Review: Power Air Fryer Oven (It Blew My Mind!)

I love french fries. I love chicken tenders. I hate oil and grease.

You’re here because you hate it just as much as I do.

I was watching TV a few weeks ago when I saw an infomercial on this fryer. At first, it sounded like voodoo science, considering that they call it an “air fryer”.

Either way, I hopped on Amazon and bought the following version.

In this Power Air Fryer Oven review, we’re going to cover how it works, what it can do for you, and more importantly, if it’s actually worth the purchase.

Review of the Power Air Fryer Oven

Review: Power Air Fryer Oven (It Blew My Mind!) 1

Let’s quickly cover how an air fryer works. When you place your uncooked food in an air fryer, the fryer will rapidly circulate hot air with oil droplets around the food.

If you’ve ever tried using a conventional oven or even a microwave to prepare mozzarella sticks, you will typically need to rotate the food at point or another, so that the food can cook evenly.

Since an air fryer attempts to mimic the cooking benefits of deep oil frying, you will not have to worry about food being cooked unevenly.

This interesting article on Webmd covers the health risks with frying food with oil. They stated that fried foods are “high in fat, calories and often salt.” The unfortunate health consequences are type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

On a related note, HealthLine has a piece where they state that air frying is healthier than deep-frying. They did say that it’s still not 100% healthy since you are still frying with oil, but there is a definite plus to air frying as opposed to deep frying.

Alright, I think that’s enough for the lesson, let’s talk about our Power Fryer.

Review: Power Air Fryer Oven (It Blew My Mind!) 2

Using your Air Fryer

You have the option of getting this air fryer in three sizes: 6 quarts, 6 quarts elite, and 8 quarts.

The 6-quart elite is basically a redesign of the original 6 quarts. It does come in at a higher price and can be bought here.

The fryer comes with 3 trays. Fortunately, these trays are easily removable (including the door!), and can be placed in your dishwasher.

A big plus to the company, they do include a lot of frying equipment with the fryer:

equipment included
Photo courtesy of


Here’s what included:

  • Rollie-poly basket
  • Rotisserie fork
  • 10 skewers
  • Rotisserie wheels
  • Rotisserie handle
  • Rotisserie stand
  • Free recipe book

There are a few presets on the fryer:

Preset Button Temperature Time
(7) French Fries 400 F 15 minutes
(8) Steaks/Chops 370 F 25 minutes
(9) Fish 390 F 15 minutes
(10) Shrimp 320 F 12 minutes
(11) Chicken 370 F 40 minutes
(12) Baking 350 F 30 minutes
(3) Rotisserie 400 F 30 minutes
(12) Dehydrator  90 F 4 hours

If you’re cooking meat, here is a helpful table to perfect your dish:

meat temperatures

With a total of 8 preset settings, this oven is an all-purpose appliance.  Heck, It even comes with a rotisserie and dehydrator settings.

For me, the dehydrator setting is incredible, since I love dried pineapple! The times that I’ve bought dried pineapple from a local grocery, I’ve found them to be clumps of sugar.

With three layers of cooking racks, it allows you to cook several different items at once.  For example, you could place your vegetables on the top rack, potatoes on the middle rack, and your meat on the bottom rack.  There are also other accessories that you are able to purchase separately such as a Rotating Mesh Basket, which is constructed of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.

Cooking French Fries With Your Air Fryer

french fries with air fryer

One of my favorite foods is french fries.  While I do love homemade, I actually like frozen fries better.

I tried making both for this little experiment.  I find that when cooking homemade fries in a deep fryer they do not come out as crispy as frozen fries do.  The same goes for the air fryer, the homemade fries came out a golden brown but not as crispy as I would have liked them to be.

The frozen fries came out golden brown as well as crispy.  As for the taste, they were both delicious to eat, yet of course, they did not taste the exact same as deep frying.

However, for the added health benefits, I’ll gladly take the air fried french fries.

Cooking Steak With Your Air Fryer

steak air fried

Mmm…insanely tasty!

When I cook steak, I always sear my steaks first.  With that being said, I found that the steak that I cooked came out really well.

You won’t ever find grill marks on your steak, but you’ll at least get perfectly cooked steak!

Cooking Rotisserie Chicken With Your Air Fryer

chicken in fryer

We kept seeing the rotisserie chicken in the commercial so I figured, why not give it a go?

I have never made a rotisserie chicken before.  If I wanted one for dinner, I would just go to my local store and purchase one that was already cooked (which made life a little easier).

I was surprised when the chicken I made was better tasting than those that I bought in the past.

Maybe it was just because of the simple fact that I was able to season it the way I liked it rather than relying on someone else’s taste.

Review: Power Air Fryer Oven (It Blew My Mind!) 2

Overall Thoughts

I would indeed recommend this particular air fryer to anyone who may be looking for a better way to cook fried foods without actually using oil. It’s healthier, it’s safer and simply cleaner. Will food taste just as great as with a deep frier? Probably not.

This air fryer is definitely a winner in my books, and will now have a permanent place for itself in my kitchen.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with this air fryer, make sure to leave a comment!

The Power Air Fryer: An Honest Review

Ease of Use
Taste of Food

Wondering how this air fryer stacks up to the competition or even a regular air fryer? Now you can know! Find out for yourself if this is the air fryer for you.

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