Playing with the Learning Resources Pretend Play Animal Hospital

If you’re looking for the cutest pretend play set out there for kids, then this is going to be the best one to go with. For those that want to be a vet when they get older, this set is perfect for them! I purchased this set for my 6-year-old daughter that not only loves everything doctor related but also wants to learn in the process.

We all know how little kids ask so many questions, want to learn more and we can be the ones to provide them with valuable answers. This set is the best for doing that. Not only is it more than a toy but it is something that is going to create better doctors and vets everywhere.

I am going to take you into the door and explain further, so you know why this is such a great buy! If you have a little one that wants a vet, I strongly recommend going with this one because it takes the play but also incorporates learning and a wide assortment of other skills.

Playing with the Learning Resources Pretend Play Animal Hospital 2

Playing with the Learning Resources Pretend Play Animal Hospital 3

The Set as a Whole

This is one of the best sets because it comes with more than just a little stuffed pup and some tools. You basically get the tools, a dog and of course, the vet office itself wrapped up into one little play set, which is much more than the other sets and another reason I love it.

The set comes with the table to examine the dog on, as well as the medicine, head cone and the tools that the vet would use to find out what is wrong with the pup. You can write up the scheduled appointments of the pets coming in to see you today, place the tools in the bag on the side and even have a place to check out the x-rays if there is something wrong with the pup that needs to be looked at.

Another great thing about this set is that it folds up and you can take it with you on the go, or you can even just fold it up for storage purposes, meaning you will not have this giant mess laying around when the kids are done playing and you don’t know where you’re going to put all of the parts.

Playing with the Learning Resources Pretend Play Animal Hospital 4

Quality of the Set

Even though the price is very affordable to many budgets, you’d think that the quality of the product is going to be low. This is not true. Everything that it comes with the Learning Resources Pretend & Play Animal Hospital of the highest quality, so you never have to worry about something breaking or little hands getting a hold of it. This is because its rated for 3 and up, so everyone is able to have fun with it.

The products are not made from cardboard either. Each is made from a high quality plastic or vinyl that is going to last and can easily be wiped clean if needed. This keeps the fun going and if you have another little one, they soon can use the same set because it seems like it is going to last for quite some time.

The Learning Aspect of it

Not only do they show kids how to be more compassionate and fix the problems that the animals are having, but they can learn how to schedule and see many patients. This can come useful later on in life, even if they’re not a vet or doctor.

Children can also pay attention to detail when they play with this set because they have to check out everything that might be wrong with the dog and then problem solve to fix them. You can work with this part and write down a scenario and have them come to a conclusion based on what happened, so they can find the best course of action to fix it.

This gives kids a chance to creatively and openly play while also using their language and problem solving skills to get the job done. It is also a great way for them to have fun!

Playing with the Learning Resources Pretend Play Animal Hospital 5

Downfalls of This Set

While, I didn’t really have many downfalls that come with this set. My daughter loves playing with it and the older boys were even interested. It has everything she needs besides the white coat and name tag, but you can purchase those separately or even little scrubs to keep the pretend play going.

Playing with the Learning Resources Pretend Play Animal Hospital 3

My Overall Thoughts

This set is definitely one that is going to spark imaginations when it is played with. You never have to worry about not being able to solve problems or get what you need to get. It is all laid out for you right here to check out. If you have a creative mind that loves pretend play, help them be a vet with the use of this cute play set.

Learning Resources Vet Kit for Little Ones

Good for All Ages

So your little wants to be a doggy doctor? Check out this cute set that is definitely loved by kids everywhere. Provides a place for pretend play, as well as imaginative learning.

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