Review: Red Door Spa by Elizabeth Arden (Why so much Talking?)

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So the other day my friend and I were looking for something different to do together. When we hang out we usually just go to lunch or dinner but we figured maybe we could do something different and more relaxing. I don’t get facials or massages too often mostly because they tend to be on the pricier side and I haven’t had too much time recently. I know that Groupon is always full of deals on spas and things like that and often offer an extra 25% off any salon/spa deals.

My friend suggested that we go to the Red Door Spa because she had been to their Garden City location in the past and she said it was really nice, spacious, and they have a place to hangout with couches and tea, biscotti, magazines, etc. This sounded really nice but Garden City is a bit too far for me so we made appointments at a different location. I was excited because this salon was so booked up already and is well known I figured I would be getting the best massage ever. Especially because their prices are definitely higher than any other place. They have a wide variety of different types of massages you could get- hot stone massage, red door signature massage, deep tissue massage, etc. These are all based on your preferences of what you want massaged.

My friend and I both decided on the red door signature massage which was $130.00 for 50 minutes. They said the massage technique would all be medium pressured and we would have our feet and hands massaged with this. We received 15% off for our first time here which was good so the total before tip came to be a little over $110.00 (make sure to tip your masseuse 20%).

After we arrived we were instructed to go into the locker room which was not too big at this location but quite nice. They had lockers where you could put all your belongings in and robes to put on. There were also showers fully stocked with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The sinks had complimentary perfume, hair caps, and mouthwash – sort of like a hotel bathroom. After changing into our rooms and putting away our things, we were greeted outside the locker room by our massage technicians. My technician walked me to the massage room and instructed me to lay on my stomach on the bed and to get under the covers. I got into the bed and then she returned back to the room a few minutes later. The room was small, it smelled clean and of mint, probably from one of the massage oils. The lighting was dim and there were a few candles burning which was nice and relaxing. They also had some soft spa music in the background, which of course I could barely hear over all of the talking.

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Massage Room


Locker Room at Red Door

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After a brief moment she began the massage. She started speaking to me and asking me life questions which is normal and friendly, the way most doctors do when you are in their office. Of course I responded to her and this went on for a little while during my massage but then she DID NOT STOP TALKING. Which would be fine, if I were getting some other kind of service done. But for a massage their should not be this much talking when someone is trying to relax. I could hardly get a word in. I used to work at a salon myself where I would do facials, and I really would be able to read the client if they wanted to talk or not, we stayed quiet most of the time because this is supposed to be a relaxing service you are paying for. When I worked at European Wax Center I spoke to the customers, but this was because they were getting a wax which is usually a painful service and sometimes talking makes the client feel at ease and makes the whole process easier overall. I can’t even tell you honestly if the massage was good or not, because of all the talking I wasn’t really able to concentrate or fully relax. I did notice that the day after I still have a tense spot in my back that the massage should have helped with but it didn’t at all. When the massage was over the technician said, “wow we’re done already, I’m so sorry for talking so much I am just so excited for you” in regards to an upcoming personal event that I told her was coming up within the next couple of months. I couldn’t believe it was over. It felt like it was about 20 minutes instead of 50 probably because of all the talking. I did not complain about her because she was very nice and honestly I would have felt bad doing that.

I guess it wouldn’t be fair to say that Red Door Spa is not a good place to go and have a spa service done, because there could be other technicians that are great. For example my friend who went to the salon with me really enjoyed her massage and she told me that the girl did not talk the whole time so she was able to feel very relaxed. The salon itself is nice, it’s large overall and there are two different lounge areas one upstairs and one downstairs where you can just hang out, talk, and sip on some tea. You can take a shower afterwards and then blow dry your hair with their blow dryers. They do not have a sauna or a steam room which was a bit disappointing, only because they are supposed to be a full spa so I would expect them to have that and especially because of their prices.

I guess the moral of my experience is that Red Door is a nice salon- but I would not go back here. I don’t get massages too often but I can recall a couple of years back I purchased a 30 minute massage on Groupon at Cactus Salon in Plainview and it was so much better. The massage room was bigger, the male masseuse gave an awesome massage and I was so relaxed the entire time. He also massaged everything and it was the best massage I had ever gotten and it cost four times less than the massage at Red Door. I feel that with Red Door you are strictly paying only for the name and you can get possibly a better massage and service some place else for a lot less money. They are not any better than other salon and spas.

Red Door Spa by Elizabeth Arden

Customer Service
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Wished it was more quiet....

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