Review: Bliss Fabulous Face Wash 2-In-1: (The Best Multi-Use Wash?)

Even with an affinity for multi-use products, I’m always a bit cautious about products that either seem too good to be true, or would seem to not work synergistically from a practical standpoint.

So in researching Bliss’s Fabulous Face Wash 2-in-1 Cleanser & Exfoliator with Bamboo Buffers, a multi-use cleanser and exfoliating treatment suitable for daily use, I was initially skeptical, especially with my very dry skin type.

It can often be challenging to find cleansers that are non-drying with twice daily use, so the idea of adding an exfoliating product into the mix was somewhat confusing. Bliss is certainly a brand I have always loved and trusted, with great ingredients and transparent practices, and the return policy was solid, so I decided to go ahead and see if there were benefits to use and test for practicality.

I have a particular affinity for their lemon and sage body butters, have survived the poetic waxing kit with great results, and find they have a really great collection of washes that always prove hydrating to the skin. I found face wash to be very gentle, and it seems quite suitable and safe for use with all skin types, including sensitive skin.

It’s important to note that Bliss has experienced some structural shifts in the past year, and all of their products have been repackaged and designed differently (in March of 2018), and are now sold at significantly lower price points. You can find the creams and washes in the $10 range, with skincare products averaging slightly higher, but you can find this wash in the 6oz size for $12.

You can also still purchase the older packaging products (including the former version and original formulation for the wash), but they are phasing out fairly quickly, and still remain at the standard price point of about $20-$40 per item, dependent on SKU. I’ve tried both the older packaging original formulation and the newer formulation sold at a lower cost, and in my experience the difference provided no change with respect to benefits to use.

There didn’t seem to be any quality lost, and the product is still formulated free of any parabens or sulfates, and does not irritate the skin.

Review: Bliss Fabulous Face Wash 2-In-1: (The Best Multi-Use Wash?) 1

The company is also cruelty-free, and it’s nice that the products still work and have great ingredients in their formulations, and are now available to a wider consumer-base, with prices that are affordable to more prospective buyers.

This review covers some benefits to use, as well as positives and negatives with regard to different product features, and is a review of the most recent formulation sold at a lower cost than the original.

Bliss Fabulous Face Wash 2-In-1 Texture
Image Credit: Bliss

Review: Bliss Fabulous Face Wash

Bliss formulates a gentle exfoliating wash in a multi-use product that is not only effective, it actually feels quite hydrating. I will admit I had quite a bit of skepticism considering both washes and exfoliating treatments can be quite drying to the skin, but this not only provided a deep cleanse and gentle daily exfoliation, it left my skin feeling both refreshed and soft.

Those with very dry skin may opt to use this product 2-3 times per week, and select a different cleanser for the remaining days. The product contains Bamboo Buffers that provide gentle exfoliation and improve radiance, as well as soft exfoliating micro-beads to provide aesthetic improvements to the skin, like smoothness and evenness in texture.

I found many benefits to use including improvements in overall skin texture, softness, evenness, and even a decrease in breakouts. It has a lightweight texture that is gentle and soothing to the skin, but also provides exfoliation benefits, and a deep cleanse that can remove makeup (including eye makeup and mascara).

The wash also has a lovely scent that’s light and doesn’t smell of artificial fragrance, or harsh perfume. It also brightens the skin quite well, and is perfect prior to using makeup, I even feel the need to use less foundation (due to both improvements in texture as well as ease of application on more even skin).

While some reviewers seem to disagree, I personally didn’t feel it was drying for a dry skin type. I would say that those with combination or normal skin types may enjoy this as for daily use more than those with very dry skin, however those with very dry skin can still certainly benefit from using this 2-3 times per week.

Without the addition of a drying cleanser, and due to the gentle composition and formulation, those with dry skin may prefer this as an exfoliating option compared to other products on the market that can be very drying and strip the skin.

Bonus tip? If you’re looking for other products to pair with this, I used mine with Thayers Witch Hazel Rose Petal Toner, Valjean Labs Facial Serum, and Tatcha’s The Water Cream for a regimen that left my skin glowing!

Bliss Fabulous Face Wash 2-In-1
Image Credit; Bliss

Bliss Fabulous Face Wash: Pros & Cons

Here are some key pros and cons to bear in mind prior to purchase:


  • Product is free of any parabens, sulfates, and harsh irritants/additives
  • Cruelty-free company: products are never tested on any animals and not made or manufactured using any animal product
  • Product is affordable but still superior in terms of both quality and price point, it’s often difficult to find products in this price range that still act as luxury beauty products, and don’t irritate the skin, all products are now less than $25
  • Feels like an at-home-spa type product (as Bliss is a spa as well, where the products originated)
  • Multi-use benefits, product provides a deep cleanse as well as an exfoliating treatment
  • Removes all makeup, including eye makeup and mascara
  • Product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and is not irritating to the skin
  • Benefits to use included improvements in skin texture, refreshed and radiant skin, decreases in breakouts, and adequate hydration
  • Lovely scent that does not smell of harsh perfumes or chemical product
  • Skin felt clean, refreshed, and restored, without any tightness
  • Environmentally conscious company: 50% of products are manufactured using solar power
  • Product longevity: even with continual daily use, not much product is needed to foam up and cleanse the entire face, so it lasts quite a few months
  • Can be used traditionally or with any facial cleansing brush (like the Clarisonic we previously reviewed)
  • Beads are quite small, making for a gentle formulation and environmentally-friendly biodegradable composition
  • Many with acne-prone skin and breakouts will enjoy decreases in outbreaks as well as the bacteria that causes blemishes
  • Contains Bamboo Buffers which provide gentle exfoliation and improve radiance, as well as soft exfoliating micro-beads to improve smoothness and evenness in texture


  • While I did not find this to be the case, many reviewers noted they felt their skin was dry after using it as a daily cleansing option, those with quite dry skin may benefit from using the product as a 2-3 times a week treatment exfoliator and using moisturizer after (it’s quite gentle and washes the face as the same time, so it may be more beneficial to dry skin that a traditional wash combined with a standard-grade exfoliating treatment)
  • The gel does not foam as much as I’d like it to, for those who prefer a lot of foam and suds, however the texture still feels great on the skin
Bliss Fabulous Face Wash 2-In-1 Photo
Image Credit: Bliss

Bliss Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer, Bliss, has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with the use of the product, or if it does not work for your skin to provide suitable benefits, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the formulation, you may elect to return the item.

In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the item. You may also wish to exchange the product for an equal and full refund.

Bliss Fabulous Face Wash 2-In-1 photo 3
Image Credit: Bliss

Review: Bliss Fabulous Face Wash 2-In-1: (The Best Multi-Use Wash?) 1

Bliss Fabulous Face Wash: Worth It?

I really enjoyed using this product, and found for a multi-use product that’s suitable for sensitive skin and comes at a newly discounted price point, it held great value.


It also seemed to last quite some time, and its longevity proved continual value compared to price. The company is also strongly cruelty-free, products are free of any parabens and sulfates, and they have environmentally-friendly practices. A wider consumer base can now appreciate the range of body and skin products, with prices that are a bit more modest than the original formulations.

Typically when a company redesigns and formulates their product, you notice subtle or even drastic changes in terms of product benefits or quality, but no quality has been lost here and it still feels like a luxury beauty product. It is certainly superior to a lot of other products on the market of equal or even higher price points, delivering great benefits to use.

The only caveat with regard to the wash in particular was some reviewers felt it was drying, particularly for those with extremely dry skin. Those that fall in this category may opt to use this as a gentle exfoliating treatment a few times per week rather than a daily cleansing option.

In addition to the savings on the newly discounted product, you may also find you save money and time by not having to purchase a separate treatment product just for exfoliation. Those with very sensitive or acne-prone skin will also notice benefits to use, and the wash is not irritating to the skin, rather I found it minimizing acne at a decent purchase price.

I would definitely recommend the product if you’re looking for a cleanser and exfoliator that’s gentle on the skin and offers improvements in both radiance and restored texture.


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Bliss Face Wash

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