NomNomNow Review: The Best Fresh Food For Dogs?

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We typically care more for our pets, than we do for ourselves. Isn’t that right? Well in this NomNomNow review, we are going to discuss why this dog/cat food company might just be the best choice for your beloved pet.

My wife and I have always found difficulty in choosing the right dog food for our dog (Mila the pomski!).  We were always on the search for the healthiest dog food, and just as importantly, dog food that our puppy would love!

At first, we simply fed Mila dry pebbles from Science Diet. With time, we began to buy canned food from Science Diet and mixed it in with the pebbles. That was fine, but shortly we noticed that she wasn’t a big fan of her meals, she started going up in weight, and frankly, we were getting annoyed by the constant smell of dog food in our kitchen.

To our surprise, last month, we found out that there are companies such as NomNomNow that cooks, packages, and ships fresh meals to your door. In this NomNomNow review, we are going to discuss the ordering process, how the meals are delivered, how healthy their meals really are, and lastly, does Mila love it?!

Going into the purchase of NomNomNow (30% off coupon code), we were very much aware that we would be looking at paying more for her food on a monthly basis, then we currently are. But then we had to ask ourselves, we obviously love our dog, and would love for her to be with us forever, why not spend a few extra dollars upfront to ensure her longevity?

Years back, my wife and I swore to healthy eating, we cut soda, we cut processed foods, we began to cook for ourselves, so why not feed our dog even better.

Our NomNomNow Review

NomNomNow Review: The Best Fresh Food For Dogs? 2

We ended up ordering enough meals for 30 days since that was the most cost-effective option. This also allowed us to try out different flavors, and more importantly, different ingredients. If you’re ordering for your hypoallergenic dog, it’s best that you order multiple recipes, to deduct as many ingredients as possible.

chicken from nomnomnow
click to enlarge

This is the chicken recipe. When you receive your order, you’ll find that 7 packets are wrapped together.

back of chicken from nomnomnow
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This is the back of the chicken recipe. You can see all the individual ingredients! Keep in mind that your dog food is transported in dry ice, so during transport, the meals will end up freezing up a bit.

chicken, turkey, pork and beef from nomnomnow
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We received two tied up packages for each flavor that we ordered. Since we had 4 different flavors, we have a total of 54 meals. We are supposed to feed our dog two packets per day, which means that we have enough food for 28 days.

How much did 28 days of the healthiest food for our dog cost us?

how much it costs

As a new customer, we paid $66.88 by using this coupon code! Without the coupon, we would be paying $95.55 for a month of meals, which comes out to $3.18 per day.

Fast forward a few months, we have remained a loyal customer of NomNomNow:

NomNomNow Review: The Best Fresh Food For Dogs? 3

Our NomNomNow meals have continued to come in, and our beloved dog continues to love each and every meal. Every day, when it is time for Mila to get her meal, she honestly waits for it with excitement and manages to finish her meal within a minute. She hasn’t grown tired of the food and still loves it as much as she did Day 1.

This was honestly always an issue with Mila. Whenever we would switch dog food brands or recipes in the past, she would enjoy the change at first, but within a few weeks, she would grow tired of the taste profile and take her time to eat her meal. We would sometimes have days when her food bowl would still her meal in it for hours after. Now I know, there is dog training that would teach her to finish her dish ASAP, but it is still pleasant to see that with NomNomNow, she instantly finishes her dish every meal.

NomNomNow Chicken Chow-Wow (Prepared)

NomNomNow takes pride in making every meal on the spot, to ensure its freshness. With that being said, during the shipping process, they do package the meals with dry ice to properly store them for the delivery. During this time, the meals will end up freezing up in the box, so do keep that in mind. You are told to keep about 5 days of meals in your refrigerator and the rest of the meals should go into your freezer.

If you opt-in for the monthly delivery, to save the most per meal, then you will be freezing the majority of your meals. So you will have to move meals out of your freezer into your fridge every few days.

With the meals in our fridge, we usually prepare to warm up the meals before feeding them to our dog. We simply take the food, the way it’s packaged, and pop in into the microwave for 18 seconds. We’ve found that 18 seconds is the perfect amount of time to warm up the food to the point that it is room temperature.

Below is an image of the “Chicken Chow-Wow” meal we’ve taken after warming it up:

NomNomNow Review: The Best Fresh Food For Dogs? 4

To be frank, this looks like a meal that I would eat! That’s insane.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients found in this meal:

40% of the calories in this meal derive from protein. 49% come from fat. The remaining 11% come from carbs.

Here is a video by Dr. Justin Shmalberg explaining why this is a nutritious meal for your dog.

If we look at the list of the ingredients, and then at the picture above, we can literally see all the ingredients! This is a pretty welcome surprise, especially when we compare it to the typical kibble or canned food that we feed our dogs.

Now its time to throw the meal into a doggie dish!

NomNomNow Review: The Best Fresh Food For Dogs? 5

Without question, we are still blown away that “dog food” can look like this.

NomNomNow Review: The Best Fresh Food For Dogs? 6

That is Mila enjoying her NomNomNow meal 🙂

We are extremely happy with NomNomNow, and it has simplified the process of feeding our dog. We used to have to buy dry food and wet food separately. Then we would have to constantly wash the utensils we used to mix the food together. Lastly, and worst of all, we had to deal with the constant odor of dog food in the kitchen. Now, we just reach out into the fridge, grab a pack of NomNomNow, throw it into the microwave for 18 seconds, open the pack by peeling it, and simply dump the food right into her bowl from the packaging.

How Much Does NomNomNow Cost?

Your pet is 10 pounds: $74.24 per month
Your pet is 20 pounds: $109.75 per month
Your pet is 30 pounds: $139.36 per month
Your pet is 40 pounds: $168.95 per month
Your pet is 50 pounds: $198.55 per month

Whether you own a dog or a cat, the cost of NomNomNow will depend on the weight of your pet.

NomNomNow Review: The Best Fresh Food For Dogs? 7

When you are first asked to create a profile, you will have to add the current weight of your pet, along with what their target weight is. If you are unsure of your pet’s target weight, use the chart below:

NomNomNow Review: The Best Fresh Food For Dogs? 8

Transitioning Your Pet To NomNomNom Food

It’s extremely important to gradually transition your dog to a new food brand. A dog’s digestive system is very different from a human’s, in a sense that a dog develops specific bacterias for different food, and if you switch dog food too quickly, your dog will not have the proper bacteria to digest the new food. In this article by HillsPet, you can find some of the implications of switching food too quickly. For the most part, if the switch is not done properly, your dog will deal with stomach aches and diarrhea.

Here is a feeding chart for NomNomNow:

Day 1 -3 75% old food / 25% NNW food
Day 4-6 50% old food / 50% NNW food
Day 7-9 25% old food / 75% NNW food
Day 10+ 100% NomNomNow

Is NomNomNow Fresh?

The meals are never frozen by NomNomNow. They are made on the spot, and are then shipped to you. During the shipping process, the meals may freeze up due to the dry ice in the packaging.

What’s so special about NomNomNow?

Unlike the typical canned and dry food you may buy for your dog/cat, NomNomNow is actually human-grade.

Where does NomNomNow ship from?

NomNomNow has two facilities, one in Nashville and the other in San Francisco. How much is NomNomNow?The cost depends on the weight of your pet. It would be $75 a month for a 10-pound pet, up to $200 a month for a 50-pound pet.

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