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BUYING COGNIFLEX? Read this honest review first.

Brain supplements – a $1 billion industry in 2011 is now a $30 billion industry in 2016.

Our love and addiction for coffee dates back to the 15th century when coffee trees were first discovered but now in the 21st century, we expect products and effects superior to what coffee has to offer. Coffee in its own self carries many benefits such as an improvement in energy, helps burn fat, improves physical performance – just to name a few. These benefits are quite staggering, but while it may help you burn fat or reduce risks of various cancer, it does very little towards your cognitive health.

The lack of cognitive benefits provided by coffee had given birth and popularity to brain supplements. An industry that looks towards researching and manufacturing capsules that will drastically improve your mental function. Today, we will be reviewing one of the leading brain supplements on the market today –


When I first heard about brain supplements back in 2015, I’ll be the first to admit – I was skeptical. I’ve been burnt in the past when it came to buying a “magic pill” that promised the world, but turned out to be another placebo pill.  As the old saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”, so this time around, I decided to be as diligent as possible as a consumer.

How did I hear about Cogniflex?

I was watching FoxNews when they were interviewing a medical researcher on whether or not brain supplements are legitimate, or they’re all snake oil products. The medical researcher mentioned that 90% of the industry is filled with shams, but the actual supplements that encompass ingredients such a nootropics are legitimate. Further into the conversation he mentioned a few brain supplements that do work, and Cogniflex was one of them.


Nootropics is a word coined by a Romain scientist by the name of  Corneliu E. Giurgea in 1972. In Greek, the word means – to bend or turn.

In the 21st century, nootropics are referred to as “smart drugs” or “cognitive enhancers“; specifically these are substances that improve a person’s cognitive function such as memory, concentration, alertness and motivation.

Here is a slide show of nootropics that have been proven to help cognitive function and several are also found in Cogniflex:

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Racetams: This nootropic works by stimulating the receptors in your brain; your neurotransmitters. The most common Racetam is Piracetam, and it has been proven to improve memory, focus, and learning.
 Modafinil: This nootropic enhances the amount of dopamine released in your brain. By doing so, it will improve your energy level, problem solving abilities and provide better alertness.
L-theanine: Commonly found in various teas and provides relaxation, arousal and alertness. When combined with caffeine, the two improve reaction time, memory and also mental endurance. 
Bacopa monnieri: This nootropic comes from a plant and improves memory in people over 17 yo, and enhances mood and attention for people over 65. FYI – it does suppress sperm production.
Oxiracetam: This nootropic improves production of  Glutamate and Acetylcholine – two chemicals found in the central nervous system. Expect an improvement in short term memory and ability to learn.
Aniracetam: This nootropic improves the effectiveness of Acetylcholine in our brain. You’ll find vast improvement to your memory, constructive thinking and it’s great for lessening stress in the body.
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 Keep in mind, there are over 30 different nootropics on the market, and that is just a short list of nootropics that are commonly found on the market and several in Cogniflex. For the rest of the list, click here.

Now that we better understand what nootropics are, and we’ve reviewed a few of them. Let’s finally discuss whether or not Cogniflex is a legitimate brain pill.

How much does Cogniflex cost?

Cogniflex has three different plans.

Monster Plan: 5 bottles for $19.59 each.

Middle Plan: 3 bottles for $25.98 each.

Test Plan: 1 bottle for $47.95 each.

It’s obvious from Cogniflex’s plan option that they reward long term customers. If you’re an avid Cogniflex user, then $20 per bottle is quite the steal when it comes to nootropics. Anyhow, when I initially purchased Cogniflex, I settled with the “Middle Plan” since I felt it was still quite a good deal without a big investment of five bottles.

How many pills are in each bottle and how many do you take daily?

Per Cogniflex’s recommendation, on days when you want to feel the effects of Cogniflex, you should be consuming (2) pills. You would take one pill in the morning, and then the other one in about 6-7 hours. Each bottles contains 30 pills, so if you intend to take the pills every single day, a bottle will last you for a full month.


Did it improve my energy levels?

From Monday to Friday, I’m in my office from 9 AM to 5 PM. In addition to my work, I also have a wife at home with two young children, it’s suffice to say that by Wednesday I’m fairly exhausted. Fortunately I hadn’t been reprimanded by my boss but I’ve always felt that was inevitable. To get through my days, I would average around three cups of coffee and on super important days, I may take a few doses of 5-hour energy if I could muster the taste.

When I first took my morning pill of Cogniflex, it took about 15 minutes before I felt “something” happening. I felt a rush of blood through my body, specifically to my head. While I did become considerably more alert, I wasn’t sold on the product just yet because this might just be a “caffeine rush”. Well, 1 hour passed, then 2, then 3, then 4, and I still felt alert. I would typically get quite drowsy by 12 PM but this time around, I still felt as though I had gotten a good night of sleep and it was only 8:00 AM.  Only at around 2 PM did I feel myself to start slowing down again, which was when I decided to take a second one, especially since I had an important project due by the end of the day.

Ever since my first day, I’ve gone down to only drinking one cup of coffee daily, and taking either 1 or 2 pills of Cogniflex per day depending on my work load.

Did it improve my concentration?

I’m a programmer by occupation. For other programmers reading this review, you know that that most efficient way to code is without interruption. If you constantly get distracted by checking your phone, social media etc – you’re productivity goes down tremendously as you struggle to figure out where you left off. Don’t tell my boss, but I loved checking twitter. Every 15-20 minutes of coding, I would take out my phone or open up a new tab and take a look at my twitter feed.

With the inclusion of Cogniflex in my life, I’ve stopped doing so – and  I’m grateful. When I sit down and begin my work, I get tunnel vision now, my eyes are glued to the screen and my thoughts have stopped wondering. Do I still check my twitter at work? Yes I do, when I go to the bathroom….

Did it improve my memory?

Originally when I was planning on writing this review, I asked myself this question and it stumped me for a minute. Trying to answer whether or not my memory was better was tricky to discern. I decided that in the coming days, I’ll pay better attention to my day to day activities and see whether or not I’m having a better time recollecting my memory. I did just that, and what I did notice quite soon was that I wasn’t re-checking my work and references as often as I previously was. When I need to implement a script on the server that I’m not familiar with, I would typically do some research, see how it’s done, review the logic behind it, and then use that information to build out the script. Well, it does seem that ever since taking Cogniflex, I’m spending less time going back and forth between the tabs to make sure that I’m doing everything properly.

Did I experience any side effects?

The only side effects I’ve experienced is that the pill should not be taken on an empty stomach. You do want to make sure that you have a full meal (such as sun basket) before taking a pill otherwise your stomach may begin to bother you. I decided to skip a meal once before taking the pill, and the experience wasn’t great. The company themselves recommends you take it after a meal, so it’s best that you do too.

Is it as good as Adderall?

Many moons ago I was a college student, and as many college students, I was an avid user of adderall. For whether or not Cogniflex is a perfect replacement of Adderall, I say no. Don’t get me wrong, Cogniflex is a fantastic product and likely superior to any brain enhancer you can possibly buy over the counter, but when it came to laser focus and productivity, adderall would still be a winner. With that being said, I do prefer not to involve myself in procuring drugs illegally, so for me, Cogniflex is the perfect legal replacement of adderall.

Will I continue buying and using Cogniflex?

Yes, and yes. Without a doubt, Cogniflex has improved the quality of my life. It’s better than drowning myself in coffee, or drinking red bull, monster drinks, 5 hour energy etc. I’m still going through my original purchase of three bottles, but once those run out, I do fully intend to buy five bottles at a time so I can save money. Keep in mind, when I was first placed my order for Cogniflex, I was highly pessimistic as to what to expect. I honestly figured that there was just fancy marketing surrounding the product, and it would just be another placebo pill, but I was wrong – dead wrong.

Any warnings?

I actually have two warnings:

  • If you have health problems, and currently take serious medication, I do recommend that you first talk with your doctor before using any brain supplements.
  • Do not purchase Cogniflex off Amazon or eBay! When I was initially placing my order for Cogniflex off, I noticed that on Amazon and eBay, sellers were selling Cogniflex for less than I can get it directly. I decided to email Cogniflex and ask them why these other sellers have cheaper rates. They told me that for the past six months, their product has been heavily counterfeited and that many of these counterfeits are sold on Amazon and eBay by individual sellers. If you read any of the reviews from either of those two platforms, you’ll even notice that past users of the authentic Cogniflex pills were complaining about receiving a bottle and pills that in no way match the authentic ones, especially when it comes to effects.
For you have any questions regarding nootropics or Cogniflex, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you. If you are ready to try Cogniflex, you may click the button below to visit the official site of Cogniflex and proceed with your order.

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Recieve updated reviews & coupons!

Brain supplements - a $1 billion industry in 2011 is now a $30 billion industry in 2016. Our love and addiction for coffee dates back to the 15th century when coffee trees were first discovered but now in the 21st century, we expect products and effects superior to what coffee has to offer. Coffee in its own self carries many benefits such as an improvement in energy, helps burn fat, improves physical performance - just to name a few. These benefits are quite staggering, but while it may help you burn fat or reduce risks of various cancer, it does very little towards your…


Increase in energy
Increase in focus
Increase in memory
Lack side effects

I'm surprised...

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  1. after reading all the great reviews about this wonder pill and how its being compared to adderal i was diagnosed with add/adhd at a young age i was started on ritalin until i was into my teens i was switched to adderal at the age of 14yrs old when i turned 18yrs old i was taken off all add/adhd meds i joined the marine corps directly after completing high school and i stayed in trouble well to make a long story short i got out of the marine corps and ended up seeing a psychiatrist at the veterans medical center they prescibed xanax 1mg four times a day i took the xanax tywice and each time i took the pills i would go manic after i got tired of always hyper could not concentrate completely out of control after i ended up with approx.10 bottles of the xanax i took all 10 bottles back to the v.a.and when i was called to see the psychiatrist i placed all the bottles of xanax on the doctors desk telling him how every time i took one i would go crazy finally the doctor asked me if i was always so jacked up i told him yes and then he asked if i ever took ritalin i told him yes when i was in grade school and was put on adderal when i turned 14yrs old thats when he told me my problem was not anxiety my problem my problem was that i was still add/adhd and he put me back on adderal and sure enough he was right so ive been taking adderal all my adult life but i heard about cogniflex on facebook and i ordered 5bottles it cost me 144.00dollars and i started taking it as suggested twice a day i stopped taking the adderal to give the cogniflex a fair chance it helped in alot of ways as advertised but it didnt take the place of the adderal as for keeping my impulse control in check so i ended up taking the cogniflex along with the adderal after talking to my doctor it worked o.k.i did not get the kind of results that were advertised but im planning on ordering some more just as a follow up to make sure ive given the cogniflex another chance over all i will say that i was satisfied enough with your product that its worth the money spent.but if i had to choose the adderal would be my first choice

    • Eric,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. As you’ve correctly stated, if you’ve been prescribed Adderal by a doctor, then there is truly no replacement for the effects that Adderal provides to a person diagonised with ADD/ADHD.


  2. Just want to drop a quick thank you!

    I was a customer of Alpha Brain for about two years before I landed on this review of Cogniflex. Up till that point, I was quite happy with Alpha Brain and didn’t really think that Cogniflex would be better especially when you consider that the company behind Alpha Brain is quite large. Even then, I still decided to try out Cogniflex based on your review since you did give it high praise and I’ve enjoyed your other reviews on your website.

    I was blown away. While I thought Alpha Brain was a great brain supplement, Cogniflex has raised the bar. The increase of energy and focus from taking Congiflex was definitely higher than that from Alpha Brain. On top of that, I’ve been happy to see that Cogniflex is even cheaper than Alpha Brain when you buy in bulk, so that’s another huge plus.

    I guess as a closing note, just want to say thanks for opening my eyes to Cogniflex. Just one question I have for you since you’ve been a customer for them longer than I have, do you know whether or not Cogniflex ever has “sales”? I would love to stock up on a bunch of bottles if I could snag them for even cheaper.


  3. I have a friend who was a drug addict from heroin to meth…. You name it. Will it work for them to replace the anxiety and manic damn near bi-polar issues?

    • C.P,

      If your friend is suffering from anxiety and bi-polar issues then it’s best for him to seek a professional’s help. Cogniflex is not a “cure”, and simply isn’t meant to deal with an individual that displays manic behavior or is bi-polar.


  4. good review. I’ve been taking cogniflex for about 5 months now and I swear by it. Better than all other brain supplements I’ve tried and pretty economical once you begin buying in bulk.

  5. I agree with the points you’ve made Mark. Cogniflex is definitely a pretty unique and powerful brain supplement but I do want to reiterate that taking it after eating a meal is pretty crucial. This simply isn’t a supplement you want to take on an empty stomach. Outside of that, I’ve been a happy customer and use the pills daily.

  6. @Gary, Hi. What are the effects of you take this on an empty stomach? Bad effects? And does this make you feel like you’re on speed bc I really don’t want that effect. Please get back to me. I’m super scared already to try this out but I’m a house wife with two small kids and need my focus and energy back. I’m stressed all the time and can’t start and finish a task for anything anymore.

  7. I’ve looked up reviews on this product because I though of buying it . However, yours is the only good review I’ve found. Do you know why there might be so many more reviews. And are you associated with the company in anyway ?

    • Amanda,

      Thank you for writing in.

      You bring up a good point and I’ll try to answer it as best as I can:

    • I am not affiliated or work for Cogniflex, nor did I receive my bottle for Cogniflex for free. In addition, there are zero affiliate links in this post meaning that I am NOT being compensated if someone ends up purchasing Cogniflex once heading to their website from here.
    • As I’ve pointed out in the review, counterfeit bottles of Cogniflex are quite rampant. I wouldn’t be surprised if the vast majority of reviews are due to consumers purchasing an illegitimate bottle of Cogniflex. If you end up buying a bottle of Cogniflex from Amazon, eBay or CraigsList, then you are very likely buying a fake bottle. I’ve personally fallen for it in the past, and I’ll admit the pills in those bottles did very little. I’m guessing a lot of consumers lean to buying a bottle out of due to the savings per bottle.
    • One thing to notice with many of the reviews, the site owner talks poorly about Cogniflex while pitching a different brain supplement to the audience. In such cases, I wouldn’t be surprised if the site owner’s haven’t even tried Cogniflex themselves but simply are riding on the coat tails of Cogniflex’s popularity to simply earn commission pitching a different product.
    • Thank you,

  • Mark, this is not true; You do have a link that gives you credit for the click.

    • Megan,

      You’re mistaken. If you check any of the links in the review that point to cogniflex, I’m linking to directly without any affiliate subid being appended to the URL. For further verification, click on any of the links and then check for any browser cookies inserted by Cogniflex. You’ll notice that there were zero cookies inserted by Cogniflex simply because there is no reason for them to considering none of the links are affiliate links.


  • Megan,

    Did you seriously just try to troll a computer programmer on affiliate links that tie directly to his field of expertise? Lol

  • Well, I have been taking cogniflex for a little more than a week, twice a day.
    So far I feel better overall!
    Waking up is less of a chore, my focus is much better, instead of flittering around on several projects at once, am finding that I get things done in a more organized manner.
    …And it’s only been a week!!
    Can’t wait to see how much better it will be in a month!! Thanks Cogniflex!!

    • Tamei,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Cogniflex, do please keep us posted as you continue to take them.


  • Ok I’m going to try and see what results I get. I need FOCUS

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