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With constantly improvements in modern day technology, we have come to the point where LED screens are beginning to be used as monitors. For this very reason, HP has invested a large amount of its research and development to produce high quality and efficient LED monitors. The HP Pavilion 21.5-inch IPS LED monitor is one such product that is available to customers at a good deal with a low price for what it offers.

The 21.5-inch HP monitor is presented with a dynamically thin and utterly modern design. It is sleek and stylish, ensuring that it adds aesthetic and technology value to environment it is used in. With an extremely high resolution and rapid response time, the LED monitor is equipped to handle the best of video graphics that are present in modern day computing. In addition to that, it is designed for user convenience through a painless and bright screen that can be tilted at different angles as per the user needs. Furthermore, it comes with high quality panel technology, ensuring a crystal-clear graphics experience. It has ports to ensure the computability of HDMI, VGA, and other mediums.

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The HP Pavilion LED monitor is sized at 21.5 inches and provides a diagonal well-defined view with a resolution amounting up to 1920 x 1080. Falling under the categories of high definition monitor screens, the HP Pavilion LED monitor allows its user to experience high end graphics and vibrant images at different viewing angles and brightness.

It allows for a large aspect ratio that complements the resolution of the monitor. With 16:9 serving as the ratio, the HP Pavilion LED has over 2 million pixels residing in the panel that allow for crystal clear visuals and high-quality displays.

The HP Pavilion LED monitor is known for its rapid response time that is estimated to be around 7 milliseconds. This allows the monitor to display smooth and well-defined images. The high response rate eradicates the problem of motion blurring and ensures that each displayed pixel is clear and smooth.

In addition to that, the HP Pavilion LED has compatibility with multiple ports. The hardware design of the monitor ensures that it can accommodate HDMI, VGA, and HDCP cables. One of the best features of the monitor is the rate at which it consumes power. The HP Pavilion LED monitor is known to be power efficient with the consumption only amounting to around 20 Watts.

Moreover, the monitor comes with thought out environmental features that include mercury-free LED lighting, high quality monitor glass, and low halogen levels in the design to ensure efficiency when it comes to energy levels. The use of these chemicals ensures that the LED monitor is not only safe in its usage, but also protective with its light rays when it comes to optical problems.

The HP Pavilion LED monitor comes with a simplistic and clean design that makes it stand out. With quick access to port and a use of an open wedge stand, the monitor is present as a stylish and sleek product that adds value to the environment it is placed in. With a 178 degrees viewing angle, the monitor ensures user friendliness and tends to be the right pick for users working in an office environment.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewers stated that the HP Pavilion LED monitor is a cheap buy that can be used for multitasking purposes through its multiple ports. Moreover, they have been happy with the display features and quality that tends to be outstanding. Users stated that the monitor has a wide viewing angle that ensures that the image quality is at maximal and the display is sharp and clear. They also stated that the monitor is light weight and stable, allowing it to be easily used in an office environment connected with multiple other screens.

While the majority of the reviews on the HP Pavilion LED monitor have been positive, there are certain drawbacks present in the product. Certain users mentioned that the product quality deteriorates rapidly. They experienced a decrease in the display quality within a matter of months. Others stated that while the monitor display is that of very high quality, it is still not the perfect display. Other reviewers stated that the monitor malfunctioned after a year’s time.


The HP Pavilion LED is filled with a large number of advantages that include low cost and high-quality performance features. It comes with a sleek design and contains a large diversity in the ports available. It is a light weight monitor with a strong resolution, making it ideal for everyday use.


While the monitor is a great pick, it does contain certain negatives. These include the quality declining over time and the display being prone to damages. It is also not the best pick if you are looking for a larger screen. Moreover, it also comes with a lot of ports which may become useless if you do not need them.

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With high quality features in terms of the display and visuals, the monitor stands out allowing it to be an environmentally safe and technologically robust product. It comes with a sleek and stylish design that makes it stand out in an environment. For its current price and features, the HP Pavilion LED monitor has the ability to compete with some of the best monitors in the market. It has a decent size, high response time, vibrant resolution, and diversity in terms of the ports that it has to offer.

If you are looking for a cheap monitor to purchase while maintaining good quality specifications, then the HP Pavilion LED monitor is the best bet for you. While certain customers have not had the best experience with it, it is still a rigorous monitor with strong specifications that are rarely found at the price that it is being sold out for. Such high-quality features both in terms of the design and internal hardware are difficult to find, and it is only the HP Pavilion 21.5-inch LED monitor that can serve your needs.

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