Review: Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack (Will this protect your stuff from water?)

It was mentioned before going on my hiking and camping trek that there may be some river crossing involved.

That’s no problem – it adds to the adventure! However, I am a bit of a tech guy. I like my digital toys, and I’m very precious about them. Obviously I had no intention of falling over while crossing a river, but anything I could do to create some kind of insurance while crossing was something I would accept as a good idea.

I had been involved in scouting for 10 years as a kid, and I had done plenty of hikes and camps, and plastic carrier bags had always served me perfectly fine in keeping my stuff dry. After a 14 year or so gap between doing that kind of thing, I guess it was no surprise that there were new options available.

Dry bags came recommended, so I opted to obtain a couple of sizes.

There were a few brands to choose from around, and I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what drew me to Sea To Summit. I think it as the combination of price, and the bright colors. As someone whose wardrobe consists largely of black t-shirts, any bit of color is a good thing.

Review: Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack (Will this protect your stuff from water?) 1

Review: Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack

Ordinarily at this stage in a review, I’d run through the features for a section, but ultimately, this is a bag.

It’s made from a waterproof nylon material, that’s incredibly light, relatively durable, and is closed at the top with standard clips.

Like, yes, it’s waterproof, more so than a canvas tote bag. Yes, it’s durable, more so than the plastic carrier bags I used as a kid. But, it has been highlighted that this dry bag is fine for getting dropped in a river during a river crossing, but unless you pick it right out again, it will soak through and ruin your stuff anyway.

I got two different sizes. A 13 liter one for keeping clothes dry inside my main rucksack, and a little 2 liter one for stuff that I might need more conveniently to hand, such as my phone, charger, and pocket knife.

Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack

There’s somewhat of an art that goes into using these to be honest. When you put your stuff in it, it’s best not to fill it right to the top, especially with clothes. When you have your stuff in, you need to get as much of the excess air out of the bag as possible. Then, you need to roll down the top of the bag, at least two, but preferably three times, and then fasten the clips.

Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack 2

Review: Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack (Will this protect your stuff from water?) 1

Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack: Worth It?

I can safely say that during my trek and camping, none of my stuff got wet. They literally did their job. I don’t think I had any higher expectation than that, so suffice to say, my expectation was met, which is always nice.

I can’t think of anything they could do better. For the price of these bags, the protection they offer your possessions is much better value than the time and expense of trying to replace them.

But I haven’t really done much trekking since I got these dry bags. It’s not an everyday thing for me. However, I still use the little two liter bag, quite a great deal actually. I just find it really convenient when I’m travelling, just to store my bits and pieces.

For example, when I’m on a plane, it will still hold my charger, USB stick, keys, chewing gum, and any other small items that might get lost in my hand luggage. It’s also handy for days to the beach, predominantly for my phone and charger.

Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Nano Dry Sack

Value for money

This will keep your valuable safe and dry

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