Review: Ikiki Squeaky Shoes (For Hearing Those Littles Run Around and Get into Trouble)

Parents everywhere! Behold! The best shoes for knowing where your toddler is at all times! If they thought that they could get around quietly, they better think again!

These shoes are not only great for knowing this but also are super cute and easy to put on and take off – no tying tiny, tiny laces needed! I am going to break it down so that you can make sure to make the best decision when it comes to putting something well worth it on your little’s feet and I mean WELL WORTH IT!

I am going to break it all down for everyone so you can feel more confident about being able to purchase a pair of shoes that are going to give you peace of mind and give your little one a little bit of style when they slip them on.

Ikiki Squeaky Shoes

The Squeaky Shoes You’ll Love

These shoes are for littles, so you can slip them on and they go up to good sizes, so even if you have little ones that have fat feet or long feet, they make these with chubby feet in mind. You can slip them right on and you can then Velcro them in place. There are no strings to tie, no strings to pull, nothing. Just slip on and head out.

They have an awesome heel to toe drop so they’re easy for the little one to run around in. You can easily find them flying through the place with these shoes on because they’re lightweight and provide comfort everywhere they choose to walk (or run).

The big thing that I am going to mention with these shoes is that they squeak! You don’t have to worry about not knowing where to find the little one that you have, because you can HEAR them running around – squeak, squeak, squeak. Each shoe has one and you can turn it on and off, so they are not squeaking out in public if you don’t want them to be.

These Shoes are a Life Saver

My little boy is BUSY and he is everywhere, all at once and if I am not right on top of him, he is going to be gone. He does not give a care in the world when it comes to flying around and being everywhere. Due to this, it also means that since he is so fast, I have to make sure I know where he is at all times. These shoes help me with that.

Some people like to tie bells around their kid’s necks, some prefer leashes, I prefer shoes that allow me to hear him running through the halls or making messes in mud puddles. They are my lifesaver and for those parents of toddlers, these shoes can also be your lifesaver.

Ikiki Squeaky Shoes

Affordable for One and All!

These shoes are extremely affordable. For $40, though they are currently running a sale for $30, you can purchase a pair of squeaky shoes that are well worth the money. I purchased a size up from what my little normally wears and they fit well and give him a bit of room to grow because you know, as well as I, little kids grow fast and you don’t want to keep spending this amount on the shoes every couple of months.

They are a great shoe to have and one that is durable and has gone through multiple mud puddles, so you never have to worry about them breaking down. I even put them in the washer and then set them out in the sun to dry. They are still going strong!

Did I Mention They’re Super Cute, Too?

Of course, we talked about price, about squeaking ability and about how they are a lifesaver, but they are also extremely cute. I am all for shoes for littles and since I have four kids, though three of them are boys, I try to get cute shoes for them since I was only able to dress up one girl. These shoes have it. You can choose the character you want them to wear and the overall look of them make them even more adorable. They’re a shoe you’re not going to mind your little one wearing and that goes well with their outfits.

Choose from a fox, skull, unicorn, panda, puppy, owl, frog, narwal, dino and more. They have all of your cute little critters covered and more.

Ikiki Squeaky Shoes

What are You Waiting for?!

When it comes to getting the most out of the shoes you put on your little, make sure to know what comes with them. Know that these are THE shoes you are going to want and THE shoes you want to check out and put on your little. With the squeaks behind them, you can be sure that you will ALWAYS know where they are at all times. It is a must for us parents that have little kids that are always up to no good.

Who knows, these shoes might even be a great way to spread the word for others out there, so you will want to make sure to check into what deals they’re offering. You might save a new parent to a toddler to be the trouble of worrying about where their kid is or what they are into.

Ikiki has already covered you and all the walking, waddling, running that your toddler is going to do while giving you the peace of mind of knowing where exactly they are and what they are doing. They want to give you a heart attack but these shoes are going to spare you and allow you to feel more confident in your toddler parenting abilities. We all need a nice little confidence boost when it comes to that and these shoes can be the ones to give it.

Buy your toddler a pair today! You might find that these are the best toddler shoes you have ever purchased, ever!

Ikiki Squeaker Shoes for Mischievous Littles

Ease of Use
Sizes Offered
Cute Factor

If you have a little one that is always up to no good, then these are the shoes that are going to help you keep track of those little feet and sticky fingers.

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