Play Left 4 Dead 2 Review (XBOX)

If you have ever wanted a game that would scare you or cause you to have to panic, this is…

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Review: Stardew Valley (One Game You HAVE to Play Now!)

Anyone who texts Benny San of the Harvest Moon series must try this game. Stardew Valley is a laid-back take…

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Review: Nintendo 3DS (Is it any better than the previous generation?)

A Nintendo 3DS is exactly what the name states, it is the newest version of Nintendo’s portable game console.  The…

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Review: Pie Face Showdown (Pie In The Face?)

Do you remember that wild and crazy game that hit it big all across the internet called Pie Face?  Multiple…

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Review: Cards Against Humanity (Is it as fun as people say it is?)

Just when you thought you were getting too old for card games, the gaming market has recently been stormed by…

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