Review: VKWorld Mix (How does it compare to the Xiaomi Mix 2?)

We are living in the 21st century, the century where the human race reached the peak point of development and technology. We have made life so much easier and have found an alternative to everything. We have become so successful in creating gadgets that now we can video chat with some time on a whole different continent without even our voices breaking. When touchscreens were introduced they blew people’s minds away. We couldn’t even process the miracle that touchscreens were. Each and every company is trying to create something sensational, Apple’s iPhone changed the way we saw phones and Android made them affordable for everyone. Not only that the introduction of battery banks changed the way we charge our mobile phones and laptops broke the market.

Mobile Phones have gone through quite a revolution, from phones that we could not even pick to these smart and sleek mobile phones that fit in the palm of our hands. Smartphones have made everything possible, from watching our favorite celebrities live to be aware of the issues the world is facing. Our mobile phones and the internet have made this world a huge global village. Everyone is aware of everything, from international politics to controversies around the world. Our mobile phones have also made it possible for us to fight for the right of others and make our voice heard above the pointless noise. Mobile phones nowadays have made everything easier for us; they are the reason behind the loss of companies that produced cameras, watches, and radios. There is literally no need for us to buy anything; we don’t even need newspapers anymore because everything is now online. Mobile Phones are not the only things that were introduced in the 21st century; tablets and phablets also took over the world like a storm. Tablets are oversized mobile phones which work like portable laptops. Phablets are best for people who are always on the go and are always working. Phablets have the advantages of both the mobile phones and the tablets. You can put a sim card in it and Phablets are not as big as tablets and are not as small as mobile phones. They are the perfect gift this season, and everyone should try using a phablet, they would not regret it.

Now, we are going to discuss the new sleek and smart Phablets that you guys probably already know, Vkworld Mix and the Xiaomi Mix 2.Xiaomi Mi Mix 2+VKworld MIX-1

Vkworld mix is one of the latest Android phones which is taking over the world. It is amazingly cheap and has all the accessories you could ever wish for. It is a beautiful gadget which will surely attract everyone’s attention once you take out of your pocket. It does not really cost much as its price is $109.99. It is a bestseller and mostly everyone these days is either buying this for themselves or is buying this as a gift for their loved ones. Vkworld mix has a body made out of metal. It is famous for its ‘bezel-less design, has a screen of 5.5 inches and the screen has the resolution of 1280×720 pixels and the screen is in High Definition. This new Vkworld mix has an IPS display which means that it shows colors realistically and you can view it from any angle. The only problem you could have is that the front camera is not in the place used by other phone companies but is at the bottom. Instead of just offering one sim card at a time, it offers two. Finger scanning is not offered by affordable phones but this is not the case with Vkworld mix. It has a quad-core processor and is a lot faster than many other mobile phones. Vkworld mix also has 32GB which is more than what is offered by many other huge companies. The front camera is great and is 8 megapixels; the rear is not that good as it is 5 megapixels only.  Overall it is a great mobile phone and you should definitely buy this as it is a great investment.

Now, we are going to discuss the Xiaomi Mix 2 which is also a great phone with a lot of amazing features. It has a 12 Megapixels rear camera and has an IPS HD 5.99 inch touchscreen. It also has a fingerprint reader and the screen resolution is better than Vkworld mix as it is 1080 x 2160 pixels. The OS is nougat and can be upgraded. The screen is gorilla glass and won’t break easily. It is simply spectacular to behold and is really stylish. Xiaomi Mix has an 8GB RAM and a 3400mAh battery which means that you won’t have to stop again and again to charge it. The charger with Xiaomi Mix is a fast charger which means that you get to live life fast and without stopping. It also has a quad-core processor, thus your phone is quite fast as compared to many other mobile phones. Xiaomi Mix has a body made out of aluminum and it is a dual sim. The battery of Xiaomi Mix can’t be taken out of the frame. It is a revolutionary phone which does not cost much and is a beauty to look at. There are different models with different prices, for example, the more the internal storage space the higher the price. The least expensive phone is $558.88 which has the internal storage space of 64 GB which is more than enough. This mobile phone has a ceramic model and is simply beautiful to look at and this is not the only reason why you should purchase it.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2+VKworld MIX-2

In the conclusion, you should buy Vkworld mix as it offers the same features at a more reasonable price. If you have a different opinion then, you could tell us about it in the comments section below.

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