Review: Tata Harper Daily Essentials Kit (Skincare Free Of Toxins?)

While I’ve never tested out any Tata Harper product, I started noticing ads popping up on social media and various forums, singing praising to the skincare line and the lack of any toxic ingredients in their formulations.

Reviewers claimed remarkable differences and improvements to their skin were always the result of using any of the collections products, and every formulation is free of parabens, sulfates, toxins, fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, all synthetic chemicals, and genetically modified organisms.

I do find some degree of solace in finding a product, and especially multiple products, that actually provide benefits with use, that’s this clean. Typically you’ll find plenty of offerings free of parabens and sulfates, but brands that offer even cleaner and completely natural ingredients (with actual efficacy) tend to be the rarer finds in the space.

While Tata Harper certainly belongs in the luxury beauty category, the products certainly do not run cheap, so rather than testing out a single individual item with no prior brand background, I opted for the starter essentials kit, which offered great value in comparison to retail price.

I had some initial trepidation in testing these products out with very sensitive skin, as others had mentioned breakouts and skin reaction (often natural ingredients can be irritating to the skin, so the use of the term natural does not necessarily imply a stronger suitability for sensitive skin), but was pleased to discover both benefits to use as well as zero product reaction.

Product reaction can always be disappointing in the set or gift category, as often we like other products and while allergy to one or two is not always enough to return the entire set, there’s a certain sense of product/financial waste involved.

This review covers some main features on the entire set, breakdowns of included products with brief reviews of each, as well as some positives and negatives to bear in mind prior to purchase.

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Image Credit: Tata Harper

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Review: Tata Harper Daily Essentials Kit

Tata Harper’s Daily Essentials Kit includes a 15 mL Regenerating Cleanser, 7.5 mL Resurfacing Mask, 15 mL Hydrating Floral Essence, 10 mL Rejuvenating Serum, 10 mL Reparative Moisturizer, 1 mL Restorative Eye Crème, and a 3 mL Replenishing Nutrient Complex. While the set does not come cheap at $75, it offers a $117 value to retail cost, and is a great way to test out the product and brand as an introductory purchase, or for fans of the line seeking variety and looking to test out other products.


It’s also a great gifting option, for those in search of a moderately priced gift, if the recipient is seeking skincare products that are very clean and non-irritating. All of the included products in the set are free of any synthetic chemicals, and designed to treat redness, provide anti-aging benefits, and hydrate the skin. It’s definitely suitable for those seeking retroactive anti-aging benefits, as well as those with very dry skin.

While all included products are suitable for all skin types, those with very oily skin may not find the products as beneficial to use as the formulations are geared more for those in the dry or combination category, although none feel greasy or sticky on the face.

Ultimately, in using all of the products I found hydration was improved remarkably, and skin is left looking very radiant, brighter, more even. Skin feels quite soft and supple following use, and the products never dries out the skin (without creating oil or creating breakouts).

While all of the products are safe for use for sensitive skin types, it is important to note ingredients in the formulations can be quite active, as with many naturally based ingredients, and some reviewers have complained about experience breakouts following use.

While this may in fact be a natural “purge” state of the skin as it adjusts to new ingredients (a common issue especially with natural or organic ingredients), it’s important to do patch tests of the products prior to use, particularly if you tend to be sensitive. With that said, I have quite sensitive skin that is prone to breakout out quite easily, and if anything, noticed a decrease in breakouts using the products.

My favorite products included in the set were the serum and mask, and I would consider purchasing full sizes of these items, but would do so cautiously as they are in a higher price point than I would prefer. Here is a look at all of the products included in the set as well as some key benefits to use and features:

Tata Harper Daily Essentials Kit: The Included Products

Regenerating Cleanser

The cleanser is a daily multi-use exfoliator and cleanser in one, and suitable for all skin types, including dry, combination, and sensitive skin.

It helps minimize the appearance of pores and provides a deep cleanse that doesn’t dry out or strip the skin at all, but rather replenishes hydration. The exfoliation provided is quite gentle, leaves the skin soft, and certainly does not feel abrasive.

My skin definitely felt very soft following use, and appeared brighter and more radiant. If you don’t wish to exfoliate on a daily basis, you may opt to use this as a treatment 2-3 times per week instead. I found no drying to the skin, no breakouts, and no irritation even with using the product daily.

It removes all makeup, including eye makeup, and mascara, and I don’t feel the need to add a weekly exfoliant or daily toner when using this wash. It has a soft citrus scent, and skin is left smoother and softer after use.

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Image Credit: Tata Harper

Resurfacing Mask

This 15-minute mask treatment was one of my favorite products included in the set, and can be used 2-3 times per week (and reduced to a weekly treatment once results are visible). Formulated for use with any skin type, including sensitive skin types, the mask helps restore glow and radiance, while providing anti-aging benefits.

I saw visible results instantly after using it, and opted to leave it on for about 30 minutes or so, with restored radiance, brightness, and radiance appearing instantly following application. I used a thin layer rather than a generous one to save on product and noticed the same results and benefits with use, which was a great way to extend some longevity as well.

Skin feels softer, hydrated, and supple, and the product itself is not greasy or heavy. Not only did I not experience any breakouts, the formulation is actually anti-acne, and can even be used in a pinch as an acne spot treatment.

I would definitely recommend this if you’re in search of a pick me up mask that offers visible results and benefits very quickly, particularly if you’re treating sallow, dull, or dry skin.

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Image Credit: Tata Harper

Hydrating Floral Essence

This moisture-boosting toner is designed to treat dry skin, and improve firmness and loss of elasticity.

It provides anti-aging benefits, including a reduction in the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles. It has the additional benefit of enhancing the use of the serum and moisturizer (also included in the set).

I loved that there was no drying or stripping of the skin as can be found with many other products in the market in the category, and I definitely noticed hydrating benefits. Hydrating toners are somewhat challenging to find, so I would recommend this to those in need of a toner in the luxury beauty category that are seeking replenished hydration after use.

The scent is akin to aromatherapy, and devoid of any perfume or chemical type odors. It left my skin brighter, more radiant, and refreshed, while providing moisture. It was a nice addition to the test, I enjoyed using it, but I would not consider purchasing the full sized version of this product, and would recommend a different hydrating toner that comes at a low cost.

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Image Credit: Tata Harper

Rejuvenating Serum

This active serum employs Vitamins A and C with a blend of other antioxidants and vitamins to address all signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, sun spots, and hyper-pigmentation.

After using the entire product (even at test size), I can say I noticed a visible difference with respect to a decrease in small fine lines on the forehead, and a more plumped appearance. Skin looks radiant, refreshed, hydrated, and is fully brightened after even a single use. This may have been my favorite product included in the set, and it’s suitable for all skin types.

The texture is a bit thicker than I had anticipated, but is not at all heavy or greasy on the skin, and has a very lovely scent. While I would consider purchasing a full size for a special occasion or as a gifting option if needed, the price tag is quite steep. If you’re seeking benefits to the skin very quickly and an anti-aging treatment in one, and not on a budget, I’d recommend the full item.

It’s great to be able to just try it out in the context of the set.

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Image Credit: Tata Harper

Reparative Moisturizer

This moisturizer is really wonderful at treating dry and dull skin, and fully restores hydration without any greasy or sticky texture, however it was not my favorite product due to the scent (which comes down to personal preference, of course).

It’s perfect for treating dryness, dullness or sallow skin, and provides anti-aging benefits with use. It can also be paired with the toner in the set for even increased benefits of restoring any depleted hydration, or put into a foundation to create a tinted moisturizer. If you’re looking to restore softer, smoother skin, and restore a more even texture, I would recommend the moisturizer.

Additional benefits include restore radiance, brightness, and anti-aging benefits (both preventative and retroactive). It pairs quite well over the serum, or used as a blend with the essence provided.

Unfortunately, I really do not enjoy the scent of this product, and this seems to be a very common sentiment amongst consumers.

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Image Credit: Tata Harper

Restorative Eye Crème

The eye cream is designed to treat signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of under-eye circles, and improve elasticity and firmness. The product also helps improve the appearance of any puffiness in the eye area, revealing a more refreshed and awake aesthetic, even if you’re running low on sleep.

While I can’t speak to exaggerated lines or wrinkles in this case, I definitely noticed improvements with respect to any signs of puffiness, as well as a much brighter aesthetic, that created a more refreshed look.

While I don’t typically use many eye creams or serums, this one was definitely effective with respect to living up to benefits as initially claimed. Other reviewers have noted resolutions in issues like crepey eyes, as well as fine lines, wrinkles, and general anti-aging benefits.

While it certainly doesn’t come cheap for a full sized product, I would recommend it for those seeking retroactive anti-aging benefits, though it also acts as a preventative treatment.

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Image Credit: Tata Harper

Replenishing Nutrient Complex

This restorative treatment is designed to treat irritated skin, and is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants to promote anti-aging benefits while creating a protective barrier on the skin to combat environmental damage.

It tones and smoothes the skin, and is very absorbing and lightweight, even with an oil composition. The scent is lovely, and you can roll product over any sensitive areas to treat redness or irritation (as well as dry patches).

It also helps to tone, balance, and sooth the skin. It was definitely effecting in calming down the skin, and treating small areas of redness following application. I used this as more of spot or area treatment, but many prefer to apply over the entire face.

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Image Credit: Tata Harper

Tata Harper Daily Essentials Kit: Positives & Negatives

Here is a look at some main pros and cons to bear in mind prior to purchase:


  • Excellent gifting option for those who enjoy skincare, particularly if the recipient has dry skin or is looking to treat redness or signs of aging
  • Cruelty-free company: No products are tested on animals, and no formulations contain animal product, including beeswax
  • Excellent for travel: can easily fit in any gym bag or purse, and suitable for carry-on travel
  • The nature of any starter set or kit with several products to try out provides variety, so prospective customers can figure out if they’d like to invest in any full sized product
  • Out of all the products in the kit, there weren’t any that were irritating to my sensitive skin, and I did not notice any breakouts, but rather improvements in acne
  • All products are suitable for every skin type, including sensitive skin types, but ingredients can be very active so you should spot test products prior to use on the face
  • Products were anti-aging, hydrating, restored radiance and brightened the complexion, lived up to initial claims to benefits of use
  • Suitable for treating very dry skin, dry patches, and redness on the skin (great for combination or dry skin types)
  • Very clean formulations, all included products are devoid of any parabens, sulfates, toxins, fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, all synthetic chemicals, and genetically modified organisms, however the products still work with respect to anti-aging benefits
  • Continual daily use helps diminish the appearance of any fine lines, wrinkles, while helping minimize the appearance of pores, and over time will address sun spots and hyper-pigmentation


  • Cost: even with the savings in comparison to retail value, this is definitely still a splurge item for most of us, although I did feel the value outweighed the price point in this case
  • Ingredients are very active, which can cause breakouts following use, which in this case may be a normal and initial “purge” phase as the skin adapts, however especially with the size of the items included, it’s difficult to make use of them if this occurs as you would with a larger item over time
  • Longevity: while it’s a great way to try out several products that work at once, and you can expect to see results quite quickly, the set lasts about 5 weeks or so with continual daily use
  • Scent of the moisturizer in the set is simply not pleasant
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Image Credit: Tata Harper

Tata Harper’s Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer, Tata Harper, has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction or allergy, this policy favors the new consumer, and preexisting one.

If you are dissatisfied with the use of the products, or if they do not work for your skin to provide suitable benefits, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the formulations, you may elect to return the entire set. In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the full kit. You may also wish to exchange the product for an equal and full refund- or opt for a single product you prefer.

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Image Credit: Tata Harper

Review: Tata Harper Daily Essentials Kit (Skincare Free Of Toxins?) 3

Tata Harper Daily Essentials Kit: The Final Verdict

I really enjoyed using all of the products, although one or two have some areas of improvement, I would recommend this as great gifting option, or as an introduction to the brand for first time users. While the set is not at all cheap, it still offers great value in comparison to retail cost, and is a fun way to get some product variety.

All of the products included work in tandem, meaning you can expect even further skincare benefits with concomitant use. It’s also a great option for those that travel and are trying to safe space. In terms of suitability with respect to skin type, the included products seem best for dry or combination skin, and for those seeking anti-aging benefits with use. Visible results of product use include replenished hydration, softness, smoothness of the skin, and a more radiant aesthetic.


While I would not be very likely to repurchase full sized items due to price constraints, I would certainly recommend the set for those looking to try a clean line free of any harmful ingredients, or those looking for skincare gifts in the same category.

While you’re here, be sure to check out our reviews for Sun Basket (for beauty and health from within to without) and Stitch Fix (for beauty and style from head to toe)!

Tata Harper Daily Essentials



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