Review: Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice ( Can It Cure Your Anxiety?)

Getting the true amount of CBD you need to feel and see the benefits isn’t as easy as pulling any product off the shelves at your local shop once in a while, it’s important to buy products from trusted companies which actually practice what their labels preach and put their dosage where you needs are.

This Hot Juice CBD review looks into this incredibly popular vape juice brand to see if their e liquid belongs in your vape tank, or in a pile of placebos that don’t contain the active ingredients promised.

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There are a couple of things to consider about the best cannabidiol e liquid before running out and buying a bottle from your local vape shop. First off, not all of them are made for vaping, while retailers may tell you a CBD oil can be simply added to a vape tank, many of them contain additives that can clog your equipment or burn your coils, it’s important to choose one created with vaping in mind.

That said, vape juice has two primary ingredients for vaporization; vegetable glycerin which generates denser clouds and propylene glycol which carries the flavor. Flavors are added in addition to them, so while they are an attractive component, they aren’t necessary.

Additionally, check to make sure the dosages printed on the label are measured by volume, this means that the entire bottle contains this amount of cannabidiol and ensures you get the closest dosage to what your bioavailability will allow.

Speaking of which, the route to getting CBD into the bloodstream is most convenient and concentrated when inhaled (short of injecting it directly, which hasn’t been explored as yet). To explain, tinctures, sublingual CBD oils and topical forms are diffused far more as they have to travel through many different bodily systems on their way to the bloodstream, so vaping really is the most effective option.

We wanted to be sure that these products were actually delivering the magnitude of cannabidiol promised on the bottle and this Hot Juice CBD review is meant to reflect our findings. Personally, I have a fair amount of experience with the compound in both isolate and full spectrum form, and have developed my own system for feeling out whether there are accurate measurements of CBD in the products I use. As such, I vaped through a handful of bottles to determine whether its worthy of your hard earned money.

What’s Really In the Bottle? — Review for Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice

I know I said it wasn’t that important, but if you’re going to talk about flavored e-juice its important to talk about the quality and intensity of it in terms of what’s offered. With twelve separate flavor combinations available that appeal to those looking for dessert, beverage, fruit, and tobacco flavored CBD vape juice they have pulled together a poignant cross section of items to appeal to many different palates. Their regular nicotine based e-liquid definitely has way more options, but to provide so many options for CBD alone is pretty impressive.

That said, the vape flavors from Hot Juice are amazingly good, you can truly taste the quality from the first puff of a freshly cracked bottle to the bottom and we didn’t experience any drop off or weird souring that some liquids can have towards the end. In fact, though I’m not big on fancy or complicated flavors, I appreciated their dessert flavored ejuice blends like Dreamberry Waffles and Swedish Bliss expressly because they were familiar tastes I myself already enjoy.

For the bare bones of this Hot Juice CBD review I wanted to see how just a few quick puffs would effect me right out of the gate. Bear in mind, the 5000mg bottle of CBD Vape Juice actually feels like that’s what’s in it, the all-over euphoria users frequently describe was definitely there and I chose to pass the tank off to another reviewer to settle before trying any lower doses. While it wasn’t as vibrant or noticeable with the 250mg or 1000mg bottles, I still experienced a change in the way I felt that was unmistakable.

hot juice dosage options

This is the hallmark of the best cannabidiol ejuice, being able to understand that there is something in it changing the way you feel about the process without being physically or verbally able to put a specific description on what to expect.

Such is the nature of CBD products at this moment in time, just as I’m unable to accurately describe what the effects are, I cannot expressly state what any actual benefits may be. We’ll have to wait for sanctioned academic or scientific studies for that data, but while we’re waiting, at least we know each bottle of Hot Juice CBD has the true amount of what’s printed on the label inside and in the end, accuracy and due diligence to offer a product made responsibly that seeks to earn the trust of its users is admirable.

Hot Juice CBD: Worth It?

Hot Juice Facts

While it may seem like a steep price to pay for something you aren’t completely clear on the results of, understand that honesty of labeling and actual doses accurately measure by volume are going to cost you more than a product that simply contains only trace amounts of cannabidiol without really mixing in as much as they claim in the fine print. For me, it’s all about finding the best CBD vape juice brands that offer authentic products which inspire and earn my respect.

Creating a professional relationship with a brand and its products, where you would be proud to wear a piece of clothing with their logo on it or recommend it to a stranger means its worth more than you’re actually paying and though I’m not exactly clear on the fringe benefits of CBD, I know I’m getting what I pay for with Hot Juice.

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  1. This is a pretty awesome review! I’m thinking I might get myself a bottle of Hot Juice, but can I just say WOW. 5000 mg is insane! I would LOVE to try that stuff out. You’d be so relaxed, I could be on fire and still be chillen. Keep up the good works guys, looking forward to more.

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