The EC Technology Ultra Power Bank – Is it the Only Portably Power Source You’ll Need?

The EC Technology Ultra Power Bank – Is it the Only Portably Power Source You’ll Need? 2
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Today most people carry around smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other electronic devices that all have batteries that need to be recharged regularly. It’s why more malls and shopping centers are beginning to offer special recharge stations to their guests. People are beginning to worry about the life of their devices and with heavier electronic use it’s common to kill off a smartphone before you’re done using it for the day. While some people simply head home to recharge their devices, others carry around a portable power pack to charge on the go. These power packs can be smaller or larger than a typical smartphone, and they make keeping a tablet or smartphone going for longer possible. The EC Technology Power Bank offers the power and features to make it one of the best budget buys on the market today, and is seriously worth considering if you want a way to top up devices on the go.

Charge Three Devices Simultaneously

The pack comes with 3 USB ports built in and they offer three different power outputs. There’s a 2.4A port for iPad or other large tablet charging, there’s a 2A for charging smaller tablets or high-power smartphones, and a 1A port for the smaller smartphones, allowing you to provide just enough power for each device.

With two high-power ports built into this power bank, you’ll be able to keep even the most demanding portable devices topped up while on the go, which should make your trips more convenient and worry-free.

The EC Technology Ultra Power Bank – Is it the Only Portably Power Source You’ll Need? 3
Image: amazon.co.uk

Power to Spare

This pack is capable of charging several devices to full before running out of juice thanks to its 22,400 mAh capacity. It comes with enough juice to fully charge a single iPad, a few smaller tablets, or many smartphones. It can also easily tackle a single tablet and multiple smartphones before running out of power, helping you to keep all your devices up and running during the day.

Users that just have a smartphone to keep charged up will be able to enjoy several days of performance without running out of power, making this an ideal solution for camping, hiking or being away from a power source for an extended period.

The EC Technology Ultra Power Bank – Is it the Only Portably Power Source You’ll Need? 4

Comfortable to Carry

The EC Technology 22,400 mAh power pack is larger than most smartphones today, but only by a little bit. This pack is something you won’t want to stuff in your pocket, but it will fit into the center console of a car, into the main pocket of a purse or an auxiliary pocket in a backpack just fine. Slip it into one of these carry solutions and you’ll have power for the whole day, or power to top up your friend’s devices no problem.

Power Level Indicator

Once you begin to depend on this little beauty to keep your devices topped up, you’ll start to worry about it running out of power as well. That’s not a major issue though because there are LED indicators built into it that let you know when it’s at 75% power, 50% power and 25% power so you can easily track the remaining power and decide when to charge it up again.

500 Recharge Cycles

The power bank is made from quality Lithium-ion cells and is rated with a 500 cycle lifespan. That means you can easily get multiple years of use out of this pack even when using it several times a week. Even heavy users will find it easy to get more than a year of use from this quality device without experiencing a significant loss of capacity.

The EC Technology Ultra Power Bank – Is it the Only Portably Power Source You’ll Need? 5
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Accessory Flashlight

There’s also a small LED flashlight built into the end of this battery pack that I find myself using once and awhile. It puts out quite a bit of light and works well for searching under seats in a car, looking for other flashlights in the dark or finding my clothes for work in the morning while keeping the bedroom light off.

Durable Nice Looking Exterior

While I don’t care too much about the way my battery pack looks as long as it’s charging up all my devices, it’s nice that this pack has a smooth finish with an attractive design. The plastic shell is tough and has withstood several drops without issue. Overall the power bank is strong enough to be reliable and nice enough looking to keep from being an eyesore when you set it out in the open.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality battery Ultra Power Bank that’s going to keep you going longer, the EC Technology battery pack is well worth the money at less than $50 from most sources. It’s durable, lasts for several days under typical use and isn’t very large for its huge 22,400 mAh capacity. It’s the perfect mid-level charging device for the average user and is well worth its cost.

Long Time Power

Want to charge on the go without having to worry about running out of juice? This charging station might be all that you'll ever need.

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