Review: Bliss Lemon & Sage Set (The Perfect At-Home Spa Gift?)

Over the past year, Bliss Cosmetics has rebranded, reformulated, and repackaged its products, which are all in the body, hair (including removal), and skincare category. The Bliss Lemon & Sage “Sink-Side Six Pack” features 6 products in smaller sizes to compose a set in the popular lemon and sage fragrance, and the product makes a lovely gifting option as well as a great way to test out the line at an affordable price, to get a sense of the different products, particularly if you’ve never tried them before.

We’ve noted in previous reviews the remarkable lack of change in quality as compared with the original formulations. Although all products are generally sold at $25 or less now, the brand still employs high quality ingredients that are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and topical conditions. As an additional benefit all products are still free of any parabens, sulfates, irritating chemical additives, and mineral oil.

While the blend in the products contained in the set is called lemon and sage, the products all really have a light citrus scent (which is not artificial or perfume-like), and I really would compare it to a fresh lemon. I don’t traditionally prefer citrus fragrances (excluding Clean’s Eau De Parfum), but this one is quite light and smells natural, and certainly can’t be compared to any cleaning products. There’s a certain sweet undertone that adds some softness to all of the products, and would be equally suitable for morning or evening showers or baths, as it somehow feels both stimulating and relaxing.

This review will cover some of the main pros and cons to the set as an item, as well as a breakdown of included products with some background, and benefits to use. Included in the set is one facial care product, two hair care items, and several body care items.

Bliss Six Pack Set Lemon and Sage Products Shot
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Review: Bliss Lemon & Sage Set (The Perfect At-Home Spa Gift?) 1


Review Bliss Lemon & Sage Review

The set contains one ounce each of Lemon & Sage soap, Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, Super-Shine Shampoo, Conditioning Rinse, Soap Slab, and Lemon and Sage Body Butter. I have previously tried the face wash with great results, and was happy to test out the newly formulated version which still proved to be a deep cleanse with hydration benefits, and was quite refreshing. The body products are lovely as well, all have a light citrus fragrance that’s both sweet and fresh. We will provide brief reviews on each of the products included in the set for some additional background.

While we also reviewed an exfoliating version of Bliss’s Fabulous Face Wash, this is a different product, so a review for it will be included as well. The included products, in no particular order:

Lemon and Sage Soapy Suds Body Wash

This body gel cleanser smells lovely and light, with a fresh citrus fragrance and a sweet undertone, without any chemical or perfume type odor. It’s lightweight and gentle, and didn’t irritate or break out my skin. I will say the product is quite small and did not last very long at all (longer than I initially anticipated and certainly longer than the hair care products), but it can be used in conjunction with the bar soap, which with conservative use should offer more longevity.

I would definitely consider purchasing the full sized item. My favorite feature is the versatility- we typically associate citrus with morning showers, but this scent is somehow equally relaxing and stimulating. It’s great for an evening bath or morning shower, and doesn’t smell like cleaning products at all.

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Bliss Six Pack Set Lemon and Sage Body Wash

Lemon and Sage Body Butter

This was definitely my second favorite product, and lasted much longer than anticipated. I was complimented several times on the scent. The lotion smells lovely, with a sweet undertone (and is mostly fresh citrus). It’s not at all overbearing, and has no chemical odors or harsh perfumes. It’s quite light and natural in scent. It did not irritate or breakout my skin at all, and feels quite lightweight in texture, without any greasy or sticky quality. Did not leave behind any residue or get on sheets with use before bed at night.

This definitely feels best when applied right after the shower, and I would certainly purchase a full sized version of this, which comes at a great price ($10).

Bliss Six Pack Set Lemon and Sage Body Lotion
Image Credit: Bliss

Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

The face wash was my favorite product included in the set and was easy to use, and did not cause any irritation, redness, or breakouts (even with sensitive, acne-prone skin). It has a light fresh scent and foams up quite a bit. My favorite feature is the improved hydration benefits, even with a deep clean. All mascara and eye makeup is removed but the face feels refreshed and soft, devoid of any tightness, dry patches, or uncomfortable sensations during use. It also didn’t burn my eyes when used around the eye area. It’s quite gentle but benefits to use still include improvements in brightening, texture, and restored radiance. I would highly recommend this product, and it’s definitely affordable as well.

You may read the full review for it’s sister product, the Fabulous Face Wash and Exfoliator 2-in-1 here.

Bliss Six Pack Set Fabulous Foaming Face Wash
Image Credit: Bliss

Super-Shine Shampoo

This product lasted two uses with my very long hair, so a review based on continual daily use seems impossible, and would be unfair. After the washes, I did notice subtle improvements in shine, and I would definitely consider trying the product again, as it also smelled lovely. The rinse I paired it with in the set was drying, so I’d like to test this product out with a hydrating mask or thicker conditioner for possible improvements in overall results.

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Conditioning Rinse

I’m not sure I can offer a very fair review, as the product lasted two uses with my very long hair, just like the shampoo. My hair tends to be very dry and this formulation did not replenish hydration at all, but the use of the word “rinse” definitely had me anticipating a product that was too lightweight. Those with oiler hair types still seeking some moisture and shine may enjoy this product, and it does have a lovely scent.

Bliss Six Pack Set Lemon and Sage Hair Products
Image Credit: Bliss

Soap Slab

While I don’t typically use bar soaps as they can be drying to the skin, this soap smelled lovely and was not at all drying to the skin. I found it was great for a deep cleanse in the shower and paired well with the shower gel. When using both my skin didn’t feel dry, and it certainly didn’t cause irritation or reaction with use. The best feature was product longevity, as the soap lasted for quite some time and was a decent size, without losing in it’s smell or quality over time.

Bliss Six Pack Set Lemon and Sage Products 1
Image Credit: Bliss

Review Bliss Lemon & Sage Set Positives and Negatives

The only negatives I found was in terms of sizing, as I could not get much longevity out of the hair products. For those with long hair, this is a great way to test out the shampoo and conditioning rinse, but it’s important to bear in mind it will only be suitable for a few (or in my case 2) washes. It’s still a great way to test them out and they leave the hair smelling great. The face wash was probably my favorite product, but the body butter was also excellent. Here’s a look at some of the key positives and negatives about the set, via personal experience and other reviewers consensus.


  • Makes an excellent gifting option that is suitable for both men and women and inexpensive (read about how to gift for less here)
  • All products are formulated free of any parabens or sulfates
  • Cruelty-free company: Bliss does not test on animals to formulate its products or use any animal products in its manufacturing process, including beeswax (vegan company)
  • Newly formulated and packaged products come at a lower cost but still offer great benefits with use, and quality has not been lost with formulation changes
  • Travel-friendly: all products can be carried on flights, or easily tossed in your gym bag or purse
  • The body products foam up quite a bit, so the shower gel lasted much longer than I had anticipated with conservative use, and it can be used in conjunction with the bar soap
  • None of the products felt drying, or irritated my skin, the face wash did not cause any breakouts (for an acne-prone skin type)
  • The face wash provides a deep clean that rids the face of all makeup, including eye makeup and mascara, but still leaves skin hydrated without any pulling or tightness
  • The scent is lovely and smells quite natural, free of any harsh perfume odors or chemical scents
  • Product variety: many products included to test out, which is perfect for both fans of the brand as well as those who haven’t tried it out yet
  • The newly discounted brand is now available to a broader consumer-base, including a younger audience, without losing in product quality or introducing any cheap filler ingredients
  • The bar soap lasts quite some time, and smells great, does not dry out the skin
  • The body butter also has some longevity to use, if used conservatively, and provided both a lovely scent and restored hydration
  • Benefits to use for the face wash include improvements in skin texture, refreshed and radiant skin, decreases in breakouts, and adequate hydration
  • After using the cleanser, skin felt clean, refreshed, and restored, without any tightness, but also removed all makeup while providing a deep clean
  • Environmentally conscious company: 50% of products are manufactured using solar power
  • Many with acne-prone skin and breakouts will enjoy decreases in outbreaks as well as the bacteria that causes blemishes, with use of the face wash and body cleansing products
  • Brand offers transparent practices, is eco-friendly, and offers an affordable price point in comparison to quality of formulation


  • I have quite long hair, so the 1oz sizes of the shampoo and conditioner yielded about 2 washes, but I definitely anticipated this

Money-Back Guarantee

Bliss has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction or allergy, this policy favors the customer, both new and preexisting, including if the item was given as a gift. If you are dissatisfied with the use of the products, or if they do not work for your skin to provide suitable benefits, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the formulations, you may elect to return the entire set. In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the item.

Bliss Six Pack Set Lemon and Sage Products Face Wash Model
Image Credit: Bliss

Review: Bliss Lemon & Sage Set (The Perfect At-Home Spa Gift?) 1

Review Bliss Lemon & Sage Set: Worth It?

Bliss’s set makes a lovely gift option, to a recipient or the self, and is a great way to test out a variety of products at once, without breaking the bank. The transparent company offers environmentally-friendly products that are all paraben and sulfate free and never tested on any animals. The newly formulated products come at about 50% less per product than original formulations, but quality hasn’t been distorted or lost. It’s great that the products are now available to a wider consumer base with varying budgeting concerns, and the products still offer high quality formulations and benefits to use. It’s fairly difficult to find products that perform this well in the same price range, where visible differences to the skin are noticed, and ingredients are still quite natural and devoid of any cheap fillers or additives. This set is great for travel, gifting options, and even as a previous customer, I was quite pleased to try out new products.

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The body butter and the face wash definitely make the replenish list, it’s a guilt-free indulgence that still feels like a luxury cosmetics item.



Bliss Six Pack



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