Review: Malin and Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser (Cleanser & Toner Duo)

New York-based apothecary and luxury skincare brand Malin and Goetz offers a variety of body, hair, and face treatment products with clean and gentle formulations, all which tend to offer both ease of use in their simplicity and exceptional results that are visible quickly.

They are famed and known for providing simple skincare solutions free of complicated multi-step regimens and products that are safe for even the most sensitive skin, and many of their products have multi-use benefits. One of their bestselling staple products is the Grapefruit Face Cleanser, which provides a deep cleanse while also restoring moisture to the skin, and acts as a 2-in-1 cleanser and toner. Formulated with the best ingredients and natural grapefruit extract, the product is safe for use for all skin types, and fans of the wash enjoy benefits including restored hydration, balance, brightened skin, and improved radiance.

I have tested out most of their products with excellent results, and have yet to find one I find at all irritating to my sensitive skin. The products never cause any breakouts, redness, and help in treating irritation and redness. The cleanser is no exception to the rule and since trying it, it’s become my daily go-to and eliminated the need for a toner or complicated multi-step regimen. You may still add a toner if desired after use, but you may find it becomes unnecessary. Ultimately the less products required in a daily routine, the more time you save (as well as the money spent on overly complex regimens). This review covers some of the main benefits to use and features of the Grapefruit Face Cleanser, a brief company background, and some key positives and negatives with use.

Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser
Image Credit: Malin+Goetz

Review: Malin and Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser (Cleanser & Toner Duo) 1

Review: Malin and Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser

Malin and Goetz’s classic Grapefruit Face Cleanser is a multi-use cleanser and toner in one, formulated with amino acid based technology to hydrate the skin, without stripping or depleting any moisture. The skin never feels dry or tight after use, which is remarkable considering the cleansing and toning properties and subsequent benefits to the skin. This is the cleanser I always recommend if I hear anyone say they only wash their face once a day in the shower or it’s too drying, as traditional soaps and toning products can certainly strip the skin, but there are suitable alternatives available.

While this makes a great option for dry skin, it also works in maintaining balance for those with combination or oily skin types. Even those with topical and dermatological conditions can use the wash safely, the only exclusion applies if a specific allergy to ingredients in the formulation exists or occurs following application. It suitable for twice-daily use, and requires minimal product application. The clean, fresh scent is devoid of any chemical odors, and the product is free of any parabens or sulfates. It makes for a great daily cleanser for even the most sensitive skin, and can help in decreasing redness and irritation. Using it, my skin felt both fully clean and refreshed, I was able to eliminate the need for a toner, but skin was still left smooth and soft, with restored hydration.

Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser 2
Image Credit: Malin+Goetz

Malin and Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser Ingredients

Here is a look at some of the key ingredients in the formulation as well as their corresponding benefits with continual topical use.

Grapefruit Extract

  • Grapefruit contains a high amount of antioxidants and Vitamin C, which both protect, nurture, and hydrate the skin
  • Vitamin C and antioxidants benefit the skin by protecting from environmental damage, such as pollution, and sun damage
  • Anti-aging benefits: stimulates collagen production, which helps with decreasing the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Softens and smoothens the appearance, both with respect to texture and surface aesthetic
  • Over time with continual daily use, treats signs of aging like hyper-pigmentation and dark spots from sun damage
  • Potassium found in grapefruit extract helps treat wrinkles and UV damage, as well as sun spots and hyper-pigmentation
  • Refreshes skin, leaving it both more firm and softer

Amino Acids

  • Hydrates the skin, helps in maintaining smoothness and softness
  • Stimulates production of collagen, helping anti-aging benefits like decreases in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protects skin from future UV damage and sun exposure
  • Increases hydration and moisture, which binds into the skin
  • Promotes healthy PH balance to the skin, helping oily/combination, and dry skin types alike
  • Helps in preventing acne-causing bacteria and preventing breakouts in acne-prone skin
  • Promotes healthy skin aesthetic, improving overall radiance and glow

Glycerin and Sodium PCA

  • Helps in treating infection as well as acne breakouts by decreasing bacteria on the skin
  • Helps to provide a deep cleanse that still feels refreshing
  • Anti-aging benefits: hydrates and soothes the skin, helps in treating the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots
  • Attracts moisture to the skin, which is very absorbing and leaves the skin smooth and soft
Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser 3
Image Credit: Malin+Goetz

Malin and Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser: Sensitive Skin

To provide some background on the New York City-based apothecary and skincare brand,  designer and former architect Andrew Goetz paired with skincare and beauty aficionado Matthew Malin, who had a strong professional background in the cosmetics industry, to found a company designed with simple skincare solutions in mind, one that is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin and topical conditions. The company has several Brick and Mortar locations in NYC and can be purchased at department stores or online.

Conceptually, the founders identified a demand in the marker for a company free of complicated regimens and multiple steps for busy urbanites looking to avoid the hassle, and wanted to create a solution to common problems while creating a niche product. Skin sensitivity, concerns, and conditions were of great importance, but so was functionality and ease of use.

It was important to develop and conceptualize a product that could be used on any skin, barring allergy, and for men and women alike, in this case on to cleanse and tone the face while also providing hydration. One founder refers to personal experiences with rosacea, acne and eczema, and has offered himself as a tester to every product’s safety, which is something to be said regarding transparent testimonials. With simple skincare solutions devoid of complicated multi-step regimens and personal testimony in mind, they successfully¬†conceptualized a suitable solution for both busy professionals seeking simplicity, and those with sensitivities seeking relief from product irritation or topical conditions.

Ultimately both of these are achieved alongside great results of product use, and the products remain free of any harsh additives or parabens. Some products, including the face cleanser, can be found in hotels, gyms, and at local barber shops or pharmacy chains.

Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser

Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer, Malin and Goetz, has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction, a policy that typically favors the consumer. If you are dissatisfied with the use of the product, or if it does not work for your skin to provide suitable benefits, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the formulation, you may elect to return the item. In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the item.

You may also wish to exchange the product for an equal and full refund. If you do have any reservations about product benefits to use or the price point, you can bear in mind the policy prior to your purchasing choice, but those with sensitive skin can bear in mind the formulation is natural, gentle, and designed specifically for sensitive types/conditions.

Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser
Image Credit: Malin+Goetz

Malin and Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser Pros & Cons

The only negatives I found with using this product were with respect to the moderate/high price point, but with that said it also offers multi-use benefits, eliminating the need for a toner, and lasts for quite some time. I also would definitely encourage avoiding contact with the eyes, as it can certainly burn quite a bit. Here is a look at some of the main benefits to use, and a couple areas with room for improvement:


  • Multi-use benefits: eliminates the need for a toner by providing a deep clean that removes all makeup, oil, dirt, and restores balance
  • Hydration: rather than drying or stripping the skin, the product helps replenish moisture and still provides a a deep cleansing treatment
  • Safe and suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin types and topical conditions
  • Leaves skin feeling refreshed, restored, and adds radiance and vibrancy
  • Free of any parabens or sulfates, no dyes, perfumes, or harsh chemical additives are found in the formulation
  • Formulated with safe and gentle amino acid ingredients and grapefruit extract, to cleanse and soften skin
  • Lovely and natural light scent
  • Product longevity: lasts many months even with continual use twice-daily, not much product is required for use, so it can be used quite conservatively
  • Cruelty-free company: products are not tested on any animals and no animal products are used during the manufacturing process
  • Great for those with dry skin seeking a cleanser that works in providing a deep clean without any tightness or stripping quality
  • The product is enjoyed equally by both men and women, and offers skincare benefits for both
  • No fragrance additives or harsh chemical ingredients
  • Anti-aging benefits provide visible results with continual daily use, along with restored hydration
  • Portable and durable, can easily be tossed into a gym bag to refresh post-workout
  • Does not cause breakouts, and rather fights the bacteria that causes them to prevent future blemishes
  • Eliminates the need for an overly complex daily regimen, saving time and money on various additional products
  • Skin feels clean, supple, smooth, and improved in texture
  • Removes all makeup, including eye makeup and mascara
  • Perfect for use right before makeup application, leaving a dewy finish, especially if an oil or moisturizer is used as well


  • This is definitely a product you want to avoid getting in the eye, as it does burn quite a bit, and it seems easy to do this by mistake
  • Price point is definitely fairly high at $30, with the trade off being very high quality ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin, with that said the product requires minimal and conservative use, and tends to last for several months even with use daily (twice per day), and does eliminate the need to purchase a toner
Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser Product
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Review: Malin and Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser (Cleanser & Toner Duo) 1

Malin and Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser: Worth It?

Malin and Goetz’s Grapefruit Cleanser has definitely become my staple go-to product, especially when traveling to save space and time on steps, for a suitable cleanser, and I did find it eliminated the need for a toner. My favorite product feature is the hydrating properties that gently replenish moisture to revive the skin, while still providing a suitable deep clean. It makes washing the face multiple times per day possible, without any stripping or tight feeling afterwards.

The multi-use benefits add value to a product I may otherwise consider too expensive as a general cleanser. The product also works very well with my dry and sensitive skin, never causing any redness, breakouts, or irritation after application. I would definitely recommend this as an option for those seeking to save time and money on overly complex regimens, those with very sensitive or dry skin seeking a cleanse that restores hydration, and anyone seeking a suitable go-to daily cleanser. While the price point is a bit high for the product category, the wash itself lasts for several months and requires very conservative use. I would say most will probably not feel the need to add in any additional toner, as this removes definitely recommend this as an option for those seeking restored radiance and hydrating benefits.

This is also a great product for those who feel they can’t cleanse more than once a day due to a feeling of tightness (or dryness), as it really softens the skin, which is rare to find in a multi-use facial cleanser.

Malin + Goetz Grapefruit Cleanser



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