Review: MistAire Humidifier (Does it freshen up your room?)

If you are not sleeping all that soundly, chances are that the air around you is too dry. The MistAire Humidifier can help make the air more humid and easier to breathe, making it perfect for people who want to get a good night’s sleep by being as comfortable as possible.

airmist instructions

Review: MistAire Humidifier (Does it freshen up your room?) 1

Things You’ll Love

  • Up to 16 Hours of Operation: One of the main features of this product that people are talking about is the fact that it can operate for such an extended period of time. It can be fully charged in just a couple of hours, and once it is fully charged it will continue working for 16 hours straight. This means that you can prepare your room before you sleep, enjoy a full night’s rest and then have the product running while you perform your morning routine as well. This much operating time is very rare when you look at other products in the market that are of a similar category.

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  • Night Light: The MistAire Humidifier is not just going to give you nice, soft air that you can breathe all night. It comes with an additional feature: the night light. The night light included in this product is very pleasant indeed. The light that is given off is soft and subtle, bright enough to make a difference and help you enjoy your sleep a lot more than you would have otherwise but not so bright that it might make it difficult for you to fall asleep in the first place. This nightlight makes the product perfect for children in particular.

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  • Large Water Capacity: The 16 hour operating time for this product would not make much of a difference if you had to keep refilling the water. Thankfully, the water reservoir that this product comes with has the capacity to hold enough fluid that it won’t run out for over a dozen hours or more if you use it a little conservatively. This feature can help you make the most of what this product has to offer, and helps to make it even more valuable for you in the long run.
  • Automatic Shut Off: If you are using this product for an extended period of time, you might forget that it is on. This can make your air a little too humid which can be very uncomfortable indeed. Thankfully, this product comes with an automatic shut off that would switch the humidifier off if it detects that the air has gotten too humid. This product also switches off automatically when it is running low on water. This is great because the product can end up getting damaged if it is being used without the proper amount of water since overheating is bound to occur if it is being used in this manner.

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  • Quiet Operation: The final aspect of this product that you are going to love is the fact that it is so quiet. Even though this device is a machine with many moving parts, while it is operating you are not going to be able to hear a sound. Hence, you will be able to get top quality air that is just the right amount of humid without having to suffer any noise that would make it impossible for you to get a good night’s sleep.

Things You’ll Hate

Air Mist Cracked
MistAire Cracked
  • Lack of filtration system: If there are any objects in the general vicinity of the MistAire, you will have to wipe down the objects every few days.
  • Difficult to clean: Per instructions, you’re supposed to wash out the air mist with vinegar once per week. In addition, every time you run through the water in the reservoir, you’re recommended to wipe the tank clean, and then give it time to dry before re-filling.

Review: MistAire Humidifier (Does it freshen up your room?) 1

The Verdict

Overall, there is very little about the MistAire Ultrasonic Cooling Humidifier that you’re not going to love. While you are certainly going to want to treat it with care since it is a little fragile, apart from this there is nothing you have to worry about when you are buying this product. This is a great buy that you should definitely consider if you want a good night’s sleep.

MistAire Humidifier

Ease of Use
Ease of Cleaning

Compact, effective, and reasonably priced.

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