Review: Wish App (“Buy” Goods For Free?)

Wish is an e-commerce website as well as an App (with free download via Google Play or iTunes, for any IoS or Android device) that offers everything from clothes, home furnishing products, and an array of tech gadgets, all at enormous discounts.

Some products are even listed as “free,” with users only needing to pay shipping fees. They’re known for “one-of-kind knock-offs,” like tech watches and cameras, a la Apple watch or GoPro, but for under $50 per item. They even sell $58 drones and medical-care products. And $7 dresses, made of actual fabric. Wish is also known for being quite hit or miss with respect to quality, but come very well-reviewed all in all.

The clothing is more popular for the site than tech gadgets, which can fail to function or require other parts to function. The clothing is actually quite decent, and while there is room for growth in terms of fabric quality, the value of the offering is definitely very good. It’s worthwhile to check it out, and has a low-cost of investment with return options for full-refund.

But can a site that offers everything from $30 wedding dresses to $1 kick knacks actually manufacture useable goods and product?

While most would scoff at the idea and leave the site, the apps popularity has created quite a buzz, even with social media influencers and various media employees trying and reviewing products. So I decided to order 5 things using the Wish app, 1 which actually scanned through as free (as listed), of all different categories, to review.

To be honest, without the prior nods of approval from others, I would have suspected a scam considering the price points and considered shopping using this app was ill-advised. But while there was a significant wait period, I was relieved that actual goods were delivered to me. Products that were certainly more valuable than price tag, and very fun to test out.

I will begin by reviewing the app in its entirety and then go to a more specific product breakdown.

Review: Wish App

Wish offers a platform for users to buy and receive goods for very low prices, and discounts on almost everything. It almost seems like there’s not an item not for sale with Wish. You can purchase home products, makeup, clothing, tech products, and anything you may want to try out and wouldn’t normally otherwise due to price constraints.

The offering is suitable for all demographics (men, women), and perhaps the best feature is the ease of access and ability to try a new product or style that you wouldn’t normally try due to price barriers.

There are also items available for free, which I haven’t seen on any other e-commerce site or app before. The free items are likely overstocked product that the company is looking to get rid of, but with only paying ship fees and literally no-risk, it’s well worth it to try it out!

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Wish App: Product Reviews

“Boho” Strapless Lace Dress ($16)

The photos suggested this was a very attractive lace dress, semi-backless and white, it seemed perfect for a go-to summer sundress option. While the fit was good, the material was a bit rough on the skin. It did not seem to be lacey and light as advertised.

However, it still fit and looked fairly good from an aesthetic perspective, so for the price tag I wasn’t extremely disappointed with the purchase, suffice to say the advertising and material quality should just be taken with a grain of salt when using the app.

With clothing, it seems that the best gems and finds are pieces that have been reviewed the most, for the longest time, and have the highest ranking are the most trustworthy purchases (as with most sites).

Wish App Sundress
Image Credit:, “Boho” Dress.

iPhone Case (free)

This item actually remained free during checkout (some items will go up in price when added to cart, even if they are advertised as being free). This phone case was feminine, sturdy enough to offer some protection for my phone, and aesthetically pleasing (with silver glitter on the outside, which did not come off or stick on anything).

For a free item, this is a great deal! In terms of quality, this was the type of item you can probably found sold at a street fair for $5-10, so if you’re purchasing other items and already paying a ship-fee, it’s certainly a great addition. It came with an additional screen protector, and the jelly-type texture likely does not offer the best protection, but I assumed as much with a free item. Please note, since the time of publication the price was raised to $1.

Wish iPhone Case
Image Credit: Wish, iPhone Case

Makeup Brush Set (“Mermaid Brushes,” $1)

This makeup brush set was surprisingly great! The brushes were soft, new, fresh and attractive. I was able to use them to put on all of my makeup, and while I don’t have a huge breadth of experience with brushes specifically, I do have experience with cosmetics products and quality. I would say this is comparable to a product you may find at Ricky’s, or a similarly priced option. Definitely great value and recommended. Considering the price point, I only made the purchase based on prior positive feedback.

Wish App Makeup Brushes
Image Credit: Wish, Makeup Brushes

Lipsense Matte Liquid Lipgloss ($7)

This lip product was discounted from an original price tag of $25, and it actually did seem more like a $25 item than $7. The color had last and great hold, and while shipping was quite the wait, it was worth it for the value. The quality was above what you would find at a local drugstore, and did not have any sticky quality. The matte finish liquid texture made for easy application and had no “tacky” quality. Highly recommended, but you will have to wait a bit for it to ship.

Wish App LipSense
Image Credit:, LipSense Product.

Smart Watch, Mobile Connectivity Ability ($13)

While initially it seemed this was marketed specifically for Android devices, the product claims to be compatible with any smart mobile device. It is definitely a knock-off of a typical Apple Watch, a great example of a product that I have minor intrigue about but doesn’t seem worth it for the price and poses risk for redundancy of features. Unfortunately this product requires purchasing a Sim Card (a micro card, not a traditional card). Camera function was the only thing I got to work, but all in all, this is a fairly dysfunctional item with no ease of use and lack of function (even for users who have purchased the micro-sim card).

Wish App Smart Watch
Image Credit: Wish, Smart Watch

Wish App: Positives and Negatives

Here is a glance at some of the main positive features to use, and some of the downsides, the latter of which are frequently complained about and mentioned by multiple users.


  • All products are user-reviewed, giving you the ability to see ratings prior to purchase
  • Cost- in terms of price and value, items are extremely inexpensive
  • Offers a solid alternative to purchasing tech products at very high cost
  • Clothes are quite well reviewed, and the majority of apparel items are attractive and feel great to wear (comfortable)
  • Very interesting product range, with some products making excellent gift options
  • Website and App both have incredible “gem” finds and deals, so if you sift through for quite a while you can find great deals
  • The company offers free products with only ship fees to get rid of overstocked items
  • Items can be returned for full purchase value or exchanged, especially if any product is received not functional or defective
  • Options to purchase products or good you normally wouldn’t due to price barriers
  • Discounted products that are valued higher and just on sale via the app


  • Hauls can be quite hit or miss
  • Potential product malfunction, especially with tech products
  • Shipping costs can be pricey
  • Shipping is quite slow, and takes several weeks on average depending on product
  • Makeup products can be made of harsh ingredients that may irritate the skin
  • It’s important to verify and read through reviews carefully, as often pages get crossed and reviews end up in the wrong section or category
Wish App Floor Rug
Image Credit: Wish, Floor Rug (not reviewed for this content)

Wish App: The Final Verdict

While Wish can often leave a little to be desired, and the tech products are (on average), not necessarily a great investment, I would definitely recommend giving the app a try to purchase clothes or some makeup items.

You can certainly find excellent deals and save quite a bit of money, and still receive compliments on your wardrobe choices, which is a universal pro! The app is definitely trustworthy and can be useful in finding great deals, or treating yourself to something without spending too much money.

Additionally, the low price tags make this a low-risk investment, so there’s not usually much harm in trying something out and simply returning if there are any issues or product malfunction problems.

To a certain degree, you are getting what you paid for, so users should not expect makeup products comparable to department store brands or apparel made of the finest fabrics. But in terms of overall value, the app scores a positive seal of approval. Simply put, I wish everything came at this price point!

Wish App

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