Review: StyleSeat App (Groupon for Beauty Services?)

Recently a friend and colleague recommended an app (StyleSeat) offering limitless available savings for beauty services, provided by vendors in the user’s zip code, and instant (often same-day) scheduling ability.

The app is geared specifically for savings on cosmetic treatments, hair cuts and coloring, nail art, manicures, and even barber shop options for men. While I’ve never tried the latter using the StyleSeat app, it has saved me an incredible amount of money over time on beauty services, and the savings seem to beat those of competitor discount sites and apps.

The app has topped countless lists on blogs and in magazine publications as a top beauty resource, and provides a free download with no cost for membership and is compatible with IoS/Android devices. It also acts as a scheduling system, with convenient time options that you pick yourself based on availability, and an “available today” option. Average savings are 40-70% of service value.

StyleSeat pairs users to affiliated vendors seeking exposure, and some incredibly well-reviewed, in their respective area (can be done by zip or city). So if you were going to splurge on a a nail art manicure or highlights, why not indulge at a fraction of the price while supporting local vendors?

My only initial trepidation in using this app was a fear that locations that provided these services would be questionable, lack hygiene, or have some hidden defect waiting to come out in the form of subsequent skin irritation or the need for a hat. But I was pleasantly surprised immediately to see some of the best service providers were signing up as affiliates for brand exposure.

For the consumer that means excellent, clean locations, great standards of service, and of course, a fuller wallet. I recommended this app to friends and family immediately, who all tried varying services with great results.

In fact, I haven’t personally heard of someone having a negative experience with using the app (of course, you can read all about these in the comments section where verified users are allowed to rate service providers after treatments).

So what are the benefits and potential pitfalls of an app that let’s you indulge in a luxury or much-needed R&R session?

I combined personal experience with a wealth of research to come up with the main pros and cons of StyleSeat.

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StyleSeat App: The Main Features

Users who download this complimentary app or use the website can expect to be matched to services in their area for hair highlights, styling, brightening, cuts, or top nail artists.

The providers offer services for highly discounted rates, and beauty professionals and barbers can sign up on the business end for exposure. I found multiple hair services, including color options, for under $100, and nail art options for $50 (typically priced at more than double this amount).

You do have to do a bit of searching sometimes for deals, as many vendors list going market-rate prices as well. There are similar apps for download for beauty services, but the majority are luxury indulgences like at-home care, and not very accessible to the average consumer market.

There was also an app frenzy similar to Groupon, with companies like the former Lifebooker offering services at top salons for 50-70% off. For some reason most of these have faded into obscurity and been replaced by vendor/consumer match-type apps.

There are pros and cons to this, but one positive is certainly the ability of hair colorists and various beauty artists supporting themselves, money is going direct-to-provider rather than to companies.

The App offers a “most-booked” option for users to pick popular specialists, a “special event” option for weddings and parties, and a barber option for men. The ease of scheduling and same-day availability make this a great tool to use in a pinch as well.

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Image Credit: StyleSeat

Positives and Negatives

With any service or app there is a fair amount of positive and negative feedback. Here are some main points to consider before trying it out:


  • Same-day availability for many listings, making this an easy compare and contrast option in a pinch or before an unexpected event
  • Savings on services like nail art, hair coloring, hair cuts, and barber options
  • Sections for most popular listings/providers, as well as a special events category
  • All providers are reviewed and users can share feedback prior to booking
  • Ease of scheduling: unlike apps that designate times for the user, this app lets the user take control of whatever time works best and suits their schedule
  • Can be downloaded on App Store or Google Play for free, free membership
  • New stylists looking for exposure or clients can expect to make better earnings and self-promote (there’s definitely a strong business-side aspect to this platform for service providers)


  • The App works much better/if at all for those living in major cities
  • Prospective customers should exercise caution in researching and reviewing the stylist of choice
  • Often users have to search and sift through a lot of information to find good deals, as many stylists post market-rate prices
  • No type of universal or site-based money-back guarantee provided initially, if you’re dissatisfied with the service you have to work with the individual stylist in accordance with personal policy
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Image Credit: StyleSeat, Nails By RenRen.

Who Should Use StyleSeat?

StyleSeat is a great app to use to find local beauty services and discounts within your zip code and offers new or existing stylists a creative platform to build their businesses at the same time.

There are broad range of options, style types, and special sections for most popular stylists and special events. The convenient scheduling options and same-day availability make this app great in a pinch or before an evening out, one where you’re able to compare and contrast prices and options prior to making any commitments.

Users can expect great service, speed and convenience of scheduling, and different options with respect to price. The drawbacks are simply in needing to scour the app for deals when it can become saturated with market-priced stylists and it’s zip-code based availability can be limiting to some regions.

Ultimately, it’s worth it to check it out and download this free app, the lack of a risky investment makes it worthy of a try!

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