Review: Saturday Skin “No Bad Days” Set (Is There Such A Thing?)

Sometimes when trying out new brands it’s helpful to purchase a starter kit, especially if the set offers value in comparison to retail cost.

At under $65 for 4 luxury skincare items, Saturday Skin’s “No Bad Days” starter kit seemed like a worthy investment that came highly reviewed with near perfect scores, and the set certainly offers some great variety. It has the additional benefit of being suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, making it a great gifting option if you’re seeking a moderately priced item for a recipient who enjoys skincare or beauty products.

The brand is a Korean-based skincare company, and employs naturally based ingredients, free of any sulfates or parabens, that work in tandem to deliver benefits including brightening, hydration, restored balance, and improved radiance and clarity. The products also work in preventing breakouts and treating acne, without drying the skin.

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As someone with sensitive acne-prone skin that also tends to be dry, its often a challenge to find products that are hydrating without causing irritation, and anti-acne treatments that do not dry the skin further. As an added bonus, all of the included products also have anti-aging benefits, making them effective as multi-use formulations that address multiple concerns in one go.

After trying out the set, I was pleased to find none irritated my skin, and noticed visible improvements with respect to both restored hydration as well as a decrease in breakouts. I’ve tried so many products in hopes to find a solution for acne, so definitely thought the improved radiance in conjunction with less breakouts made this a justified purchase.

There were also visible improvements that I noticed much faster than anticipated, and the products laster longer than I initially expected, as only conservative use is required.

All of the products actually exceeded my initial expectations and offered such great benefits, as well as multi-use benefits, that I would likely consider repurchasing the entire set and using all of the products in tandem as a daily treatment regimen.

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Image Credit: Saturday Skin

Review: Saturday Skin "No Bad Days" Set (Is There Such A Thing?) 3

Review: Saturday Skin “No Bad Days” Set

The set contains one 20 mL “Rub-A-Dub” Refining Peel Gel, one 30 mL “Daily Dew” Hydrating Essence Mist, one 15 mL “Wide Awake” Brightening Eye Cream, and one 30 mL “Featherweight” Daily Moisturizing Cream. All of the products work synergistically to deliver optimal results and skin improvements, including treating acne, anti-aging benefits, improved radiance, replenished hydration, and improvements in texture, with more even tone.

They are formulated with naturally based ingredients and all seemed to support, or exceed, initial claims with respect to benefits of use. While the product sizes are smaller, as can be expected with most bestselling kits and starter sets, they did last longer than anticipated with conservative daily use. The brand employs a proprietary blend of ingredients that are both effective and unique to the company, so these formulations cannot be replicated or found using any other brand.

The products are all quite soothing and gentle, but still offer a high degree of efficacy with continual daily use. Here is a look at the products included and some main features and benefits with use:

Saturday Skin “Rub-A-Dub” Refining Peel Gel

This was probably my favorite product included in the set, it left my skin refreshed and quite radiant, with immediate improvements in tone, texture, and improved brightness.

It left my skin soft and silky. You apply it and remove it as you would a mask, and dirt and impurities are immediately removed, without drying the face. It conversely improves hydration after use.

The skin does not feel tight after application, and only a very small amount of product is needed per use, which helps extend the shelf life of the peel. After use, impurities are all removed and the skin is left soft, dewy, and radiant.

While I typically¬†don’t prefer beads in skincare treatments, these are gentle, and do not irritate my sensitive skin at all.

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Image Credit: Saturday Skin

Saturday Skin “Daily Dew” Hydrating Essence Mist

I really enjoyed using this product and enjoy the multi-use benefits. It can be used as both a toner and essence, and does not dry the skin out at all. When used under makeup it provides a dewy aesthetic and softened look following application.

The product is formulated with kiwi and grape, which help in restoring moisture and brightening the skin, and improving evenness in tone. My skin was always left feeling soft and hydrated after using this product, and it effectively prepped the skin for makeup application and provided soothing benefits. I also noticed a decrease in breakouts, and definitely attribute that to using this product. The formulation also includes antioxidants which help protect the skin against free radical damage and environmental damage.

With continual daily use over time, users can expect anti-aging benefits and improvements in both tone and texture.

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Image Credit: Saturday Skin

Saturday Skin”Wide Awake” Brightening Eye Cream

The eye cream included has lovely, fresh scent free of any harsh perfume odor or chemical scent. The product is formulated with apple seed oil, orange, lemon, grapefruit oil, lavender, and rosemary oil, which all work in tandem to improve the appearance of dark circles, address puffiness, and create a more refreshed aesthetic.

The cream is incredibly lightweight without any heavy or sticky texture, and still provides excellent hydration to improve the appearance of the eye area. It absorbs quite well into the skin, and dissipates quickly. While I haven’t had the best overall results in trying different eye treatments and serums, especially because many seem to be drying or peeling, or contain caffeine which simply leads to a rebound effect, this one was certainly a great product to test out and I would definitely recommend it.

Visible results included improvements in brightness, a refreshed appearance, and decreased puffiness. It’s perfect for application before bed or in the AM, to decrease puffiness and prior to makeup application (it absorbs quickly so there is no problem with makeup application). With continual daily use over time, users can expect results including visible decreases in the appearance of any wrinkles, fine lines, and other discoloration.

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Image Credit: Saturday Skin

Saturday Skin “Featherweight” Daily Moisturizing Cream

I would compare this product to TATCHA’s Water Cream in both texture and benefits to use, but it comes at a much lower cost. It’s lightweight and soothing to the skin, but still provides hydration and a strong moisture hold that lasts throughout the day. I found it both effective and soothing, and wasn’t at all irritating to the skin, even with quite sensitive and dry skin.

It’s formulated with the brands’ proprietary CHA-7 es complex, as well as nutrient fruit extracts, that address signs of early aging by supporting the skin’s moisture level, texture, and tone. The addition of Avocado protein extracts helps support the skin’s barrier, and antioxidants, including peach extract, protect from environmental damage and free radical damage, while improving suppleness, and vitality.

I definitely noticed with daily use (twice per day) improvements in radiance, hydration, brightness, and my skin felt incredibly soft. I enjoy that no residue is left behind after using the product, and only a small amount is required, so it tends to last and offers longevity even with daily use.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone seeking a moisturizer with a lightweight texture that still provides hydration benefits for dry skin, particularly those who are sensitive and prefer more soothing, gentle products and topical treatments.

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Image Credit: Saturday Skin

Saturday Skin “No Bad Days” Set Positives & Negatives

It’s difficult to come up with any negatives, as all of the products really offered benefits with use, many were multi-use, and they exceeded my expectations by improving breakouts, even without marketing as an anti-acne line. The only potential negative seems to be in price objections, as although the set offers great value to retail cost, it is still a splurge for most and definitely in the luxury skincare category.

I found the products lasted much longer than I thought they would initially, which added value, and many of them are effective in treating multiple concerns at once, so other products can be easily eliminated with use. Here is a look at some of the key pros and cons, referencing the entire set as a product:


  • Makes an excellent gifting option that is safe and suitable for all skin types
  • Travel friendly: easy to toss inside a gym bag or purse for portability, and all items can be carried on flight during trips
  • Skin was left visibly brightened, radiant, with a smoother and softer overall aesthetic
  • None of the products created any allergy or reaction with continual daily use, even for highly sensitive skin
  • Products were extremely hydrating without feeling heavy on the skin, and left no residue or greasy texture
  • Products are formulated with a proprietary blend of ingredients that can be found elsewhere or in any other product from a different brand, but more importantly, the naturally based ingredients are effective and provide benefits with use
  • The peel gel is soothing and improves brightness in the skin right away while removing impurities
  • The toner/essence is effective for multi-use benefits, the formulation is perfect for under makeup and hydrates the skin, rather than stripping it
  • The eye cream is a bit heavy but still not greasy and highly breathable, it definitely helped address puffiness and was one of the best eye creams I’ve used
  • The moisturizer was soft and silky, and I noticed visible improvements and replenished hydration, it’s lightweight and highly breathable but still provides replenished hydration
  • Products are all formulated with naturally based ingredients and free of any parabens or sulfates
  • Cruelty-free company: company does not test on animals and does not use any animal product in the manufacturing process (for other cruelty free companies: check out Milk Makeup’s Sunshine Oil)
  • Products are all free of any additives, fragrance, and color
  • The set offers a high degree of variety and a way to test out a few of the products carried without a huge initial investment, which is perfect for both new users and those who have tried the products but are interested in further variety
  • Many with acne-prone skin and breakouts will enjoy decreases in outbreaks as well as the bacteria that causes blemishes, and while the products are not marketed as anti-acne treatments, they definitely all worked in treating acne and blemishes
  • There are definitely products, particularly the moisturizer and eye cream, that I would consider purchasing full sized versions of
  • The set definitely offers value in comparison to retail price
  • Packaging is sleek and cute, in terms of design aesthetic


  • It’s difficult to find many areas of improvement, as I thought all of the included products were really effective and perfect for my skin, but I suppose the only qualms are the products are small (as expected in a starter set), and at $48, the set offers great value compared to retail cost, but is still a hefty investment for many on a budget
  • As with other sets or starter kits, if you experience an allergy to one product or dislike the item, you either have to return the whole kit or keep the item you don’t like
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Image Credit: Saturday Skin

Saturday Skin Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction or allergy, this policy favors the customer, both new and preexisting, including if the item was given as a gift (which is fine for exchange even if opened or tested). If you are dissatisfied with the use of the products, or if they do not work for your skin, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the formulations, you may elect to return the entire set.

In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the item.

Thankfully the line is safe for sensitive skin, and I found none of the products created any irritation with use.

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Image Credit: Saturday Skin

Review: Saturday Skin "No Bad Days" Set (Is There Such A Thing?) 3

Saturday Skin “No Bad Days” Set: Worth It?

I was pleased to discover a new Korean skincare company with products that were both gentle and effective in terms of benefits of use.

Most of the products included in this set offer multi-use benefits and act as suitable anti-acne solutions as well (or did in my case, with moderate but continual breakouts). I would compare the moisturizing products to others I have tried in the category at higher price points, and the brand seems to formulate their products for all skin types with only naturally based ingredients, so they are suitable for sensitive skin as well, barring any specific allergy to ingredients in the formulations.

This makes an excellent gifting or travel option as well, for those who enjoy skincare or do a lot of travel. The products included are all highly portable, perfect for saving space and room in a gym bag or purse on the go. The set offers a great way for new users to test out different products with a generous discount in comparison to retail value, or for those who have tried the brand are seeking further variety. If you enjoy the entire regimen, you may even elect to repurchase the entire set.

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I’ve typically only tried sets in the past where I would consider repurchasing one or two of my favorite products, but in this case I would consider repurchasing the entire set, as there weren’t any issues or concerns in using any of them, and I felt they worked quite well used in conjunction, making it seem more like an entire regimen, that potentially eliminates the need for other products such as toners and anti-acne spot treatments.

I really enjoyed visible results quite quickly and would highly recommend trying out the brand and the set, especially for those with sensitive skin seeking effective products, and those with dry skin seeking replenished hydration- but free of products that weigh down the skin or have a greasy texture.

I’m really happy to have tried out all of the products and now have a go-to routine that’s both natural in formulation and suitable for soothing the skin.

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