Review: Aimee J. Keepsake Collection (Best Baby Scrapbook?)

Review: Aimee J. Keepsake Collection (Best Baby Scrapbook?) 2

If you’re looking for something that is going to provide you with something to do, then this is the scrapbook that you want to grab. What’s more – you also get a keepsake box in the set. This way, you can keep those little baby items that you don’t want to part with when it comes to keeping memories safe and sound.

Want to know more about this awesome baby product that grabbed my attention and provides me with the exciting organization that I love to have. It also helps me remember dates and milestones that I’d otherwise forget (I am a mom of four, give me a break).

Review: Aimee J. Keepsake Collection (Best Baby Scrapbook?) 3

The Keepsake Baby Box

The box is probably the biggest portion of the set. Not only can you keep everything tucked neatly inside the box from clothing items to blankies, to small toys and anything else that your little one was attached too. You want to keep these memories and pass them down, so you need to have a safe place to put it all!

This box is a high-quality box. It is made from a thicker material so you don’t have to worry about it being flimsy. It is also larger, so you can put a decent amount of stuff right inside it without having to worry about running out of space. Additionally, you can make use of the ribbon in the front to tie it closed when you’re done adding the items inside it. This is one of the biggest parts since it really completes the look of the box.

Review: Aimee J. Keepsake Collection (Best Baby Scrapbook?) 4

Another part of the box that I love is the window on the front. You can slip in your own little baby picture and make sure that you know who’s box it is – if you have multiple kids like I do, then this is a great thing to have!

The box is one of the best products out there in terms of high-quality boxes that are going to do the best job with keeping everything safe and sound tucked neatly inside it.

Review: Aimee J. Keepsake Collection (Best Baby Scrapbook?) 5

Review: Aimee J. Keepsake Collection (Best Baby Scrapbook?) 6

The Baby Memory Scrapbook

I thought this was the best idea! Not only am I always trying to remember dates or events that happened, but milestones for each of my kids! This is one of the best ways that you can keep track of everything. I really mean everything.

Those baby books do not have anything on these awesome scrapbooks. Not only can you personalize the pages if you’re a bit more creative, but you can add pictures, more information and anything else you can think of!

Grab extra inserts or make your own and add them to the book. This allows you to fully customize the way the book looks on the inside, which is something that those other baby books are unable to provide you with. This is definitely a win-win for everyone, isn’t it?

If you’re into a bit of scrapbooking, the pages are large enough to give you more space to add a few extra things around the middle part. I loved this about the book because I definitely like to personalize the pages a bit more for me and for my son.

Review: Aimee J. Keepsake Collection (Best Baby Scrapbook?) 7

The Options

Aimee J. Keepsakes not only has these books, boxes, and inserts but they come in many different colors. I have blue since I have a little boy, but you can get cream colored ones if you’re giving it as a gift or just like that color or pink ones. They have many extra inserts you can purchase to go with the scrapbook, too. This allows you to keep up on holidays and other extras that might come and go.

Aimee J. Keepsakes provides you with a little bit of everything when it comes to grabbing something a bit different, as well as beneficial to both you and baby. You want to remember these dates then why not grab something that can help refresh your memory when the time comes?

Grab Your Box Today!

Aimee J. Keepsakes has so much more than boxes and scrapbooks but it is important to grab your box today. If you know someone having a baby then they make the perfect gift set to give. The mother and father will thank you for them, trust me! This has been one of the best products that I have ever gotten and used for my baby.

It should be put right at the top of the list of things to get for new parents. It is an essential that I couldn’t see myself without. This is especially true for those that are very busy and might not be able to recall when those special times were. It gives parents a way to go back and relive the memories that they’ve stored away for a while.

Make sure to check out Aimee J. Keepsakes for a box and book that is going to give you a reason to get more out of your baby’s memories. There are many types of Baby Keepsake Box to choose from.



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