Review: Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit (A Strip Free, At Home System)

Prior to using the Bliss Poetic Wax Kit I had never ventured into at-home waxing solutions, and to be completely honest, I hadn’t even gone to a salon for any waxing services either. This was my first foray into the world of something I had feared for some time, anticipating a high degree of pain and potential redness to sensitive skin.

I suppose a mixture of caution and suitable alternatives to hair-removal had prevented the need from venturing into the territory sooner, but after reading stellar reviews and considering it was an at-home option, I decided to try it.

The at home part at least meant I could get out of it if need be, hopefully quickly and easily if such escape was called for. Bliss was also a brand I had always loved and trusted, I have a particular affinity for their lemon and sage body butters and lemon washes. I also definitely recommend the fabulous face wash, a gem for sensitive skin that leaves you refreshed and hydrated.

They’ve always made products I can reliably trust with skin sensitivities, so it seemed like a solid bet to pick their wax kit compared to other alternatives. I could certainly live with the price, as I was considering benefits to use and safety a bit more seriously considering the product category.

Ultimately, I had a decent, somewhat mixed, experience using it. But I would still recommend the product without reservation, which I explain further in this review.

Bliss offers a product that can be warmed up at home but doesn’t require the use of any strips. So it comes with the wax, spatulas of different sizes, a pre and post wax soothing oil, super skin cleanser, and an ingrown-hair eliminating sample pad. The wax can be used for any part of the body or face, from legs to eyebrows.

I personally purchased it for use on legs only, but ended up trying it for brows as well. The wax can be microwaved (in about 4 minutes), then its applied to skin and removed quickly (free of any strips). The wax itself it supposed to bind closely to each hair follicle, ensuring removal of even tougher or more stubborn areas, like the ankles.

Review: Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit (A Strip Free, At Home System) 2

Review: Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

Ideally, you should try to find the right consistency to the wax by ensuring it doesn’t become too hot and thin, or alternatively not hot enough and too thick. I would recommend continually checking the consistency of the product as it warms up, particularly upon first-time use.

Then it’s advisable to let it cool for about a minute or so, taking caution that it isn’t too hot to apply to the skin. By using the pre waxing oil and cleanser, the treatment becomes far less painful, so it’s really important to take the time to fully prep the skin and follow the directives and steps quite closely.

The wax should then be applied evenly to the skin in the direction with the hair and harden (wait for 10-30 seconds). Then the wax should quickly be ripped off, this is definitely the hardest part. In terms of pain, yes, it does hurt, but certainly not to an unbearable degree, and I had actually anticipated a higher pain level.

I was able to not only tolerate the pain but venture to other areas (i.e. brows). I would say it was a better product for using on the legs, as very tiny areas were difficult to successfully treat or grab on to, and the brow area was a bit too painful for my preferences.

But it certainly did work for successful hair removal. I had to treat areas a couple of times to get all hairs removed, but admittedly I was quite the novice. Those with more experience will probably find a single, normal try more than suitable for full removal.

As far as skin irritation, because I had to treat the same areas multiple times (not recommended), my skin did turn red and become somewhat irritated. Luckily this dissipated very quickly, and again, it’s not recommended to treat the same area more than once. Once you get the hang of the process after first time use, it certainly gets better.

Moving forward and gaining more experience I did not have any redness again.

Bliss Poetic Wax Kit
Image Credit: Bliss

Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit: Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons to bear in mind prior to purchase:


  • Makes a lovely gifting option
  • Wonderful smell
  • Includes treatment cleanser and oil, which help efficacy and with pain reduction
  • When directives are followed, the product definitely works for hair removal and removes all hair
  • Minimal levels of discomfort
  • Saves money and time in comparison with expensive salon treatments
  • Can be done at home with a higher degree of privacy
  • Strip free, saves the hassle and pain of using strips and cuts down on excess material waste
  • Formulated with chamomile to soothe the skin, gentle enough for sensitive skin


  • Potential for skin redness or irritation, typically with highly sensitive skin types
  • Treatment can be painful and should be done as quickly as possible
  • Older formulation was compatible with stove top, which was preferable for some customers, the newer formulation will only work with microwaves
  • Difficult for use in smaller treatment areas
  • Can be messy to use
Bliss Poetic Wax Kit
Image Credit: Bliss

Bliss: Money Back Guarantee

If any rash, irritation, allergy, or reaction occur you will receive a full refund for the entire purchase price of the product. You may also return or exchange the product if you are dissatisfied with its use or it does not work for you in suitable hair-removal.

First-time users may have some fears assuaged by the ability to return the product and retain any investment.

Bliss Poetic Wax Kit
Image Credit: Bliss

Review: Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit (A Strip Free, At Home System) 2

Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit: The Final Verdict

As an introductory product in the home-wax category, and wax category entirely, I thought this product was excellent.

It’s definitely a gem and suitable for newbies and those more experienced with waxing treatments. For those with further experience, they can certainly anticipate spending less on pricey salon treatments and finding a product that actually works. While it is somewhat messy to use, it removes almost 100% of hair, and works great for larger treatment areas like the legs.

The smell is lovely and it was much less uncomfortable than I had initially feared. I really loved the addition of the treatment oil, and it soothes any redness after treatment while minimizing overall discomfort and maximizing efficacy of treatment. I would certainly recommend the product with no reservations, and it’s safely passed the test of skin sensitivity.

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