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Perfumes and colognes are important fashion accessories. Different fragrances are needed to suit the right style of clothing, the event it’s being worn to, the season, and the time of day. With designer fragrances costing over a hundred dollars, it becomes quite costly to stock up on a few different brands especially when you may only use a particular smell 3-4 times a month. In this ScentBird review, we’ll go over my own experience with using them, and whether it’s worth it. We were also fortunate enough to be able to provide our readers with a scent bird coupon code that you can find below.

ScentBird, an NYC-based company has set out to revolutionize the way we shop for fragrances. For just $14.95 per month, you’re able to choose a 30 day supply of a specific fragrance out of over 450 fragrances!  I decided that this is the perfect subscription for me considering how picky I am with what fragrance I use when I head out. There have also been countless perfumes that at first, I loved, but after a few weeks I simply got bored of them, and now they are sitting on my shelves without use. I placed my first order for ScentBird last month, and I’m here to share my experience:

ScentBird Coupon Code/Trial

By clicking on the link below, and then enter the code listed, you’ll be able to take 15% off your very first order.


ScentBird Review


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To start off, you’ll be asked to create an account. You’ll select your gender, and then enter your email address, and a password. 

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On the following page, you’ll view all the fragrances you may choose from. Keep in mind that ScentBird is constantly adding new perfumes to the list! If you have trouble deciding, you may also read the consumer reviews left for each perfume. 


After selecting your perfume ( I chose Versace Bright Crystal), you simply fill out your shipping information and credit card information. Take note that $14.95 includes any fees and shipping, and on top of that, they even send you a “2nd Perfume” for free as a bonus!


Done! Simple as that. Once you submit your CC details, you’ll find a screen informing you of when to expect your shipment to arrive. 

In about two weeks you’ll receive your shipment in the mail, let’s take a look at one of my recent arrivals!


Your order will always come in a sleek black bubble wrap packaging. You’ll be able to easily identify it with the ScentBird sticker in the corner! Let’s open it up! 


Inside you’ll find your perfume sample and two flyers. Your sample will always arrive in a pretty looking white container.  To use the perfume sprayer, all you have to do is twist the top section of it and the top of the container will slide up: 


Notice how the top section is now out – all we had to do was twist the top section of the container. From here, you simply press on the top nozzle as you typically would, and you can begin spraying yourself!  

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With every delivery, you’ll always find a flyer stating the “Perfume of the Month” for the following month. If you do not select a perfume sample for the month, then ScentBird will simply send you their “Perfume of the Month”. So in this case, if I do not specifically select a perfume for March, then I will automatically receive Maiaday.  

By the way, I absolutely loved my Versace Bright Crystal perfume, I can definitely see myself using it every weekend. I actually wouldn’t mind having a different ScentBird review on covering exactly what fragrance I receive every month.

What I also find very attractive is the effort ScentBird placed in designating a page for each of their fragrances. Let’s take a look at this Dolce & Gabbana Perfume:

dolce & gabbana
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From here, I’m able to add this perfume to my “queue” meaning I would like this perfume as one of my samples. Or, I can even buy the full-size bottle. The page also describes the fragrance quite well and even provides recommendations as to how often you should wear it, for what seasons its best for etc.

If you scroll lower on the page, you’ll also find reviews (click to read the reviews) from other customers:

scentbird reviews
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Overall, ScentBird is a fantastic service for expanding your fragrance collection without breaking the bank. They also give you all the necessary tools to make the right informed the decision as to what fragrance best suits you. If you’re an overwhelmed by all the options, you can actually fill out a “profile” with them, and they will begin recommending specific perfumes for you.

If you want to skip a month, it’s also done quite easily within your profile:

scentbird order
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Update 4/21/2017

Earlier this month I received my next scent from Scent Bird:


The new scent is in the mini bottle on the left side, “Maiaday” by Raymond Matts. This scent came in the container that is in the middle. What I want to point out here is that only on your FIRST order will you receive the actual scent sprayer which is on the right side. Keep in mind that you can switch in any scent into the scent sprayer – you simply unscrew it in the middle, take out the current fragrance in there, and switch it in for a new one. Personally, I prefer to keep my goto scent within the actual sprayer, and then my other scents simply standing inside my bathroom cabinet. You can still spray the scent in it’s “mini” form, you do not have to place it within the large spray container to spray it. Before you purchase, make sure to use our ScentBird coupon code by clicking here to save 15%.

When should you expect for your ScentBird order to arrive?

If you place your first order between the 6th to the 20th, then your order will ship out between the 25th and 29th. For ongoing subscribers, shipments will typically go out between the 15th-19th.

Are all of the ScentBird fragrances authentic?

Yes, all their fragrances are 100% authentic.

For how long does each sample last for?

Each 8ml spray sample that you receive is good enough for 120 sprays. This means that you can apply two sprays per day for 30 days before running out.

For how long does each sample last for?

Each 8ml spray sample that you receive is good enough for 120 sprays. This means that you can apply two sprays per day for 30 days before running out.

Are there any discounts for subscribing for a longer period?

ScentBird does offer a plan that consists of 6 months or 12 months.  With the 6 month plan you’ll save $6 overall, with the 12-month plan you’ll save $15 overall (akin to a free month).

Can you cancel at any time?

Yes! All you’ll have to do is log into your account and you’ll be able to discontinue your subscription at any point.

Are there are discounts for purchasing the full-size fragrance?

If you just received a fragrance that you love and you decide to buy the full-size version from ScentBird, then they will give you $14.95 of credit towards your purchase!

ScentBird - Monthly Fragrance Subscription

Fragrance Selection
Shipping Times
Customer Service
User Interface

Must have for women and men!

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