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Review: Overcooked Gourmet Edition (XBOX)

With so many games out there, it is no wonder that many people are flocking to some of the newer ones on the market. Overcooked is one of those games where you’re unsure if you want to purchase it or not. You want to know that you’re making the right decision and with this game, well, we can give you some pointers, so you know what you’re going to be getting yourself into when you unwrap it and pop it into your gaming console. Try as you might, this might be your new best friend.

How strong is your relationship?

Do you have a friend that promises to be there for you forever and ever but you just can’t figure out how to test it without waiting that long? Well, here it is Overcooked Gourmet Edition! This is one of those games trying to bring back split screen interaction. The best part is, it’s better to have the person you are playing with, in the same room as you!

Most split screen games have you competing and it’s unfair if you can see the other person. Well, Overcooked proves this theory wrong. This game causes panic, chaos, time management and soon after playing apologies.

Point of the game

The point of the game is to manage your time correctly and give assignments to the two characters you play on solo or work with just your character individually in multiplayer. Beware, however, this may look like a kids game it is far from it.

This game has a story plot about the world being attacked and you have to feed a monster well enough before he destroys things. In the beginning, you are unable to complete this task no matter how hard you try. It is at this moment an talking onion bulb takes you back in time to practice your cooking abilities to improve them for the future when the monster attacks.

Though it is a cartoon style game with very interesting characters. There is nothing that would disqualify this game for being for everyone.

Learning abilities

Overcooked makes the players think about what they are making as the game slowly leads you to learn harder and harder recipes. Along with the difficulty of making better more complex meals the world and environment will change drastically as well. 

The objective is to fill the order in the top of the screen in a timely fashion. However if unable to do so you will be penalized. You need to keep up with the orders by making the orders, delivering them to the window for a server to grab, then clean the plates when they come back because you are given a set amount. Then finally wash, rinse, and repeat.

This game gives you the typical feel of how a restaurant works without the ability for guest to return their incorrectly made or cooked meals.

The exciting levels

The levels of the game are all somewhat different but yet the same. There are ice levels where you will slip and slide off a glacier. Where other levels there will be no lights except for lighting to guide your path. The levels continue to change to fire, ice, darkness or just a timing setup.

The timing setups are things like vehicles that will come together so you can cook some meat on one, meanwhile, the other one has all the ingredients. The trick here is to work together or by yourself to maintain a constant flow of goods going back and forth between the two vehicles.

There are several stages like this that also add in the other effects of the world. For example, it may be a slippery ice level where you need to jump across several ice blocks to deep fry some fish.   

As the levels increase the difficulty shoots far past it. The game first starts with a typical cook a soup or burger in this kitchen. No problem. It soon turns into a, cook this full course meal with everything scattered along this path of lava in a timely manner.

When you succeed the game makes you feel awesome, but when you fail it is the type of game that will make you rage quit.

On the success of the level, you will be awarded stars. You will receive up to three stars for an outstanding job and only one if you barely got by. The more stars the more places you can go and grow closer to the end game.

Is it worth it?

This game comes down to being enjoyed by a select few or maybe a party game that is thoroughly enjoyed when everyone is yelling. I can admit from my own time spent on this game, it is frustrating. Not the kind of frustration that makes you sort of mad and you walk away.

No, instead this game can cause fights, yelling arguments and more. The gameplay is very precise. The music is good except there are only about two songs that play on repeat. The storyline is very strange but unique in its own right.

This game really tries to get more people into the split screen game also by making it so two people can play on one controller. I have not tried this, but the concept is very interesting to me.

The game is enjoyable but make sure to only play this game with someone who has promised to be your friend forever and ever.

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The Joys of Overcooked

Ease of Playing

Do you think you have what it takes to play this challenging, fun and fast-paced game? Why not try it for yourself and see what you think of the excitement that it brings to the table?

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