Review: Slip Pillowcase (#1 Anti-Aging Pillowcase for Skin & Hair?!)

Slip Pillowcase, which comes in Standard/Queen and King sizes as well as over 10 different color options and customizable boxes, are some of the most indulgent and relaxing gifts of beauty and de-stress you can give to yourself or someone else.

Before actually trying one out myself, just like you might, I kind of thought it was hype, even reading about all of the dermatologist, hair stylist, and plastic surgeon recommendations (claiming this pillow helps you age gracefully over time, prevents acne, hair breakage, helps your skin, and and helps prevent creases in the face over time that lead to wrinkles).

Even in reading through the reviews, I was still skeptical.

But after only a few nights, using Slip Pillowcase felt like spending a few nights at the Plaza Hotel from home, it’s simply that soft, refreshing, and relaxing. And I can certainly say I woke up bedhead-free, though it may not have been “movie-perfect.”

Before we begin, make sure you’re ordering Slip Silk from a legitimate retailer, NOT from a counterfeit seller. For your convenience, here is the Amazon link to an authentic Slip Silk retailer.

While it’s hard to review using this product from the standpoint of decades, if not impossible, we wanted to test it out for a few weeks to at least see if it made any difference in rest quality, hair, and skin.

So is Slip Pillowcase worthy of all of its recent buzz and hype or just marketing?

We reviewed first to explore so you wouldn’t have to.

Review: Slip Pillowcase (#1 Anti-Aging Pillowcase for Skin & Hair?!) 1

Review: Slip Pillowcase

Slip Pillowcase is definitely one of those purchases you have to really commit to before buying, and you have to really love the feel of soft luxurious linens and fabrics (but don’t we all to some extent?)

So, while I was skeptical about some of the claims about anti-wrinkle benefits and haircare benefits, I did know this would be a fairly luxurious purchase, but even after the first night of sleeping on it, I was blown away by the difference in texture, softness, and got one of the best nights of sleep in a very long time.

As a fan of linens already, this was in comparison to fairly nice quality Ralph Lauren pillowcases in good condition that I had no problems with, but it hadn’t occurred to me to try silk or Slip Pillowcase until hearing about all the hype and potential benefits.

Even for those with allergies, Slip pillowcase is specifically designed to prevent any dust from forming and hypoallergenic, so you can say goodbye to those annoying nighttime snuffles.

The first few nights of use felt better and more luxurious than any high-quality hotel pillow I had ever tried, it feels soft, silky (literally), lightweight, and incredibly comfortable in different positions to rest on.

After getting over the initial excitement of owning a new home luxury and trying to resist the urge for daytime naps, I wanted to test it out to see if it lived up to its haircare and skincare claims as the “anti-aging pillowcase.”

Slip Pillowcase Model resting shot 1
Image Credit: Slip Pillowcase

While this seems like a clever marketing ploy, the truth is, cotton does deplete the face and hair of moisture every night, and those pillow lines we wake up with do go away but eventually turn into deeper set wrinkles over time, even if the process takes years. So, there has to be some case for why the use of silk fiber and the Slip Pillow are supported by so many dermatologists and professional hairstylists.

After blowing out and styling my hair during the day, when waking up I definitely noticed less of a change in texture and a softer quality than with the use of my former pillows.

In terms of skincare, I did not notice waking up with any marks or pillow lines after using them, although that has not been a personal major issue in the past. However, I do tend to wake up dryer than in the evening, and definitely noticed a subtle difference in a softer quality in my skin every AM waking up.

Plus, it was incredibly relaxing to use, helped with sounder sleep, and for longer term skin and anti-aging benefits this is really a product that requires use for a very long time (but does have proven results and user feedback from those who have been loyal fans for years).

When you’re in need of a luxurious hotel-like experience and softer hair and skin in the morning (but for less than the cost of a hotel room), this is a perfect self-care gift to de-stress, or for someone else.

Other cool features? You can pick from any color you want or even customize your own Slip Pillowcase, and the box even opens up to a perfectly packaged case with pretty logo designs on the inside.

Slip Pillowcase Model with phone in bed
Image Credit: Slip Pillowcase

Slip Pillowcase: How To Use

  • Sleep and use for 8 hours for maximum results, or the normal time you would rest
  • Comes in Standard/Queen sizes (6.6 x 4.3 x 1.5 inches/8oz) and King sizes in Peach, Pink, Kisses, Charcoal, Navy, Gold, White, Caramel, Black and White Leopard, Black, and Silver
  • Machine Washable (cool/warm, gentle cycle, care bag), you may also opt to delicately hand wash this yourself, especially if you have a heavy duty washer with an agitator
  • 100 Percent Pure Mulberry Silk (22 Momme), non toxic dyes
Slip Pillowcase model marble case
Image Credit: Slip Pillowcase

Slip Pillowcase: Pros and Cons

Here are some main pros and cons to bear in mind prior to purchasing the Slip Pillowcase:


  • The slip silk is natural, hypoallergenic, dust mite-resistant, and allows your skin to breathe, unlike synthetic satin (polyester or poly blends) which sweat
  • Does not scratch on your skin, hair, or create any twisting, tugging, or pulling during the night
  • Feels soft, luxurious, and like sleeping at a 5-star hotel from the comfort of your own home (but with a single investment)
  • After salon treatments, styles, and blowouts, it helps the duration of the style by not causing any breakage or tearing to the hair (and even helps with split ends and overall damage formed to the hair over time)
  • Skin benefits: because it is dust resistant and hypoallergenic, helps prevent the spread of acne and new blemishes for those who are acne-prone (with regular washing as per directions) and also helps prevent you from waking up with any pillow lines in the morning (no creasing with the lack of cotton fiber makes this impossible)
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting: the quality is excellent and it lasts for quite some time as long as you ensure good care and good washing procedures
  • If you really want to splurge or for a gift, the manufacturer can even customize the pillow for you (with your name, a design, etc.)
  • Perfect for those with allergies: if you are allergic to dust and tend to have problems with linens, furniture, or other household items, Slip Pillowcase and materials like this are great at alleviating nighttime allergies
  • If you are a light sleeper, suffer from insomnia, or have any issues with stress or anxiety, Slip Pillowcase seems like a small luxury but actually makes quite a big difference in quality of sleep and relaxation (especially if paired with your favorite linens, a sleep mask, and essential oils if you like)
  • There is an inner flap pocket feature that will keep your pillow in the case
  • Many long time customers who have used the Slip pillowcase for years testify in its ability to anti-age the face and provide long term benefits, including helping their skincare products work better, waking up with smoother and softer skin (without the use of cotton which absorbs moisture from the face), less frown and pillow lines, and less fine lines and wrinkles over time
  • Strongly recommended by dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, and hairstylists over the use of cotton blend pillows and polyester fabrics for both the skin and the hair


  • Depending on the washing machine you own or laundry service you use, the quality may change after even delicate washes very slightly, so if you’re looking to preserve maximum quality, it may be best to hand wash this gently using a soft soap (many users recommend Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap), but you can research this to fit your preferences
  • Price point: for a single pillowcase, this item certainly does not run cheap, however compared to the benefits (anti-allergy, stress and anxiety relief, and hair and skin benefits) it really feels worth the indulgence, and is better than any hotel pillow I have come across or tried to date
  • If you wear a lot of face oils, colored overnight serums, or hair dyes, or simply want to prevent potential stain marks, you may opt to purchase this in black or grey for functional reasons (it may be “prettier” over time)
Slip Pillowcase in box image
Image Credit: Slip Pillowcase

Slip Pillowcase Money Back Guarantee

If price barriers are a concern given this item’s cost for you or have not used Slip Pillowcase products or silk linens in the past, the return and exchange policy in this case may be a highly important factor for you.

The manufacturer, Slip Pillow, has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction or allergy, and this policy favors the consumer, both new and returning.

If you are dissatisfied with the use of the Slip Pillowcase, or if it comes with any manufacturing issues, defects, coloring issues, or wash issues, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the material, you may elect to return it at any time.

In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the item, if purchased via Amazon (it can’t be guaranteed to apply to individual stores or merchants).

Slip Pillowcase feature model waking up
Image Credit: Slip Pillowcase

Review: Slip Pillowcase (#1 Anti-Aging Pillowcase for Skin & Hair?!) 1

Slip Pillowcase: Worth It For Its Price?

While I was hesitant at first, Slip Pillowcase is without a doubt the best and most luxurious linen (let alone pillowcase) I have ever owned, even compared to staying at 5-star hotels, and gets my 5-star rating.

It’s definitely a worth it for its price winner as long as you make sure to take care of it during washes, and are very careful about avoiding stain marks (especially with the use of heavy oil products and colored skincare items). In fact, going back, I probably would have purchased the black Slip Pillowcase for the sake of it lasting longer with the use of different skin oils over time.

But ultimately, when you’re in need of a refreshing and relaxing night’s sleep, trying to maintain a perfectly styled salon blowout, avoid morning pillow lines and marks, and simply indulge in a luxury self-care gift for yourself or someone else, this is the perfect pick.

Over time, the increased hydration on your hair and skin will thank you, and you won’t even have to put up with any nighttime allergies from a dusty pillowcase.

5/5 for 5-star hotel quality!

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Slip Pillowcase

Hair Support
Skin Support
Easy To Wash

Highly Recommended!

Buy on Amazon
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  1. Silk pillowcase are great BUT if you buy Slip pillowcase be WARNED that their embroidered “Slip” branding on the edge of each pillow will cause your pillowcase start ripping and tatter, this happened to all 5 of my very expensive Slip pillowcases. I will purchase silk products from another company because of this branding defect.

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