Guide: 4 Easy Steps for Priming Your New Atomizer

Even if you buy the best quality juice, have a brand new battery and the newest vaporizer on the market, if your atomizer is not properly primed, it’s inevitable that your vaping experience will be unpleasant and severely compromised.

Many people who are new to vaping make the mistake early on of not properly priming their atomizer. This results in a burnt, unpleasant taste and a weak throat hit as the coil does not produce enough vapor. Often, these same people try to return their atomizers because they think they don’t work. They end up spending a lot of unnecessary money replacing their atomizers because they think that the ones they have purchased are defective.

The reality is that priming your atomizer is a very simple process that requires only a little time. By learning how to execute this process in the correct way, you will be able to fully enjoy the taste of your e cig juice and take in much more vapor.

Step 1: Clean Your Tank

Once you purchase a new atomizer, the very first thing you must do is take apart your tank and thoroughly clean it. This is because old juice leaves behind a sticky gunk thanks to all the sugar with which juices are made. This gunk can compromise the functionality of your vaporizer over time and result in an unpleasant taste.

To clean the components of your tank, you can either run them under water or you can soak the pieces in a cup of vodka for a half hour. Allow the pieces to air dry on a paper towel. It is important not to use isopropyl alcohol or household cleaning solutions to clean your tank because these can be toxic when inhaled.

Step 2: Saturate Your Atomizer


The next step involves saturating the cotton of your atomizer with juice. Set your new atomizer on a paper towel standing right side up. The paper towel will prevent any accidental spills of juice from making a mess.

It’s important to drop just enough juice on the exposed cotton so that it is fully saturated with liquid but not over-saturated. If the juice begins to leak out of the sides and it gets all over your hands, you have oversaturated your coil. Allow the atomizer to sit for ten minutes to allow the juice to slowly make its way through the cotton.

Step 3: Take Some Dry Hits

You may then put your tank back together and refill it fully with juice. Screw the tank back onto the battery. With the device turned off, take about seven to eight deep dry hits to distribute the juice evenly throughout the atomizer.

Step 4: Begin Vaping At A Lower Wattage

Now, you can turn the battery on. It’s important that you turn the battery wattage down to about a third of what you normally vape at so as not to burn out your new atomizer. Begin vaping at this reduced wattage, again taking seven to eight hits that are less deep than usual. You may gradually increase the wattage while taking a few hits at a time. This allows the wire in your atomizer to gradually adjust as it responds to sudden changes in heat.

Once you have reached the wattage at which you normally vape, you have completed the priming process. What you should experience now is an adequate amount of vapor and a pleasant and fully-flavored taste. Your device should absolutely not be leaking liquid. If it is, there is a good chance that you have oversaturated your atomizer. If you are experiencing a burnt or metallic taste, chances are that you did not saturate your atomizer enough and should start the process all over again.

While at first it may appear like this process is a bit lengthy and complicated, it is actually incredibly quick and simple when executed. An atomizer that has been properly primed is the difference between a pleasant and satisfactory vaping experience and one that is tainted by an unpleasant taste and low amounts of vapor. By properly priming your atomizer, you will also save money in the long run as they will last for much longer.

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