Review: Pig Hog 10ft Cable – worth the premium price tag?

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Any musician will tell you about the need to constantly revise your guitar rig, for all kinds of reasons.

It could be a change in the style of music being played, playing bigger venues, playing smaller venues, or just deciding that there are pieces of gear in the rig that aren’t being used enough to justify keeping.

Before we begin, make sure you’re ordering Pig Hog from a legitimate retailer, NOT from a counterfeit seller. For your convenience, here is the Amazon link to an authentic Pig Hog retailer.

An ongoing reason for the evolution of my own guitar rig has been downsizing. I used to live in a house by myself, but now I have to share an apartment with a girl.

The 100 watt combo with two 12-inch speakers is gone in favor of something a bit more civil, and the pedalboard is smaller with smaller pedals.

During a recent bout of pedalboard Tetris, the position of the final pedal in the chain wasn’t near the edge of the board, so I decided I needed a right-angled instrument cable to connect it to my amp.

I hadn’t considered my cables in a while.

They’d always just been there.

But I realised I had six cables: three 20 foot ones; two 10 foot ones; and a 30 foot one.

Firstly, I now live in a 12 foot apartment, and that’s the extent of where I play these days, so what on earth am I doing with anything longer than that?

Secondly, they were all black, making them hard to distinguish from one another.

Did they have to be black?

Pig Hog 10ft Cable Instrument Cables

As I’m only play at home these days, I was prepared to go a few bucks to get something decent and relatively heavy-duty.

Review: Pig Hog 10ft Cable - worth the premium price tag? 1

The solution

After doing some digging and researching, I found this one from Pig Hog that seemed to tick the boxes.

It had a right-angle, it wasn’t black, and it was heavy duty. I did some research online, and it seemed to be very well received, so I took a punt on it.

I received it just a couple of days later, which I was very impressed with. I plugged it straight in from my chorus pedal into my 15 watt combo amp, with my Fender Strat at the other end.

using the pig hog cables

I really wasn’t disappointed at all.

I’ve been playing guitar for the guts of 20 years, and I’ve been through quite a fair few instrument cables in that time, but man, I was sure I haven’t heard clarity like that in a long time.

I was still using one of my old 10 foot cables on the guitar side of my board, but I’m sure I need to replace that with another from Pig Hog.

Review: Pig Hog 10ft Cable - worth the premium price tag? 1


I feel like I’ve suddenly become a brand evangelist for Pig Hog.

I mentioned that durability was something I was looking for, and it’s something that Pig Hog flag up themselves about their gear.

You can feel the accuracy of that point just from holding it in your hands.

This is backed up by Pig Hog offering a lifetime warranty with it.

They wouldn’t do that if they ever thought they’d need to be replacing stuff!

Overall, I’m incredibly satisfied with my Pig Hog instrument cable, and I hope to use it for many years to come.

I’ll be getting a second 10 foot one for the guitar-side of my pedalboard.

If I do happen to play a show, I’ll use a barrel to connect them both, and use my 30 footer for the guitar side.

If they made flat head patch cables, I’d probably be all over them too.

If you’re prepared to spend a few bucks on your guitar cable, it’s worth checking out Pig Hog.

They also come in 20 foot lengths, in more funky colors, and the company makes all kinds of other cables too. Check them out!


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  1. Totally agree certified Warranty tech about 32 years PIG HOG by far the best cable I’ve ever use and half the price of some the bs I tried before.
    In fact I need another straight qtr. inch Seafoam green now, any on sale?

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