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The world is moving towards enhanced digitalization right before our eyes. While there was a time when people couldn’t imagine reading books on a screen, now more and more people are moving towards e-books. For those of you who are a fan of e-books and are over the concept of having physical copies of books, e-readers are something you need in your life.

Among the various e-reader devices available in the market, it is the Kindle Paperwhite which succeeds in being lauded by the masses. Let us analyze its various features to see if it truly lives up to its claim.

What is a Kindle Paperwhite?

kindle in car

Kindle Paperwhite is an Amazon product. It is an e-book reader which has been in the market for quite a long time. The latest product features improvements that make it better than the Kindle e-readers developed before it. Compared to the previous versions, this device is able to deliver better features.

Here are some of the major product features offered by Kindle Paperwhite:

Quality Screen

The first thing you would look at in an e-reader is the quality of the screen. After all, if the screen of the e-reader is not up to par, it doesn’t matter how many other great features it has. The Kindle Paperwhite succeeds in delivering a bigger and better screen.

The product features a 300ppi screen, which is a huge upgrade from the previous model’s 212ppi screen. If you think that this wouldn’t make much of a difference, we are here to tell you that you would be mistaken. It allows the product to deliver sharp text, which puts less strain on the eyes. This makes long reading sessions possible. Even if you don’t mind the small fonts, the large screen also means that you can fit more words into a page, which is bound to be a source of convenience for users.

While we can’t really substantiate Amazon’s claim of it being print quality, you can rest assured that the product comes as close to it as a device can. It delivers comfort like no other.

Extended Battery Life

Comparing Kindle Life
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If you are an avid reader and you hear the term e-reader, the first flaw you see in the device is its limited use. Think about it. Unless you have a socket nearby at all times, how can you ensure that the device does not die on you when you are busy reading the most crucial parts of a book?

The fact that the battery of this e-reader lasts for weeks makes this flaw bearable. You are only required to charge the device once every 8 weeks. This is an inconvenience most of us can live with. The extended battery life has allowed Kindle Paperwhite to be different from other e-readers out there.

Adjustable Light

Books are something you need at different times of the day. Some of you might love to read in the dark, while others might prefer sitting in a garden and perusing your favorite chapters. With such varying time of use, an e-reader which does not adjust to the different lighting conditions is doomed to failure.

Kindle Paperwhite has succeeded in delivering a built-in adjustable light feature. This feature allows it to avoid the pitfall of limited usage. Depending on what level of light your eyes are used to, you can control the brightness. Even if you don’t, the device is capable of doing that itself. This makes the e-reader usable in broad daylight as well as in the darkness of the night.

Functional and Stylish Design

Kindle breakdown
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The design of the Kindle Paperwhite is exemplary. It is available in two colors, namely black and white. While some might say that is a quite limited range, we think that the two colors succeed in oozing sophistication. Also, you want your e-reader to look stylish and not flashy, which is exactly what the Kindle Paperwhite delivers.

The plastic used in its construction is made of matte plastic. This ensures that users are provided with an enhanced yet comfortable grip. Avid readers will find this aspect of the design to be an appreciable feature. This is because it makes sure that your hands are not fatigued after extended usage. This benefit is further guaranteed by the slimness of the device. The bulky bezel around the display offers your finger a place to rest while your palm comfortably grips the thin design. The product weighs only about 205 grams which further guarantees that you don’t weigh your arm down.

The touchscreen of the display is highly sensitive and responsive. This renders the need for buttons unnecessary. This touchscreen control gives the device a contemporary look. However, in terms of functionality, some of you might find yourself wishing for page-turning buttons.

Kindle Paperwhite: Pros & Cons


  • The low glare of the screen makes sure that your eyes are not strained by excessive usage.
  • The fact that it is lighter than a lot of paperback books mean that your arms are highly unlikely to experience fatigue.
  • Compared to other e-readers, you are rarely interrupted when reading on Kindle Paperwhite.
  • It allows you to read in scorching sunlight, which is a benefit seldom delivered by other similar products.


  • In this e-reader, you can’t zoom into drawings and tables a lot. For those of you who like magnifying into images, you will find yourself unable to do so.
  • Even though the touchscreen is responsive most of the time, there are moments when it does not respond to touch.
  • It does not have any audio functions and hence cannot be used to listen to audiobooks.

Kindle Paperwhite: The Final Verdict

There might be a few flaws in the Kindle Paperwhite. However, the fact remains that it manages to be one of the best alternatives for paperbacks and hardbacks. Generally, e-readers are hard to read, especially by those who read a lot. This is not the case with this device. With the help of its various value-added features, it succeeds in delivering more benefits than others.

We would advise you to get your hands on the Kindle Paperwhite. Unless you are very picky about your reading experience, you will not be disappointed.

The world is moving towards enhanced digitalization right before our eyes. While there was a time when people couldn’t imagine reading books on a screen, now more and more people are moving towards e-books. For those of you who are a fan of e-books and are over the concept of having physical copies of books, e-readers are something you need in your life.


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Kindle Paperwhite

Screen Quality
Battery Life
Functionality (Lacks audio)

Noteworthy upgrade from the previous Kindle Paperwhite.

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