Airalo Review: The best e-sim solution for travelers?

Before we dive into my review and experience with Airalo, let me explain my particular situation. So back in 2019, my wife and I left the states to travel to Europe for a few years. Right before we left, we switched our phone service to Google Fi, which guaranteed us service anywhere in the world! That sounded like a great solution for us, but we then soon noticed that Google Fi wasn’t meant for folks that were going to spend extensive time overseas (outside of the USA). So before we knew it, we got the dreaded email that Google had disconnected the data package on our phones while keeping our phone service alive.

google fi service

Ok cool, but what do we do about data now?

Similar to what you may have been doing, I was out there googling for solutions unless I landed on the whole industry of “e-sims”, and international data packages. It didn’t take long before I landed on Airalo, and began to look at the different data packages that they have available. To be honest, at first glance, it actually seemed too good to be true.

airalo data packages

I was able to verify that our current model iPhones did support eSims, and if you have any smartphone that was released in the past 2-3 years, there is a good chance that it also supports eSim technology. So once I knew that eSims work for us, the only question was, do Airalo data packages work as well as you expect them to? Are there any hidden charges? Is the process too cumbersome? Well lucky for you, I dive into all that in my review!

Mark Ortiz

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