Review: Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Gloss (Multidimensional Gloss & Balm)

While I have tried Milk Makeup’s line of facial products and versatile highlighting sticks for the face before (both iridescent and matte finish) in starter sets, including the amazing “Meet The Fam” Set and Sunshine Oil, I was still unfamiliar with their lip products, with the exclusion of an incredible discontinued rose-colored lip oil.

With admitted skepticism and trepidation, considering a preference for matte products, after reading many reviews and hearing wonderful feedback about the brands multi-use Holographic Lip Gloss product (which can also be used for the face), I wanted to try it out for the purpose of experimentation and review.

I was very taken aback to find that even for a consumer such as myself with limited experience with this category, I absolutely appreciated the finishing aesthetic, and found it worked as a balm as well. The finish was definitely natural in appearance and smooth, glided on evenly, and never felt or looked sticky, greasy or tacky.

This review will cover some main product features, ingredients and corresponding benefits with topical use for the lips (including natural enhancement features), some positives and negatives to bear in mind prior to purchase, and a final verdict, to help you make a more informed purchasing choice prior to any point of sale.

Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Gloss 1
Image Credit: Milk Makeup

Review: Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Gloss (Multidimensional Gloss & Balm) 1

Review: Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Gloss

Milk Makeup’s Holographic Lip Gloss is a multidimensional and iridescent lip product formulated with high quality ingredients like coconut, avocado, and mango oils, designed to feel creamy on the lips, free of any stickiness or grease.

The product has a natural aesthetic and wonderful multi-use benefits, as it can be applied as a highlighter to the cheek and brow bones without any stick or high-shine, and it can be used as a balm for dry or cracked lips.

It can also be used in conjunction with any stick or matte lip product, or a different gloss for color if preferred. The more popular “Supernova” color is an iridescent lilac/lavender which looks quite natural following application, and the product also comes in “Mars,” an iridescent golden peach. Both have a high shine finish.


Even considering the high shine, the products still look and feel natural,¬†“glowy” and “dewy” following use, especially if paired with some of the brands highlighting stick products. They can also be used on the center or bottom center of the lips for a pop of color or even more natural look.

As always, with Milk Makeup’s line of products, the formulations are always gluten-free, vegan, eco-friendly, and free of any parabens, sulfates or harsh chemical additives. The ingredients in the formulations are natural and high quality, and also designed to provide a subtle enhancement aesthetic to the lip.

Bonus tip? If you’re looking for a complete look, we recommend pairing this with NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, Milk Makeup Kush Mascara, and NARS Blush in Orgasm (which we’ve previously reviewed with flying colors).

If you’re looking for a base that leaves you with a glowing finish, we recommend getting started with Valjean Labs Facial Serum.

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Image Credit: Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Gloss: Ingredients

The formulation of the lip product is free of any harsh chemical additives, parabens, dyes, or sulfates, and rather only contains high quality ingredients to nourish, soothe, and protect.

Here are a look at the main key ingredients in the formulation and corresponding benefits:

Mango Oil

  • Mango oil can be used and applied as a 100% natural lip balm to hydrate and soften dry lips and restore any depleted moisture
  • Mango oil can be applied to dehydrated lips as a balm before going to sleep to rejuvenate skin cells, moisturize and help you get rid of any dead skin cells
  • Helps to nourish, soften, smoothen, repair, and restore cracked or dried out lip tissue
  • Can help in restoring a subtle glow and vibrance to the lip area
  • If used as a multi-use product, you can expect restored radiance and hydrating benefits, as mango oil is excellent as a hair and skincare treatment as well
  • Helps achieve a more “plump” and enhanced aesthetic to the lip (and skin, if used as a multi- use product)
  • Heals any minor wounds, abrasions or cuts on the lip area

Avocado Oil

  • Contains¬†Vitamins A, D, and E which can act as an environmental protector for the lips to prevent future damage from the environment and cold air, including chapping
  • Helps provide subtle shine and radiance
  • Helps restore moisture and makes an ideal lip balm, for those with dry or chapped lips
  • May help achieve subtle pink shine to the lips naturally
  • Works in tandem with other ingredients in the formulation to hydrate, condition, and enhance (provide plumping benefits naturally)

Coconut Oil

  • Similarly to the other ingredients contained in the formulation, coconut oil helps restore moisture rapidly and acts perfectly as a balm for dry or dehydrated lips
  • Locks in moisture and provides a suitable barrier to protect against further damage from cold air, prevent future chapping and cracking
  • For dull lips, can help restore radiance and shine
  • Antibacterial properties may help prevent infection and acne to areas on or around the lip area
  • Helps promote collagen production in the lips, providing a more enhanced aesthetic
  • Reduces any inflammation on or around the lip area
  • Aids in skin repair and helps repair damaged, chapped, or dehydrated lips
  • Acts as an emollient to keep the skin on the lips moist with a long moisture hold, preventing any rebound drying effects
Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Gloss 3
Image Credit: Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Gloss: Pros & Cons

Here is a look at some key pros and cons to bear in mind prior to purchase:


  • Product does not at all feel greasy, sticky, or tacky, and has a smooth and soft application
  • Texture is soft and smooth
  • Glides on easily and spreads across the lips without any smudging
  • Multi-use benefits: provides subtle shine and gloss as well as hydrating benefits (acts as a lip balm would
  • Works well in conjunction (over or under) with a lip color, stick, or pen
  • The shine and sheen provided are quite subtle, and not what one would anticipate (in a positive way), there is no tacky nature to the product or glitter overload
  • Great yet subtle balance of being holographic and reflective, with nice dimension
  • Dries down without feeling uncomfortable or causing any chapping
  • Extremely hydrating following application, feelings just as a balm would in terms of hydrating benefits for dry or chapped lips
  • Pairs well with the brands highlighting makeup products (i.e. rose lip and cheek and holographic highlighter)
  • Gluten-free product: all the brands products are free of any gluten, for those who are sensitive to the ingredient
  • Vegan and cruelty-free company: none of the products are tested on any animals, and no animal products are used in any product formulations or during any manufacturing processes, including beeswax
  • Can be used on the center of the lip or bottom center for a more natural aesthetic
  • Multi-use benefits: can be applied as a highlighting products to other parts of the face (without any feelings of greasy, or stickiness or residue left behind)
  • The “Supernova” color is a lilac/pink sheen and the “Mars” color is a golden peach, with the former being more popular and the item I sampled
  • Product did not cause any irritation or reaction to the skin or lip area
  • Product is formulated without the use of any sulfates, parabens, or harsh chemical additives
  • Has natural enhancing ingredients without any histamine ingredients that can be irritating or damaging to the lip area
  • Portable and travel friendly
  • Flattering on a variety of skin tones (the “Supernova” shade claims to be universally flattering)


  • While it is quite hydrating, I did feel the need to continue reapplying throughout the day, and it could have stayed on for longer, it definitely comes off after eating and drinking
  • Some reviewers find the use of the term “holographic” frustrating, as they find the product to be more “iridescent” in nature, if you are a true cosmetics junkie searching for an extremely specific product, you may opt to sample the product prior to purchase to ensure it meets your requirements
  • Price point: in general, the brand provides excellent benefits and high quality ingredients with use as well as longevity, but does not come cheap, however users can expect to have the product for quite some time with conservative use, and bear in mind the formulation will only use the safest and most high quality ingredients
  • While this is certainly a personal opinion and highly open to interpretation, many may feel this product is targeted towards a younger demographic (however consumers of any age range should feel extremely comfortable wearing whatever cosmetics they desire and I believe this would look great on those of any age)
Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Gloss 4
Image Credit: Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup: Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer, Milk Makeup, has a strong return and exchange policy that honors full refunds upon dissatisfaction or allergy, and this policy favors the consumer, both new and returning.

If you are dissatisfied with the use of the lip product, or if it does not work for you to provide suitable hydrating or multi-use benefits, or you experience any product allergy or reaction to the formulation and ingredients, you may elect to return it at any time. In this case, you will receive a full refund equal to the entire purchase price of the item.

Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Gloss 5
Image Credit: Milk Makeup

Review: Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Gloss (Multidimensional Gloss & Balm) 1

Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Gloss: Worth It?

If you are a fan or new to Milk Makeup and seeking a Holographic Lip product with multi-use benefits that is multidimensional, and offers a creamy texture (never sticky or tacky in nature), I would highly recommend this product.

While I typically gravitate away from lip gloss products in general, and certainly ones with holographic properties or sparkle, this product in particular is quite unique for its extremely natural appearing aesthetic and ability to hydrate and provide an attractive glow in one. For additional multi-use benefits, the product can be applied without any greasy texture to the brow bone and cheeks to be used as a subtle highlighting product.


As usual, those who enjoy vegan and gluten free products will enjoy that all of the brands formulations are conceptualized and produced with both of these requirements in mind, and they can be safely used by those of all skin types, sensitivities, dietary concerns, and reactivities.

If you’re seeking a gift for someone who enjoys cosmetics or looking for a perfect holographic lip product, I would recommend this item free of reservations!

Milk Makeup Holographic Gloss



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