Review: RFID Blocking Ultra Slim Wallet – is this the perfect minimalist wallet?

I finally got myself one of these super-slim wallets!

I had wanted one for ages and finally got this just last week. My fiancée was always adamant that I should carry my wallet in the front pocket of my jeans, especially on the subway in New York, instead of a back pocket, where it’s always lived.

I agreed, but there were two problems with that idea. Firstly, I’ve been carrying my wallet in my back pocket for as long as I’ve been carrying a wallet.

Front pockets hold my phone and keys because sitting on them seems a bad idea. Secondly, putting the wallet I had in my front pocket was uncomfortable to sit down with.

I needed a solution. I had seen various incarnations of slimline wallets, but I’d always felt that they looked silly, or cost too much. I’m not into spending a lot of money on things that can get lost easily.

I usually buy wallets off the street, but I couldn’t find one as slimline as the expensive ones I could find online, so I kind of forgot about it until recently.

When I found this slim wallet on Amazon, I noticed that it also came with RFID blocking.

Should you even care about that?

Well, on paper, if you pass by a criminal using a RFID scanner, he or she can scan the information of your credit card just by passing by you in the streets. Yep, right through your clothes and wallet.

How about in practice? RFID blocking is near useless as you’ll find in this NPR article.

There is very minimal crime involving RFID scanning, and even moreso, the majority of today’s credit or debit cards already protect you against any sort of RFID scanning.

With that being said, let’s look at this wallet as any other slim wallet on the market.

Review: RFID Blocking Ultra Slim Wallet - is this the perfect minimalist wallet? 1

The solution

RFID slim wallet

I had a browse through Amazon to see if anything was shaking in the world of slimline wallets that I might part with cash for, and was instantly attracted to this one.

It looked suitably mass-produced and devoid of any brand names, so the price was relatively low.

Because of reasons, I had it left in my shopping cart for a few weeks, and then the price dropped a little.

I’m not going to say that’s a universal thing that’ll happen, but I was certainly pleased with it.

Who likes to pay full price for things? Not me!

This little wallet just seemed all the right boxes for what I needed. It had a main pocket for cards, which is my preferred method of payment for things anyway.

It makes sense that a contemporary wallet would be designed around a contemporary payment method! I liked the little ribbon thing to help pull cards out.

I also liked that it had two smaller pockets either side for cash.

I was finding that a lot of these slimline wallets incorporated a clip for money which I wasn’t a fan of. I felt that if I was taking my wallet in and out of my pocket, a clip wouldn’t keep bills in place anyway.

First impressions

inside of RFID blocking slim wallet

I swear I’ve never been more excited about a wallet before in my life! But it was just so perfect for what I needed.

I understand that some people might be bothered that it doesn’t have a dedicated pocket to hold coins. I stopped keeping coins in my wallet years ago, and tend to just put them directly into a front pocket.

With my old wallet, coins just made it really bulky, and sometimes painful to sit down because it lived in my back pocket.

I was on my way to a family thing when it arrived. I knew I’d be in for an afternoon that mostly involved sitting down, so that would be an ideal time to test how comfortable it would be in my front pocket for prolonged periods of time.

I immediately transferred what I needed from my bulky old wallet into my new slimline one. Everything fit. I put it directly into my front pocket and it stayed there for a good four hours. I barely noticed it was there, which was exactly what I was looking for.

Review: RFID Blocking Ultra Slim Wallet - is this the perfect minimalist wallet? 1


I’ve had this little wallet for a week or so now, and I absolutely love it. I recommend it so much. Granted, that’s not much time to assess the durability of it, but I’ve tugged at it and felt pretty confident in how long it will last me!

I still find myself checking my back pocket for my wallet.

One very minor negative point is that cash bills can be a little awkward getting out of the tight little pocket.

I think it might work better for currency that has different sizes and colors for its different denominations, but with the single-sized, all green, American dollar, you basically have to fumble everything out of the pocket trying to find the right note.

As I said earlier though, my preference is to pay by card, so it’s not that much of a deal. It’s certainly not enough for me to give this wallet a bad review!

I use the other pocket for business cards when I’m out and about hustling, and it’s ideal for that.

RFID Blocking Ultra Slim Wallet

Value for money

The perfect wallet for being out and about

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