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Tired of shaving, waxing and other methods of removing your hair? Not having to shave every few days must be the dream of so many women today. I had heard about laser hair removal in magazines as well as from friends who were in the process of getting laser treatment. I researched the web for laser hair removal options in New York and found LaserTouch Aesthetics.

The reviews looked solid and their website looked good to me. They were having an offer on the website for bundles. I now found out that they actually always have a Groupon for first time clients. In fact, I saw a lot of studios offering a Groupon; so if you’re considering having laser hair removal done I would suggest to check if they have any promo codes or Groupons since it can get quite expensive.


I went to my free consultation. (They have several – Soho, 57th Street, White Plains, Long Island) I was told that six treatments for one area is the minimum they suggest to see good results but that even then there will still be hair growing but less and fine. Those treatments are recommended to be done with about 6 weeks in between.

After nine treatments in one area one goes into maintenance phase, which means that you only have to come every now and then, when you feel like you should touch up. Once a year is fine. The costs for these maintenance sessions will be less also (by the minute it takes). The staff at LaserTouch was very nice and helpful. I asked a lot of questions and even during sessions they explained how it works, what is best for me to do when I go on vacation and tan.

The results depend on the areas you want to have the treatments done. For hormonal areas like bikini, underarm or face, I was told it will take longer than areas like legs, arms, etc. After 9 treatments of underarm, there is still some growth but the hair is very fine and it is much less hair and growing slowly.

After 6 treatments of legs, there is also much less hair and fine. It is definitely easier to get rid of hair on legs than underarm but again, that must be due to hormones.

Laser Hair Removal at LaserTouch SoHo 2

Keep in mind before treatments:

  • Shave, don’t use waxing or other methods to pull out hair
  • Don’t use chemicals like deodorant, area should be all clean
  • Don’t tan about 4 weeks before in the area
  • Not recommended if pregnant
  • Consult with doctor if it is fine to do it especially if you’re taking any medications

After the treatments:

  • Don’t tan for about 3 weeks
  • Don’t shave right for a few days
  • Don’t math or use very hot water
  • Don’t use chemicals like deodorant for about 24 hours
  • Redness might occur – apply aloe vera and cool

Laser Hair Removal at LaserTouch SoHo 3

You might wonder: DOES IT HURT?

Yes, it does. It depends of course on your pain tolerance. I would suggest trying it on a small area first. It also will probably depend on the area you are trying to remove hair from. Hormonal areas or areas where bones are close to the skin will hurt more.

However, the tools have a cooling system so that either water or cold air is sprayed at the same time as the laser is activated. If you do waxing in the area you know that it also hurts. I felt like it hurts but it wasn’t horrible. After the first few treatments I also felt like I knew what to expect and maybe got used to it more.


Overall, it was worth it. I wanted to grow less hair and am happy with the result. The staff was friendly and answered any questions I had. It took some time (more than a year) to get to the point where hair is growing soft and slow but it depends how much time you let pass between sessions, if you tanned, etc.

Laser Hair Removal at LaserTouch

Fast Results
Staff Friendliness

It is expensive but you will end up not having to shave as often and hair will be softer.

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