Review: URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser (2-In-1 Dehumidifier & Diffuser)

As someone who has tried a seemingly limitless variety of home candles, fragrance, personal fragrance, incense and diffuser products, I was hoping to be blown away by the product given the popularity.

URPOWER’s multi-use model is perhaps the number one leader in the home and diffuser market, with the most popular home atomizer product on multiple e-commerce channels, and featured in magazines, and even pop culture. It also comes at a reasonable price touted as a luxury good. 

Rave reviews favor the second generation products ability to produce more mist than the original product and the addition of comfortable, moist air added to small spaces (work cubicles, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms). The diffuser can be used with any essential oil product and will not harm the quality or composition of the oil in any way.

Additional features include the LED 7 color changing light, and adjustable two-mist settings. All of the colors can also be adjusted from dim to very bright. This makes for a highly customizable product and suitable to varying preferences.

Quiet operation ensures a quiet work environment (if that is desired place of use) or quiet bedroom for sleeping. It works well as a home humidifier and can be used without any oil as well, and the two-in-one nature of the product is the greatest factor of differentiation in the space.

While this product may offer little comparison, as I haven’t personally used a diffuser/humidifier product in one before, I can certainly say it trumps both individually in comparison to other products I’ve owned, while providing great benefits to use in both functional areas.

I enjoyed the intermittent setting options, color change options, quality of the humidifier, and quality/ease of use of the diffuser.

URPOWER Essential oil Diffuser
Image Credit: URPower Diffuser

Review: URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser (2-In-1 Dehumidifier & Diffuser) 1

The Main Features

URPOWER’s second generation diffuser is a portable yet durable product with multi-use benefits,  customizable features, humidifier functions and diffuser functions.

Some main benefits are the diffuser radius and smell (compatible with any essential oil) for those who like aromatherapy, and the added bonus of a humidifier, which helped my seasonal allergies quite a bit. The different color options for the light and ability to control settings (i.e. intermittent) also add value. It’s incredibly easy to use and set up, with all settings very simple to understand and clear directives. You simply add 2-3 drops of oil to the measured water cup, or more if desired, turn on and enjoy. There’s a bamboo option, for those seeking a different design aesthetic, as well as a discounted set of starter oils (if you do not currently own any, as the product does not include oil). Using intermittent settings, the product can last for 7 hours or so, making it a great value (as minimal oil is required per use).

I can see why the reviews are glowing, as this multi-functional product is really unique and makes quite a nice addition to the home or office.

URPOWER Essential oil Diffuser
Image Credit:URPower Diffuser

Positives and Negatives

Any product, especially one suitable to different preferences and with multi-use functions and benefits, has positive feedback/features and more negative aspects to use, as reported by some feedback. While I found this to be a really excellent product and would certainly recommend it, even if you’re only seeking a diffuser or humidifier product (and particularly if both features are appealing), here is a summation of some of the main positives and negatives to use.


  • Intermittent or continuous settings (runs for about 3 hours with continuous options)
  • Great humidifier option, especially for anyone with allergies
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Functions quietly: can be used while sleeping or at work
  • The amount and intensity of scent can be controlled
  • Different LED display color light settings
  • Light can be turned off completely if desired
  • Ability to control color display light brightness settings
  • Provides moderate radius (good for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom)
  • Comes with measuring cup to control best use of oil, most efficient product function time
  • One year warranty with product purchase
  • Warning sounds for low power levels
  • Compatible with any 100% essential oil
  • Tends to run for longer than suggested 3 hours even with continual use functions (i.e. 7 hours)
  • Strong value in comparison to price, similar models are more costly with the same features
  • Great design, lovely aesthetic combines with durability/functionality
  • Functional and affordable


  • May not have a large enough radius to fill larger rooms
  • More suitable for modest spaces
  • Product can be defective, but company offers great service and year long warranty
URPOWER Essential oil Diffuser
Image Credit: URPower Diffuser

Money Back Guarantee

URPOWER will refund 100% of the entire purchase price if the product arrives defective, not working, or is missing parts without question- or exchange the item for a working product if desired. There is an additional benefit of a 1 year warranty, so if the product becomes defective over time, the same policy applies. If you are simply dissatisfied with the product in any way or its features you can also easily obtain a full purchase price refund.

The company offers great customer service and standards, which first-time product users or users new to the category can feel comfortable with.

URPOWER Essential oil Diffuser
Image Credit: URPower Diffuser

Review: URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser (2-In-1 Dehumidifier & Diffuser) 1

The Final Verdict

URPOWER’s second generation diffuser is a multi-use product, which I always adore and score higher for in terms of value and overall functionality. An additional benefit to this is usually in appealing to a broader audience. If you don’t care as much for a specific feature, there are likely others than you will prefer, hence making it a valuable find. I was slightly cautious prior to purchase, as this was a rather different category and felt like uncharted territory.

But I’m thrilled with the purchase and value of the item. Not only did my seasonal allergies improve, I really enjoy the customizable features, different colors, different settings, and using a variety of essential oils. While I hadn’t previously used or practiced any type of aromatherapy before, this is a perfect introductory product in the category. The essential oils prove extremely relaxing, and the light on the display can be dimmed or turned off completely, making it an easy way to get a great evenings rest. It’s also safe to sleep with the product on.

I would certainly recommend this to anyone seeking a perfect home addition item or gift.

URPOWER Oil Diffuser

Ease of Use


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