Review: The Keurig K55 (Better coffee than Starbucks?)

I’ll admit I’m not always the quickest to jump on the latest trends . My tablet is a few generations old, I keep my laptops until they slow to a crawl, and up until now, I’ve been using a french press to make my coffee. I just wasn’t under the assumption that I needed to bring my coffee making to the modern world.

I think I may have been mistaken.

A few years ago, at a friend’s house, I had stayed the night on the couch. Not big news, I’m notorious for such things. Upon waking up in the morning, in my caffeine addicted mind, I noticed the lack of coffee fragrance in the air. Fear gripped me quickly. I’m not one to wake up in the mornings. I’m terrible at it. Minus my coffee, there’s just no hope for anyone around me.

Luckily, for me, said friend came out of their room once they heard me stirring. I gave them a wild-eyed gaze and they were quickly taken aback.

“W-what’s wrong?” they stammered.

“Coffee?” I asked in desperation, nearly in tears.

They pointed to the counter at a strange machine I had never seen before. A strange looking pod labeled “Breakfast Blend” was placed in my hand and a compartment on the machine was lifted. I placed the pod inside the compartment and they pressed a button. A few moments later I decent cup of joe was in my hand.

Review: The Keurig K55 (Better coffee than Starbucks?) 1

This was my first introduction to the Keurig. I was impressed by my initial trial with it back then, and recently I decided to grab one for myself (for about $100 USD) because I felt it was time to catch up with the rest of the world.

Let’s take a look:

The Keurig K55
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Review: The Keurig K55

After unboxing and assembling, which was easy this¬†time, and placing it on my counter I was actually impressed by the look of this thing. It’s pretty. I mean it looks like a coffee maker from the future, and I guess it is since I live in the past. But the aesthetic looks pretty good in my kitchen. I was thinking it wouldn’t blend in with the rest of my stuff, not my biggest concern, but I’ve actually come to appreciate it sitting there on my counter always waiting for me.

The controls are easy enough to figure out. There are three buttons on the top of the Keurig. One for a small cup (6 oz), a medium cup (8 oz), and a large cup (10 oz). I don’t think I’ve ever used anything but the large cup, besides to try them out, but the option is there at least. Besides that, there is a digital panel that lets you know when you’re low on water and the status of the heater. Minimalistic and easy to understand. In my bleary-eyed morning states, this is very much appreciated.

The only caveat I’ve noticed is the water tank feels a bit flimsy, I would not drop it. I expect myself to break this piece at some point in the future. Everything else seems incredibly sturdy, though I’m not exactly sure how to clean the whole thing out yet. It does come apart, but it’s not as obvious as it should be. Small things, but they are issues to me.

The Keurig K55: The Coffee

Like I said earlier, I’m coming from a french press coffee maker. This means I’m used to dark and strong coffee. What’s more is I drink the stuff black. The Keurig is… adequate in this sense. It’s not the same strength as with my press, but the convenience and time save involved make up for it on most mornings.

Coffee in a Keurig come in these little pods called K-cups. The machine comes with four of them and there are many varieties available online or in most grocery stores. I’ve tried a few types. They’re quite good but I think these are pretty expensive, to be honest, and have found a pretty good alternative.

The reusable pod. Keurig makes these for their machines and you can fill them with whatever blend you please. I highly recommend using one of these as it drastically reduces your costs while letting you stick with whatever brand of coffee you want.

The Keurig K55: Worth It?

All in all the coffee is good. Not great. But, having the water heated at the push of a button in mere moments and my coffee is ready shortly after makes up for that fact and more.

The Keurig K55 2

Review: The Keurig K55 (Better coffee than Starbucks?) 1

The bottom line with the Keurig to me is that for the price of a bit of strength and flavor you’re gaining speed and ease of use. On most days this is a worthy¬†trade-off and I’ve found myself using this machine nearly every day.

Still, I do prefer the use of my french press on days where I have time to just relax and smell the coffee. Or when I want to mix a bit of alcohol with it.

I’ve finally seen the light and understand why these Keurigs seem to be everywhere nowadays. Yet, that nostalgia of carefully prepping my coffee every morning still lingers. But, for those that value productivity over their rituals in the morning the Keurig K55 really doesn’t have any downsides.

I’m a fan, though maybe an unwilling one.


Keurig K55

Construction Quality
Coffee Taste

Great for productivity, not-so-much for flavor.

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