Review: Tropic Desire Watercolor Brush Pen Set (#1 For Artists?)

This watercolor brush pet set has set my world on fire. I had used a previous set before, but I got this one to compliment it, as it had other colors in it and it provided me with a pen-like feel instead of having something bigger and chunkier. This is a great feeling to have when you’re using them to fill in drawings, as you want to have control, or at least I do when I am being creative.

There are many things that I loved about these brushes and I am able to let you know all of the pros and cons, so you can make the decision for yourself to see if this is something that you want to use in your creative talents, as well. Of course, it would probably make an awesome gift, as my son used them and loves them!

Here are some basic things you might want to know before thinking about purchasing a watercolor brush pen set and if this is the right one for you to go with!

Review: Tropic Desire Watercolor Brush Pen Set (#1 For Artists?) 2

Review: Tropic Desire Watercolor Brush Pen Set (#1 For Artists?) 3

Quality of the Ink and Brushes

The quality of the ink and brushes is the first thing to definitely talk about because you want to know that you’re getting something that is truly worth the money you’re spending. With this set, I found that both come with the highest quality.

I have used lower quality Watercolor Brush Pen Set in the past and have found that they leave behind a weird look, as well as having a brush that does not move how you want it to move. This is definitely going to be a problem with some of the projects that people work on, especially those that use them for fancy lettering. It is not something you want to worry about when using them for yourself.

These have a brush that stays together and then swoops and swipes where you need it too. With the right flow of ink, there are no streaks and you do not have to worry about large globs of ink coming out of the top of the pen either. It all comes out even and well.

The ink is bright and vivid, so you don’t have to worry about adding extra ink. If you want a more watercolor like appearance, then you would just use the water brush that came with the kit. This can be done before or after you add the colored ink, depending on the outcome you’d like to have.

How Projects Turn Out

All of the projects that I did with the use of this watercolor pen were beautiful. Not only did they provide high quality color on everything, but the watercolor feature when using the water pen was easy and mess-free. It also gave my pictures that water, lighter color that I wanted.

The quality of the ink after it dried was the same. I was worried that it would fade away or look weird after it had dried since some ink changes when it is not wet. This was not the case with these markers. The ink looked the same as it did when I was adding it to the pictures that I drew.

Review: Tropic Desire Watercolor Brush Pen Set (#1 For Artists?) 4

Ease of Use

The way that you use these markers is pretty easy. You just open them up and then shake a bit, swipe the brush a bit and the ink will move down. Sometimes adding a little squeeze to the pen doesn’t hurt but usually, the ink just flows smoothly from them, which means that it is much easier for you to get the ink and you don’t really have to work for it.

Extras That Come with it

This set came with some extras that I was pretty excited for. You want to check out the colors and how they work and some of us might not be that great at drawing – that is okay! This set gives you a coloring book that you can download and print out, so you can do some pretty neat coloring on those pages.

Another item was the try. You can set other colors in them, mix and match or even blend some of the ink from the markers in them. Place some water in the trays, use it to dip your brush in and create watercolor effects, even though there is a water blending pen that does come with the set, so you could also use that, as well. The options are endless on what to use the tray for.

Additionally, the coolest thing that came with this set was the roll up marker case. This was a pretty cool case that allows you to stick all of the markers in it and then roll them up for on the go. This was a pretty cool thing that I found when it came to just about any artist supplies that I keep around. It definitely helps me to keep a bit more organized than I normally would be.

Review: Tropic Desire Watercolor Brush Pen Set (#1 For Artists?) 5

Are There Any Downfalls?

Downfalls are something that I feel I have to add onto any review that I do because rarely there are not just upsides to the products. However, with these, I really have not found any negatives that go along with them. If you like bright colors, experimenting with watercolors, easy to use brushes and so much more; then these are definitely the brush pens for you.

There really are no downfalls, as I love using them for just about every picture that I draw which is always a plus! I even included some pictures here of the color and vibrancy that comes with using these!

Review: Tropic Desire Watercolor Brush Pen Set (#1 For Artists?) 3

My Overall Thoughts on the Product

I love the markers and have recommended them to numerous people that I know that love to color and draw. They provide me with a way to explore my creativity a bit more, have really no cons that come with them and have been a great product so far. I am a bit worried about the ink running out, but it happens and that just means I get to purchase a whole new set of them.

I love them and would definitely purchase the same product again in a heartbeat! Check them out for yourself to see if they provide the same smooth results that I got!

Watercolor Brush Pen Set from Tropic Desire

Ease of Use

Do you want a little tropic desire in the pictures you make? With these watercolor brush pens, you can be sure that all of the colors pop right out of the paper at you - seriously.

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