single meal. In a market where Sun Basket has many competitors, they have been able to set themselves apart in two ways:

Freshness: When they first launched, they were only available in less than 10 states. Today, they are still not available in all states. Why is that? The company strives to make sure that their ingredients are delivered as fresh as possible to the consumer. If they do not have any company stores located close enough to your state, they will not process your order. They simply do not want their ingredients to be in transit for a long period of time. There are many competitors in the market that have just a few locations on the East coast but have no problems shipping their ingredients to a customer on the West coast even though they know themselves that the ingredients will not be in the best shape. For this stance that Sun Basket has taken, I give them a big thumbs up.
Healthiness: As of this post, they are the only food delivery service that sends you food that is USDA – Certified Organic and has non-GMO produce. Impressively enough, they also offer a Paleo, Vegetarian or Gluten-free option in their recipes.

Now that I’ve explained why I chose them, let’s jump into my review.

When you’re first selecting your meal plan, you’ll see such a page:

confirm meals

The meals available will always be changing, so you would literally never run out of options.

Once I ended up placing my order, I was notified that I would receive my shipment next week on Wednesday.

Next week rolled in, and I received the following:

delivery box

So a few things to point out, each of their delivery boxes holds enough ingredients for 6 meals (aka. 3 recipes). You may notice that that the meals themselves are very well insulated within the box with a bit more than an inch of foam.

One of my meals contained lamb, so once I removed these three bags from the box, and a flat cardboard underneath them, I found the following:

meat packed

The meat was vacuum sealed in plastic and resting on top of ice. When I say that Sun Basket goes far and beyond when it comes to quality of care of their food, it’s an understatement really.

Let’s now take a look at the three meals that were delivered:

rigatoni pecan parsley
Rigatoni with pecan-parsley pesto and white beans


spice lamb patties
Spiced lamb patties with cauliflower “tabbouleh”


black bean tortilla
Black bean-tortilla scramble & Overnight chia pudding with apples and cinnamon


Within each bag, you will find all the ingredients necessary to prepare your meal. Do keep in mind that some kitchen necessities are required to be stocked by you such as pans, salt, pepper, and oil. Along with every meal, you will also receive a recipe guide on how to prepare your food, all the ingredients that take part in the meal, estimated time to complete, total calorie count and nutrition facts.

Here’s how the Rigatoni with pecan parsley pesto and white beans was turning out towards the end:

rigatoni cooked
Rigatoni with pecan-parsley pesto and white beans


Quite gorgeous honestly, and it tasted even better!

I ended up cooking all three meals the same week and I absolutely LOVED it. The instructions to cook the meal were very easy to follow, and each dish came out magnificently. Now keep in mind, it is likely that your food won’t come out as pretty as it looks like in the images, but I know that I got pretty darn close. Even then, I was more concerned about the taste, and my expectations were blown away in regards to that.

Next Prev
Next Prev

Allow me to tell you this first, Sun Basket isn’t the cheapest option out there when it comes to delivery boxes. You can save $1 or $2 per meal by buying from competitors but the reason why I remain a loyal customer to Sun Basket is because of their direction. This is the only food delivery company that ships 100% organic product, non-GMO and is free of systemic herbicides and pesticides. We are talking about a company that doesn’t want to increase business by shipping to all 50 states just because they want to have more facilities closer to their customers before doing so. The cherry on top would be that they donated 1000s of pounds of food weekly to charities.  So while I may be paying an extra buck or two, I know that I am ingesting healthy products, and also providing business to a company with good moral standings.

If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not they deserve your business, I suggest taking a look at their cookbook. This is will give a better idea of the type of meals they have available, especially if you are looking for a gluten-free or a vegetarian option.

By the way, once you begin receiving your meals, take a moment to look at Winc – a company that deliveries wine to your home for $13 a bottle, this goes absolutely great with your meals!

Update 6/12/17

It’s been a few months since my initial review and I’ve decided to post an update today since Sun Basket has added two new “features”.

To start things off, in the last month, they have introduced a meal plan known as the “Lean & Clean” meal plan.

This is a meal plan for people that want to eat healthier and manage their weight. Each serving within the “Lean & Clean” meal plan contains:

  • 550 calories per serving
  • at least 20 grams of protein per serving
  • at least 5 grams of fiber per serving
  • no refined flour, no added sugar, no gluten and no dairy
  • less than 5g of saturated fat per serving
  • less than 800 mg of sodium per serving

Once you are a customer of Sun Basket, within your “My Account” page, under “Meal Plan”, you will be able to change your meal plan. If you want to start receiving meals that are part of the lean & clean plan, then simply select it out of the drop-down.

For quite some time, the minimum number of meals that you can receive from Sun Basket was three, but in the last month, they have given customers the option to subscribe to a 2 meal plan as well. This is definitely a welcoming feature for individuals who feel that cooking 3 meals (aka 6 servings) per week might be a bit too overwhelming.

The downside of selecting two meals instead of three meals is that you end up paying extra per serving – $1 extra per serving.

That is all for the update. Before I let you go, I do want to share an interesting email I received from Sun Basket on Earth Day:

Now that’s impressive and keep in mind, those numbers are from January 1st to April 22nd. The fact that Sun Basket continues to be environmentally conscious keeps me on board as a customer! If you’re not yet a customer, then click here and receive $35 off your first order!

How much is Sun Basket?

How much is Sun Basket?

You have two options for plans, either a “Classic Plan” or a “Family Plan”. Under the “Classic Plan”, each serving is $11.49 and under the “Family Plan”, each serving is $9.99.

Where does Sun Basket ship?

Where does Sun Basket ship?

They are currently available in all states except for AK, HI, KS, MN, MT, ND, NE & SD. With time, they will continue to add new facilities and locations to which they can ship to. If you are located in a state that Sun Basket does not ship to, then we recommend reading this home chef review.

Does Sun Basket offer a money-back guarantee?

Does Sun Basket offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If you’re unhappy with your meals, then simply contact Sun Basket within 7 days and they will provide you with a refund.

When are Sun Basket meals delivered?

When are Sun Basket meals delivered?

Depending on your location, meals will typically arrive between Monday-Wednesday. If you receive your meal on Tuesday, then very likely all future meals will also arrive on Tuesdays.

How quickly do I have to eat my meals?

How quickly do I have to eat my meals?

It’s recommended that you consume any seafood or shellfish within 3 days of delivery. For meat and poultry, you should cook the meal within 5 days. For meals that contain greens, it’s also recommended to consume within 5 days for freshness.

Can I skip a delivery?

Can I skip a delivery?

Yes you can, in this screenshot, I show you how you may skip deliveries. Keep in mind, you need to skip a week six days before your typical delivery date. So if you typically receive a delivery on Wednesday, you must log into your account and skip that week the prior Thursday at the very latest. If you fail to skip on time, then you will receive a pre-selected meal.

How many calories are there in each meal?

How many calories are there in each meal?

Each Sun Basket meal typically contains 500-800 calories.

What's so special about Sun Basket?

What's so special about Sun Basket?

  • Every meal is tasty!
  • All their produce is organic!
  • Their meats and seafood are free of antibiotics or hormones!
  • Their packaging is even eco-friendly!
  • Every week, they donate over 1,000 pounds of food to the local food banks.

Are there any Sun Basket coupons or promo codes for new customers?

Are there any Sun Basket coupons or promo codes for new customers?

There sure is. Follow this link to receive $35 off your first order.

What snacks do you recommend with your meals?

What snacks do you recommend with your meals?

In light of eating healthy, it is best to keep snacking to a minimum, but if you do get the munchies, take a look at our naturebox review for healthier snack alternatives!




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  1. After reading this, and others similar to this i think that i am going for it….I pay close attention to what I put in my body and this what I have been looking for. I do not always have the time to get to the market, so this I believe is the next best thing. The next time I write on here it will be a review.

    • That’s great to hear Dan that you’re interested in Sun Basket. As you’ve pointed out, they are a pretty awesome service and makes sense from a financial standpoint. I do hope you follow up with your own personal review.


  2. I have been getting their meals for 3 months now. Only ment to try them…problem is its just too good to stop! this article is 100% accurate

  3. I have questions and they keep hanging up!

  4. Would love to try it but cant’t, I really wish they wouldn’t advertise as non-GMO. As a scientist I make a point to not encourage this type of false labeling, in order to to discourage people like Sun Baskets from using it to imply that something is healthier if it is non-GMO (For example insulin and many other life saving medications are GMO so stop if you’re going ‘GMO-free you might as well stop going to the doctor too.)

    • XM,

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. I understand where you are coming from.

      I believe in this case, the reason why they market themselves as a “non-GMO” product is due to the typical negative connotation that GMO’s receive publicly. The average consumer isn’t educated on GMO’s enough to discern that there are some GMO’s that are healthy, and some that there not.

      Either way, thank you for your feedback!


  5. I am a single senior and I tried your service a while back. That was before I had started eating meat and
    poultry after 40 years without it. My menu follows Paleo pretty much. Loved the food, loved learning about
    cooking etc. However it was too much food for me. My question is: Can I have service for 2 weeks out of
    every month so I do not waste food, save money and not start gaining weight back?

    • Beverli,

      Sure enough! That’s a good point that you mention, I will likely update my review to show how customers are able to pause their service.

      Follow the following steps to skip specific weeks:
      1) Log into your account.
      2) At the top menu, click on “Schedule”
      3) On this page you will see all the meals that planned for you in the future weeks. You’ll be given the option of “Change my menu”, “Skip” or “Donate”. If you do not want to receive a delivery for a specific week, all you have to do is click on “Skip”.

      Keep in mind that you should be able to customize your options for each week for up to 6 weeks in the future.

      If you’re still a bit confused, here is an image that should help you:

      Sun Basket Reciepe

      Lastly, if you are looking for an automatic option that will only ship out once every two weeks then unfortunately I have yet to see such an option, and I’m not sure that’s available. For the time being, you’ll have to skip the weeks manually.


  6. I live in Alexandria, Virginia and I am loving my meals from Sun Basket. My only complaint is that the box is delivered on Wed night. Is there anyway to change that to either a Monday or Tuesday?

    • Melinda,

      Thank you for writing in.

      As far as I know, deliveries on Wednesday are a standard practice for all customers on Sun Basket. But, if you live in California, send them an email, they might be able to move your weekly deliveries to Tuesday.

      Outside of California, we are all stuck with Wednesday deliveries unfortunately – hopefully with time the company will allow us to elect a different date for delivery.


    • I may have an answer for you on this one. My son works in Sun Basket’s Midwest facility in Illinois Thursday through Monday with Tuesday and Wednesday being their days off. Monday is the day they pack everything for shipping and on Tuesday the delivery trucks roll out to their destinations.
      Sun Basket is also a great place to work– wages are well above average, excellent benefits. generous PTO policy and employees are treated with respect and appreciation by management.
      Hope this explains the Wednesday delivery thing. 🙂

  7. I would love to try it out. Just need meals bi-weekly. Is this possible?

    • Mariam,

      Yes, that is possible. Please take a look at the response I gave to Beverli Eagan in this comment string. All you have to do is login and “Skip” the weeks that you do not want your meals.

      sun basket


  8. Can customers set up an order for every other week? I am a single household and I only eat at home M-F. I waste so much expensive food because it goes bad before I can use it. I do not want to run into the same problem.

    • Joi,

      Yes you may. Please check the other responses I gave in this comment section, someone else asked the same question and I gave them a walkthrough as to how it’s done. It’s quite simple.


    • …..Never mind, I just realized the previous email asked the same question…

  9. Do you need to cook all 3 meals the first 3 days or will they stay fresh enough to cook them over the whole week?

    • Bob,

      You don’t need to rush to cook all your meals. It does depend on what ingredients your meal consists of but typically you can cook each meal within 4-5 days. If your meal includes meat products, they do recommend that you cook your meal within 3 days.


  10. Can I change the order of delivery for the recipes that I’ve chosen? They seem to go in an automated order.

  11. Expect to be impressed. I’m very picky and was blown away by the quality of ingredients and recipes…’s cooking class made fun n simple. I’m excited to come home each Wednesday for my basket.

    p.s. I adhere to the policy and prepare all my meals within three days, these are the freshest ingredients you can imagine.

    • Rudy,

      Thanks for sharing your experience, glad to hear that it’s lived up to your expectations.


  12. Trying to send this as a gift to a friend.
    How can I do this?

    • Randy,

      You may send a Gift to someone via the following URL: Gift

      You’ll be able to select between a 1 week, 2 week or a 4 week gift plan.


  13. Can you tell me why they advertise 3 free meals and then make you pay $34+ to sign up??

    • Ashley, when you place your first order with Sun Basket, you are required to order at least 3 different recipes. Each recipe is prepared to feed two people. So when you’re placing you’re order for 3 recipes, you will be receiving 6 servings, and since you are a first time customer of Sun Basket, they will pay for 3 of those servings, while you pay for the other 3 servings.

  14. Very thorough article, although I have to disagree with you on one point. Sun Basket is not the ONLY company delivering fresh organic non-gmo meals with options such as paleo, but it is ONE of the companies doing this. Please check out Green Chef at They are also fresh, organic and non-GMO meals in much the same fashion. They have different meal plan options. They do an amazing job and every meal is phenomenally delicious with generous portion sizes. You can skip weeks just like this one. You can also get a box of free meals to try. One difference I see is in the packaging. Sun Basket does appear to possibly be more eco-conscious with their packaging. Another difference is the price. It appears that Green Chef is more expensive, however this assessment is without comparing quantity and quality.

  15. Organic Herbalist

    to the gmo scientist lady, great that your a scientist but honestly natural healthy food should not be genetically modified plus should be preferred ORGANICALLY — organics is 33% less pesticide than GMO. I am sorry I don’t prefer non-gmo, I will wait for a company that does completely Organic. Medications are different story yes they are GMO — ahhh hello look how many side effects there are in taking one kind of medication for a sickness and then have to take other medications for the side effects. People that doesn’t realize that eating healthy and being active can prevent many, many illness they don’t have a choice but to take medications. Yes eating healthy prevents being sick but with you scientist that works for pharmaceuticals I am sorry you are all about the money including majority of the doctors out there. I am sure you as a scientist probably don’t take even eat GMOs but Organics because you know the difference in them. Stop falsifying what GMO and non-gmo can do for people. Have some dignity and tell people the real choices they have, I wonder how you sleep at night.

  16. i like this service .it is healthy and tasty.thank you for this service

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