Review: Original Beauty Blender (Makeup Holy Grail?!)

All of us makeup and product junkies are familiar with the Original Beauty Blender, but until you’ve actually tried it for yourself, it’s difficult to see what all the hype is about and continue to use a traditional brush or your fingers.

While I’ve experimented with different sponges and blenders in the past, after trying the original Beauty Blender, I can say it is well worth the price, and completely changes your makeup game and the entire application process.

If you’re looking for the most flawless finish possible with any powder, foundation and complexion product, the Beauty Blender really takes your makeup game to the next level.

I have to say, even after reading through all of the reviews, I was quite skeptical myself about shelling out money for a simple-seeming makeup accessory, but after trying it out, it really is a game-changer- and the difference in finish is truly remarkable.

So is it worth it?

We reviewed so you wouldn’t have to.

Review: Original Beauty Blender (Makeup Holy Grail?!) 1

Review: Original Beauty Blender

The Original Beauty Blender is a tear-shaped water activated sponge designed to help you perfectly apply foundation, complexion, powder, and concealer products to your hearts desire for a flawless finish.

While most of us are used to using our fingers or brushes (or other sponges), the Original Beauty Blender has a loyal following and is certainly a favorite amongst thousands of beauty junkies. I had wanted to try it for a long time to see if it lived up to all of the hype, but was skeptical about the price and cleaning involved, given it is only a sponge.

But with enough reviews, recommendations, and good marketing, I broke down and had to have one.

I can say, this blender is truly unlike any other brush, applicator, or sponge I have tried in the past and truly delivers the most even, smooth, and perfect finish when using foundation that I have ever experienced.

While the cleaning process every time (which is relatively simple, it just can be a pain if you are in a rush and on your way out the door) is probably the only drawback, it is well worth the benefits and the finish you get by using it.

When you apply water to the sponge and then add on your desired product, it easily spreads and blends all over the face and neck, and reaches every area perfectly- even the eyes and around the nose and forehead line, because of the shape of the tool.

It was well worth every penny spent for me and the only unfortunate part was it becoming addictive, because there seems to be no other way (I have found) to achieve such an even and smooth looking finish. It’s sort of like an airbrushed on second skin.


The Original Beauty Blender In Hand
Image Credit: Beauty Blender

How Do I Use Original Beauty Blender?

While most use Beauty Blender Wet, it can be used wet or dry. Usually, you use Beauty Blender by wetting the tool with lukewarm water, and squeezing out any excess liquid. Then simply apply powder, foundation, concealers, or other complexion products across the face for an even and flawless blend.

Ensure to thoroughly cleanse the product after each use, and always replace the blender every 3 months (while you may resist the urge to do this to save, it can create breakouts and acne if the product becomes dirty), it is also best to store the blender in a clean container when not in use so it does not attract dust- but this does not mean you have to splurge on the exclusive pouch sold separately for the product.

Bonus points? If you’re comparison shopping for other products, I used this with NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, NARS Blush In Orgasm, Buxom Full On Lip Cream, and Milk Makeup Kush Mascara.

We’ve previously reviewed all of those products so you can check out the reviews!

The Original Beauty Blender Colors Display
Image Credit: Beauty Blender

How Do I Clean Original Beauty Blender?

  1. Clean the Beauty Blender immediately following use (as tough as it may be to always follow this rule, try as best as you can to always do so, and if you can’t one day, at least remove all of the makeup residue from the product using water)
  2. You may use your own specific gel or bar cleansers, or Beauty Blender specific cleansers (there are gel and bar cleansers, both work incredibly well, especially the bar formula)
  3. For a gel cleanser: wet the sponge, pour cleanser on and massage until it runs clean, and is restored to its normal stain (for stubborn areas: allow to soak in soap for a few minutes)
  4. For a solid soap cleanser: simply rub onto the wet blender until it runs clean
  5. Every month, it is helpful to due a deep sterilization of the product (especially if you notice any product odor or start experiencing breakouts)- you may use a microwave safe dish filled with about an inch of water and microwave the blender for 30 seconds (uncovered), wait one or two minutes after and perform a regular cleaning afterwards *note: if the product begins to smoke, overheat, or balloons up, remove immediately, however a slight increase in size is normal*

*Helpful hints to save on money: you can use regular dish soap in a pinch to cleanse the tool, or use a drugstore brand bar soap to clean the tool as well*

The Original Beauty Blender and box
Image Credit: Beauty Blender

Original Beauty Blender: Pros and Cons

Here are some main pros and cons to bear in mind with the use of the Beauty Blender:


  • The Beauty Blender truly makes foundation look like a second skin with a flawless finish and airbrushed type look, and it can be used damp or dry
  • Out of all the brushes, sponges, and applicators I have tried, I have never had foundation product go on so smoothly and leave such an even, flawless looking finish after use
  • Can be used to apply concealer as well (especially by using the smaller pear shaped head of the applicator)
  • Can be used for any skin type, color, tone, or complexion
  • Foundation and powder product never looks fake, cakey, streaky, and stays in place for a long-wear throughout the day after application
  • The tear shape of the sponge allows you to reach areas that can be hard with other sponges (near the eyes, nasal area, and around the neck and hairline without any smudging)
  • If you are seeking a fuller coverage look, wetting the sponge more tends to help (allowing for a more individual look)
  • Does not really compare to any other sponge products or competitors on the market, which can be drying, stiff, or degrade very quickly
  • Company does not test on any animals, use any animal product during any manufacturing processes, or in any product formulations
  • The Beauty Blender can be used with any foundation product, complexion product, or powder of your choosing
  • Suitable and safe for any skin type (including acne-prone skin)- as long as the product is cleaned well and appropriately, there is no chance for breakout or allergy even with the most sensitive skin
  • Application is streak free and the absorption rate of the blender ensures minimal product waste
  • When the blender is wet, it expands to about twice its normal size and becomes very soft and smooth and has a bounce (returns to its original size when dry)
  • Beauty Blender uses non-toxic and water-soluble dyes
  • Soap never gets stuck inside of the sponge (unlike competitor products)
  • Can be used for contouring, highlighting, and more advanced forms of makeup application as well


  • After the first couple of uses, the Beauty Blender may shed some dye (this is only because the product is non-toxic and water-soluble), and this will stop after the first few uses, this does not mean the product is defective in any way
  • Price point: for $20, this is certainly not a cheap item, however it does tend to redefine the way the entire makeup application and process/finishing look are achieved, and for most who try it the first time, there is no turning back
  • While many use the product for longer, it is suggested to replace it every 3 months and it can begin to degrade after this amount of time, changing it every 3 months or so it also generally the cleanest method of use so bacteria does not form on the product, which can lead to breakouts
  • Some users find that the Beauty Blender can be hard to clean, and if it is not cleaned properly this can lead to breakouts and bacteria
  • Warning: if you see solid black spots growing on to your Beauty Blender these are mold, you are not cleaning the brush correctly, and must toss the blender and replace immediately
The Original Beauty Blender Different Colors
Image Credit: Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender’s Money-Back Guarantee Policy

If you have very sensitive or acne-prone skin (or price barriers are a concern given this particular item) or have not used any blending tools in the past, the return and exchange policy in this case may be a highly important factor for you.

The manufacturer, Beauty Blender, has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction or allergy, and this policy favors the consumer, both new and returning.

If you are dissatisfied with the use of Beauty Blender, or if it does not work for your skin to provide coverage and cosmetic benefits, or you experience any product allergy or skincare reactions to the tool, you may elect to return it at any time.

In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the item (if purchased via Amazon).

The Original Beauty Blender water backdrop
Image Credit: Beauty Blender

Review: Original Beauty Blender (Makeup Holy Grail?!) 1

Original Beauty Blender: Worth It For Its Price?

As long as you always keep your Beauty Blender clean and stored properly, the change in the overall look in your foundation and the flawless, airbrushed finish makes this product absolutely worth it for us at its price.

When using any foundation, powder, concealer, or complexion product, the finish is always smooth, dewy, radiant, and perfectly even by comparison- and beats the use of any brush, your fingers, and pretty much any other blending tool I have tried on the market.

If you’re willing to handle the fairly simple cleaning process, the smooth and fairly perfect finish make this worthy of all the hype and a real game-changer for us makeup junkies. It’s also a lot less expensive than airbrush makeup and dealing with the cleanup involved with that.

The Beauty Blender is shaped so you can reach every single area with a smooth finish, and it works for every skin tone, type, and color.

If you’re looking to step up your makeup game, this is a must-have. But once you get started with your new best friend, there is no turning back, because the results are addictive by comparison.


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Original Beauty Blender


Highly Recommended!

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