Review: Intex Tube Lounge (Perfection Defined? Just Add Water & A Glass Of Wine)

There’s something particularly relaxing about floating around on open water in a tube. Whether you’re in a swimming pool, a lazy lake or a slow flowing river, this Intex inflatable tube is the ideal product for some hardcore relaxation. It’s plush, it’s comfortable, comes with cup holders and a headrest, and it’s surprisingly affordable. Sure there are other tubes on the market that will work as well, but this tube is the ultimate in value and performance for lounging. If you’re looking for the ultimate lounging tool, this is just the one for you.

Get ready for the water with the tube that does it all and more! You will not only love it but so will the kids that love every second of being in that pool!

Review: Intex Tube Lounge (Perfection Defined? Just Add Water & A Glass Of Wine) 2

Supremely Comfortable

Kick back and rest your head on the built-in headrest. It’s a feature that many tubes lack, and it’s one of the most important features as you’ll come to realize. If you’re interested in lounging, and that’s what these tubes are for, you’ll find yourself sitting back and using that headrest for most of your day on the lake, river, pool or wherever it is that you intend to use this floaty.

The Intex River Run Inflatable also features a mesh bottom to help hold you in place and keep you cool by letting in some water from below. The light color of the tube keeps it from heating up in direct sunlight, helping it remain cool and comfortable when used on sunny days. This particular tube also comes with a set of handles, which is pretty important when you’re going over faster sections of a river where you might fall over and be submerged. The handles give you something to hold onto and make this tube much more effective for river floating.

Review: Intex Tube Lounge (Perfection Defined? Just Add Water & A Glass Of Wine) 3

Built-in Cup Holders

Whether you’re on the pool, a lazy river or lounging at the lake one thing that you’ll want on a hot day is a drink. That’s why it’s really nice that this Intex River tube has two built-in cup holders. Each holder is positioned right next to the handles and they’re nice and snug to hold your drinks firmly in place. For just relaxing in a swimming pool it’s hard to beat the utility of the double cup holder setup that will hold your beer, your soda, iced tea or whatever it is that you want to drink right within grasping reach.

Tie Rope Included

If you’re floating along with other friends, or you simply want to bring a second tube with you to carry your cooler, this Intex tube comes with a convenient tie rope wrapped around its circumference. It’s simple to tie multiple tubes together using the rope along with a rope of your own, and you can attach the tubes in any configuration that you like. The tie rope works well for attaching floating coolers and other accessories as well.

Review: Intex Tube Lounge (Perfection Defined? Just Add Water & A Glass Of Wine) 4

Made to Connect with Additional Accessories

Intex sells a wide range of accessories like floating coolers, multi-person lounges and other tubes and the clever rope system around the outside makes it easy to connect to any of them. You’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of coolers on the market, without having to rig them to get them to fit properly.

Just the Right Size for An Adult

Lounging is something that both adults and children enjoy doing, but this particular tube is the ideal size for an adult. It’s 53” in diameter and offers ample space in the middle for an adult to sit comfortably with their legs hanging over the edge. A child could use the tube, but they would fall down into the center hole and put more pressure on the thin mesh in the middle. If you’re looking for an adult tube to do some lounging in, this is just the product for you.

Review: Intex Tube Lounge (Perfection Defined? Just Add Water & A Glass Of Wine) 5

The Downsides

This tube is pretty durable, but it won’t hold up as well as those thick black rubber tubes that you sometimes see floating down rivers. It’s a whole lot more comfortable than those though. This tube is also not meant for being pulled or going over rough terrain while out on the water. If you’re looking for a product that can handle that type of use, you’ll have to spend more for a more durable product.

Additional Tips to Consider

There are a few tips for you to consider when purchasing this tube for use on lakes and rivers. The first is to inflate it fully soon after getting it to ensure there are no leaks. The second is to check the fill valve for a slow leak by putting it under water after the tube is filled. If it does leak remove the valve and wrap it in Teflon tape to prevent the leak from occurring.

There are lots of tubes available for sale today, and some are better than others. This tube from Intex is the perfect mix of performance and value for people that want to chill and slowly float down a river, lounge on a swimming pool or just relax in the lake. It’s not meant for white water rafting, and isn’t made to be pulled behind a boat, but is very good for what it’s meant for.

So make sure the next time you have your pool up that you have a quality lounge inflatable that has everything you need and more. Intex makes a wide range of inflatables, choose which works the best for you!

Intex Inflatables and the Fun You Can Have

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If you're ready for a lounge inflatable that is great for anyone and everyone, then this might be the one you've been looking for!

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