Review: Furby Connect? (Is it Right For You?)

Review: Furby Connect? (Is it Right For You?) 2

Do you remember those cute little furry creatures that every child wanted back in the 90’s?  Personally, they reminded me of that old movie Gremlins (before the midnight feeding of course.)

Well, they are back and they are connected.  Connected how? As with just about everything in today’s world, they have been connected to the World Wide Web.

Furby Connect Key Features Include:

  • Furby is now Bluetooth Enabled
  • He has been manufactured by Hasbro
  • He/She is available in Teal, Blue, Pink, as well as Purple
  • Needs 4 Double A Batteries

Do you remember being a parent of a child that had a Furby, or maybe you as a child had one and absolutely driving your parents insane with it because it just would not be silenced?  In fact, the only way the older version could be silenced was to actually remove the batteries.  So, that very annoying feature has been fixed, the new and improved Furby Connect comes with a sleep mask, so when the sleep mask is put on your Furby he/she will be put to sleep.  So, if you are a parent who is thinking about purchasing a Furby for your child, keep that sleep mask in a very safe place and do not miss place it.

Review: Furby Connect? (Is it Right For You?) 3

Playing while Unconnected

Along with that oh so heavenly sleep mode, the new Furby Connect comes with LED eyes, Bluetooth, a smart beak, as well as many sensors that are placed under the fur that covers his/her body.  Playing with this new Furby while it is unconnected will prove to be very entertaining to any child.

They can hug, tickle, rub, or even pull its tail (for childish but still amusing fart sounds), hold it upside down, as well as shake it and your Furby will respond in different manners.  The more your child plays and interacts with it the more you will see a personality evolve.  In fact, if your child treats their Furby well with many hugs and tickles the friendlier that Furby will become.  But, remember if it is treated badly by poking it or holding it upside down your Furby will become more mocking. Either way, it is treated it can be altered by changing the way you treat it and after a while, your Furby will respond.

Review: Furby Connect? (Is it Right For You?) 4

Playing while Connected

By downloading an app. Connecting your Furby via Bluetooth and naming him or her you will be all set to explore the world in which your Furby came from.  From going fishing, or taking in a movie, to feeding your Furby there are many things to choose from within this app.

Simply load up the cannon that is on the screen and shot off the food, watch as your Furby actually responds to the food that is being fired off on screen, he/she will let you know if they like it or not. You are even able to take your Furby to the bathroom, hold your Furby over the bathroom that is on the screen, with a little bit of help it will make a deposit inside the toilet.  (Ok, again childish fun, but it will bring a smile to any child’s face as well as many adults.)

There are many ways that this furry little guy can interact with the app. And it will, in fact, keep any child occupied for many hours as well as any adult if the case may be.  Children will be totally focused on this toy for hours on end, entertained with both the in-app action as well as the actual physical aspect of playing with Furby.

Review: Furby Connect? (Is it Right For You?) 5

A Toy that has Manners?

Ok, I know this really sounds crazy but yes this toy has manners.  When playing with the Furby while connected to a smartphone it will, in fact, place itself second when a call comes in or behind any other media type that just may be happening on your phone.


  • Keeps children entertained for hours
  • Can be put to sleep (Guard that mask with your life)
  • Updates app content on a regular basis


  • High price tag (but what technology doesn’t)
  • Bluetooth does disconnect at times

Review: Furby Connect? (Is it Right For You?) 6

My Thoughts on This Little Furby

While Furby does come with a high price tag, which in fact many toys now do, is worth putting up the cash for.  It will entertain you as well as your child for hours on end.  Playing with this little guy while it is connected to its app or when it is not, either way becomes very interactive as well as entertaining.  The fact that it does those little childish things that nobody ever talks about in public really makes this interactive toy one of a kind, and again the kids will, in fact, pull his tail again and again in order to hear him fart.  All in all this little guy is well worth the money that you will pay.

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