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If you’re in the market for a new trail camera, the Apeman Trail Camera is one of the best choices. This is a 12MP 1080P device with night vision and a water-protected design. The multitude of customer reviews show how popular it is. It’s among the bestsellers in cameras and is worth a try by anyone in search of a great visual recording device.

This camera has several features that prove just how much value it can give for its price. We’ll be looking at some of these aspects below so that you can make a clearer and wiser decision.

Photo and Video Performance

This game and hunting camera boasts 12 MP images that are crisp, clear, and sharply defined. The video has the same visual quality and is paired with supersonic audio that won’t crackle or break. It starts recording the second it detects any motion.

During the day, you can expect color images and videos, but they are black and white when the recording is being done at night. There are also multi-shot modes in place that can snap three pictures with a single detection.

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Credit: Apeman

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The Latest Technology

This camera is equipped with 940 mm invisible infrared technology. This means its infrared filter operates automatically. With this, you can get your camera to record wildlife behavior easily. The infrared flash illuminating technology is also armed with no fewer than 26 LEDs. The trigger distance plus the infrared flash can get you a range of twenty meters (or six feet) each.

These features put together enable you to snap perfect shots of animals that are passing by. Even if it’s in the dark, this camera would make sure that no movement is missed.

Body Features

At 7.1 x 4.3 x 3.5 inches, the camera itself is compact and easy to carry wherever you need to. It also has a sturdy build and can stand a bit of rough usage every now and then. It’s proofed against rain, dust, and random drops that could sneak in at any time. The whole thing is covered in a plastic case that’s nicely weatherproof. It can, thus, withstand any problematic elements that could wreak havoc with a less stellar device.

These protective features mean that this camera is sure to last a long time. You can easily install it near the beach, tropical forests, or even a desert. Since it weighs just 1.43 pounds, it won’t be difficult to set up or move around if need be. It even comes with a strap for mounting and a tripod. Getting this camera could, hence, prepare you for any situation.

Instinctive Performance

This camera comes equipped with an extremely quick trigger that almost seems to guess just what you want. The trigger speed is well within half a second. This makes sure that any kind of movement is recorded and captured as quickly and precisely as possible.

Along with trigger speed, the camera also performs on an operating system that uses energy wisely. This means that you won’t have to recharge its batteries very often. In standby mode, this gadget can stay functional for a whole six months. With so many different models on the market, instinctive performance and overall quality is certainly of the essence. 

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Credit: Apeman

Useful Functions

The camera has several functions that make it excellent for different purposes. Since it has a motion sensor, it can be placed in a chicken coop to see what’s attacking the birds. One can also timestamp the images and videos they’re taking. This can include the moon phase, temperature, and pressure.

You can also have a fun learning experience with the real-time replay mode, the hybrid mode, and interval recording. In short, this camera could be utilized for all kinds of activities and projects.

Positive and Negative Aspects

There are always some downsides to any product, no matter how advanced or efficient it is. Many customers have purchased this camera and used it for all kinds of purposes. We’ll be looking at some of the positives as well as negative aspects of this item below. This way, anyone can have a clear insight into what using this camera would be like:


  • Offers several functions, including night capture, time lapse photos, timestamping and much more
  • Can be used to see people or animals that wander on private property
  • Is perfect for watching wildlife in a way which won’t disturb them
  • Very easy to set up. All one needs to do is put in batteries, adjust the date and time, format the SD card, choose photo or video mode, and the required record time
  • Can adjust times, ranges, and lengths according to the user’s preferences
  • Mounting hardware included for permanent installation
  • Mounting strap included for temporary hanging
  • Sound is clear and optional
  • Night camera is clean and of high quality
  • High pixel resolution (8MB)
  • USB connector cord included for transferring data into a computer or laptop
  • Has been proven to withstand all kinds of weather outside
  • HD quality videos even at night
  • Picks up a lot of activity that other cameras might miss
  • Can be used as a home security camera
  • Large LED screen for easy and clear viewing
  • No need for downloading videos or images before viewing
  • Rear mount is convex, which is helpful in securing the camera to trees, poles, etc.


  • Does not come with a 12-volt auxiliary jack, which may disappoint some
  • Batteries not included
  • Only supports SD cards till 32 GB and not higher
  • The lens may occasionally fog up due to heavy rain

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Overall, it does seem like this camera is well worth its price. It can be used as a security camera, a surveillance point, or just to record for your own entertainment. You can also be sure that it would remain safe and sound even when filming under difficult conditions. While some problems may arise, the warranty would take care of any anomalies.

Apeman Camera

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