Review: Milk Makeup Blur Stick (Erase Pores & Lines While Priming?)

Like many online readers, potential customers, and vloggers, I was really interested in Milk Makeup’s Blur Stick after reading countless reviews about its ability to not only prime the skin before makeup application, but hide the appearance of pores and fine lines (without the use of any silicones).

After trying other Milk products in the past with great results, and appreciating that this sounded like another miracle in a bottle similar to the popular Sunshine Oil and Cooling Water, I decided to take the plunge- for both selfish reasons and to share the experience with other readers.

So does Blur Stick live up to its current hype and trend as a flawless finish creamy primer that creates a perfectly smooth starting canvas while erasing flaws?

Or is it simply good marketing in a stick bottle?

We started out on good footing with the excellent formulation, and we all want that smooth flawless finish. So this Milk Makeup Blur Stick review will cover if the product really lives up to its claims.

Review: Milk Makeup Blur Stick (Erase Pores & Lines While Priming?) 1

Review: Milk Makeup Blur Stick

Milk Makeup’s Blur Stick is a 1oz matte-finish primer stick in a universally flattering shade that primes the skin and erases imperfections (fine lines, blemishes, pore size) in one swipe.

When you swipe it on to your face, it glides on gently and feels comfortable without any greasiness or stickiness, and looks sheer on application.

It definitely delivers its promise in blurring the skin and is a great stick primer. After using it, I felt like I didn’t notice any visible pores on my face or nose, and my overall complexion was, in fact, “blurred.”

Skin tone and texture was definitely more even and smooth, and it felt weightless and natural, without clogging the skin or pores at all.

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Milk Makeup Blur Stick Prods
Image Credit: Milk Makeup

Blur Stuck has got a very got a matte-finish, and while I used this with a more normal-dry skin type without any issues, this is probably even more suitable for those with combination and oily complexions, as it would seem to really help absorb any excess areas of oil prior to makeup application and help prevent excess shine and smudge throughout the day.

Additionally, due to the sheer finish it is suitable for all skin colors and complexions (the physical stick product looks colored in the tube but appears translucent on the skin).

In comparison to other pore minimizing primers I’ve tried on the market, this one definitely takes the top spot. While I would consider purchasing this again as a primer, this ideally makes the perfect product for those looking for priming benefits, concealing imperfections, in addition to oil control.

In other words, while Blur Stick is a great product for all skin type, I think those with combination-oily complexions will truly go wild for this product above us all!

Milk Makeup Blur Stick
Image Credit: Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup Blur Stick Pros and Cons

Overall, I felt Milk’s Blur Stick was worth it even for its price and eliminated the need for more foundation and makeup products by using it.

Here are some main pros and cons to bear in mind prior to purchase:

Milk Makeup Blur Stick Model
Image Credit: Milk Makeup


  • Vegan and cruelty-free company: company does not test any products on any animals, use any animal products in their formulations, or use any animal product during manufacturing processes
  • Milk Makeup has very eco-friendly practices and encourages sustainability efforts
  • The blur stick product (and all Milk products) is free of parabens, sulfates, harsh chemical additives, talc, silicones, oil, soy, and gluten
  • Safe for those with all skin types, even sensitive and acne-prone (excluding those with specific individual allergies)
  • The primer has a matte-finish which is suitable for all skin types, especially normal-oily complexions
  • The color itself is universally flattering and suitable for all skin colors and complexions
  • Leaves the skin looking and feeling smooth and flaw-free prior to makeup (reduced appearance of pores, lines, blemishes, etc.)
  • Helps give a more natural/”blurry” and flawless finish after makeup application
  • Was not irritating and did not create any breakouts, redness, or reactivity even with sensitive and acne-prone skin (for more on treating acne-prone skin, be sure to check out our review on Neutrogena’s Oil Free Acne Wash)
  • I noticed a major reduction in the appearance of pore size (and could hardly notice their appearance at all) after applying Blur Stick
  • Made skin look smoother and softer, with the need for less foundation following use
  • Foundation and powder did not cling to any lines or dry patches
  • Felt comfortable and breathable, without being sticky, heavy or greasy
  • Hid the appearance of pores without clogging them or creating any blackheads/blemishes
  • Extremely lightweight in texture, and fills in lines with powder based blurring microspheres
  • Gets rid of oily spots and oil build up in the forehead and t-zone areas while still providing a dewy and luminous finish
  • Provides the perfect canvas and priming base to work with for makeup application while eliminating flaws and wrinkles in one go (multi-use benefits)
  • Available in a mini-sized version for those who want to test out the product first (although the full size version is a better value for the size)
  • Helps makeup last longer throughout the day with less smudge, spillage and slip, and creates a more radiant and even finish


  • Some customers felt it was difficult to blend smoothly on to the face, or felt “chalky” on the skin
  • Price point: as with most Milk Makeup products, the Blur Stick (while it provides plenty of longevity), is certainly still a splurge at $40 for 1oz- with this said it does last for quite some time, and does decrease the need for other makeup products quite a bit, adding value, so it is a nice treat
Blur Stick Products
Image Credit: Milk Makeup

Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer, Milk Makeup, has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction or allergy, and this policy favors the consumer, both new and returning.

If you are dissatisfied with the use of the Blur Stick, or if it does not work for your skin to provide suitable hydrating skincare and cosmetic benefits, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the formulation, you may elect to return it at any time.

In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the item.

Blur Stick Color Samples
Image Credit: Milk Makeup

How Do I Use Milk Makeup Blur Stick?

To use alone without foundation: apply allover the face for a more radiant, glowing, and dewy finish

To use as a primer before your makeup application: swipe onto the face using the stick applicator and blend on to the face using the hands or a beauty blender (coverage is buildable, so use as much or as little as desired, starting with a minimal amount)

*you may also wish to warm up the product in your hands first for an even smoother, more even application*

Milk Makeup Blur Stick Product Shot
Image Credit: Milk Makeup

Review: Milk Makeup Blur Stick (Erase Pores & Lines While Priming?) 1

Milk Makeup Blur Stick: Is It Worth It?

When you’re on the hunt for a perfect primer to conceal pores, blemishes, and other uneven spots, and create a perfect starting base before doing your makeup, Milk’s Blur Stick is definitely worth the hype.

It basically eliminates the appearance of pores totally without clogging them, conceals uneven marks and skin tone, helps balance texture, and creates the perfect base canvas to begin a makeup application.

I noticed when using it that makeup lasted longer throughout the day, stayed in place for longer with less smudges and spilling, and generally appeared more radiant and even after using Blur Stick.


For those who are prone to more oily or combination skin, Blur Stick also helps with shine control and preventing oily patches which can lead to smudging or the need for more powder during the day.

It’s also lightweight, gentle, and formulated with natural and nourishing ingredients that won’t clog your pores or break you out.

While it is a splurge, this product is definitely not just marketing hype, and helps create an improved finish as well as a more flawless starting canvas to “paint on.”

It’s a natural, pretty blur that’s highly recommended!


Milk Makeup Blur Stick

Erases Pores
Erases Imperfections

Highly recommended!

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